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$31,197 pledged of $95,000 goal
$31,197 pledged of $95,000 goal

100 Backers! – Pandora-version! – WiiU-version in evaluation!

Hello everybody.
We've just made it to over 100 backers, that's awesome! Let's keep it coming and we'll make it!

Now time for some updates:
We just answered many questions about Days of Dawn in an interview with XP4T – we're talking about classes, races and the magic- and combat-system, so have a look at it on

And then for something so very exciting:
We are hereby announcing the Pandora-Version of Days of Dawn to become developed along with the Desktop-version!

The Pandora is a mixture between a PC and a gaming console and comes with gaming controls (Buttons, DPad and analogue nubs). It is able to emulate many other systems, run a full desktop, access the internet via FireFox and play games. However, it is not as big as a netbook. Believe it or not, it will fit in your pocket. It's a bit bigger than the Nintendo DS. This machine is a retro-gamers' must-have! Find out more about it on

The Pandora-version of Days of Dawn will be running on Pandora's Android* and will feature online-savegames that are compatible with the desktop versions of the game. That means you'll be able to play on the go, save your game whenever you're online and continue playing on your desktop or notebook and the other way around.

With this come two great


For 119$ you'll get the PANDORA-(Android)-VERSION of the game on a SD-card plus all the content from the 99$ pack (boxed collector's edition of the PC, Mac and Linux-versions, game, ringtone, wallpaper, printed hardcover artbook, MP3 and signed limited edition CD soundtrack, special ingame-item & poster) and exclusive access to the beta-versions of Days of Dawn Pandora.
Planned delivered December 2013.


For 1337$ you will get a stunning LIMITED EDITION CUSTOM PANDORA, limited to 10 devices worldwide, coming in a beautiful Days of Dawn look and signed by "EvilDragon", one of the device's developers inside of the handheld plus all the contents from the 250$ package (hairmo miniature, game, ringtone, wallpaper, printed hardcover artbook, MP3 and limited edition CD soundtrack, special ingame-item & poster and the Collector's Edition box plus t-shirt) and exclusive access to the beta-versions of Days of Dawn Pandora..
An extremely attractive collector's item!
We will try to deliver the limited edition Pandora as soon as possible and long before the launch of Days of Dawn. The perfect toy for the period until the actual game is planned to be delivered in December 2013.


Last but not least we are currently evaluating a WiiU-version of Days of Dawn. Having the actual gameplay on the big and your characters stats, maps and inventory on the small screen is a dream setup for our game. We're in contact with the Unity-team regarding this and will keep you updated.

Phew – that was an update!
Thank you,
the Bumblebees.

(* we're doing our best to get it running natively, but we need Linux-ARM-compatibility from Unity to get it done – the more of you sending a mail to asking for such, the more likely it is that we'll get it in time. Thank you!)

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    1. Bumblebee. 4-time creator on December 4, 2012

      By the way: I would LOVE to see Days of Dawn on the Raspberry Pi (my son has got one and I do too), but this would require Linux ARM support from Unity. We and the development team of the Pandora will get into contact with the Unity team about it.

    2. Bumblebee. 4-time creator on December 4, 2012

      We are planning to do an Android version. Having completely different controls, this is something we'd like to become a stretchgoal as soon as we get closer to our original goal.

    3. ET3D on December 4, 2012

      Never heard of the Pandora before. Looked cool, then I saw the price. WTF? I'd rather see this offered for the Raspberry Pi.

      Anyway, considering that the Pandora has pretty weak hardware, I assume that would mean that the game would be able to run on all current phones / tablets (even $60 Chinese ones), so what about a general Android version?

    4. Jaques Bauer on December 2, 2012

      Your reward should be highlighted green. If not, you can use "Manage Your Pledge" to get the one you want.

    5. Missing avatar

      bumper on December 1, 2012

      I only don't know if my status entitles me for a Pandora version, too...

    6. Missing avatar

      bumper on December 1, 2012

      Yesss. I became backer for the Pandora version. :)