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Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Tue, January 1 2013 10:59 PM UTC +00:00
pledged of $95,000pledged of $95,000 goal
0seconds to go
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Tue, January 1 2013 10:59 PM UTC +00:00

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    1. Velkaarn on

      Too bad the first round didn't do the trick but great to see you're already preparing for another go. Good luck!

    2. Marco Meijer on

      Motion-capture picture animations, especially in a game like this *geekgasm*

    3. M H on

      There and back again! Hope relaunch gets started soon.

    4. Bumblebee. 4-time creator on

      It will. We are already working on the updated relaunch. More information to come soon!

    5. Kahuna Kevin on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    6. Bumblebee. 4-time creator on

      The current animations have been made by our modeller and will be replaced with motion-capture animations (sic!) in the final game. We will keep you updated about the relaunch by an update of this campaign – so please stay with us!

    7. Marco Meijer on

      Too bad it didn't gain enough popularity just now. I hope everyone who backed will back again.
      BTW, will animations be more dynamic? I showed this project to a friend of mine and he did think the movement animations and such were a bit too static and the way the character moved just didn't seem to with how it went forward, almost as though the guy was moonwalking. Even with the project being intended to be a bit old-fashioned it bothered him, and he isn't very wrong.
      Overall, we do like the artwork a lot, we're just trying to give some positive feedback. That being said, that friend of mine doesn't have a credit card, but I will certainly pledge again. Just remind us when the new Kickstarter entry is up.

    8. Bumblebee. 4-time creator on

      Actually, that's exactly how we like to play – good story and cool mechanics; if the rest is fine as well, excellent. But 8-bit does not mean bad graphics. There's lots of high-quality artwork in some of the 8- and 16-bit titles, given the circumstances. For what they've been able to get out of the machines, their artwork WAS top-notch. The pixel-artwork of some of the titles of that time is unreached even until today.
      We want to start at this point of artistic excellence and take it to a modern, high-resolution art style. But be assured that the games story is as complex as it is thrilling and entertaining to the last minute.

    9. WickedServant on

      That said, I will back again and watch closely.

    10. WickedServant on

      This game may need another go around the circuit but I believe it can be realized. Just going to throw this out there but graphics be damned; (somewhat) making every scene or screen look like a well done puzzle picture doesn't appeal to me. I could care less if it graded down to old 8-bit as long as the mechanics are fresh and the story (music score for the assist) are top-notch.

    11. Missing avatar

      Arron Cunningham on

      This just proves what I've always known, that great but different games never get the recognition they diserve. I'm still hopeful, but I've seen to many good kickstarters hit this wall and lose.

    12. S.D. on

      I agree, Sarah. Such a promising concept deserves to see the light of day!

    13. Sarah Milton on

      This looks amazing.. I wish I'd known about it at the beginning of the project, then I woulda had more time to promote it!

      I DO hope you get a huge influx of backers, and if not don't give up! I would love to see this game made a reality.

    14. RoT Daysofdawn + Deathfire on

      then let ther be hope for ab big big crowd to back this project :)

    15. Bumblebee. 4-time creator on

      The last 48 hours and I just came back in time from a three day promotion-tour through some of the most important retro-stores of europe.

    16. Gurney on

      The current main video is doing a good job at presenting the team but I think there should be a shorter (less than 3') video focusing more on the game itself (including art, music, alpha footage, etc.). Then when people want to know more about the project and the team a video like the current one is valuable.
      I still hope the project will happen!

    17. Bumblebee. 4-time creator on

      I don't exactly disagree – while we reached many sites and got excellent reviews, we did not reach some of the biggest news sites. There's still some interesting options we can try to reach them.

      Additionally we'll be reworking our video, adding the emotion-video, Tylers latest concept artwork and Vaithee to it and removing other parts, making it more appealing. We also learned a whole lot during this campaign, things to keep in mind for a second run.

    18. Gurney on

      Maybe also tiers / rewards should be revisited.
      About half of the pledgers stayed at the minimum tier of $15.
      The only other significant tier is for the box.

    19. Gurney on

      What has me a bit worried is that it doesn't seem that the potential issues have been identified.
      I thought it was related to communication (not enough people aware of the project) but it seems you disagree.
      Then what could lead to less than 600 backers?
      Could it be that the choices that make the originality of Days of Dawn (and the reason why, I guess most of the backers are here) lead to a much smaller percentage of people becoming backers?
      Anyway I think it is important to understand the issues before re-launching another campaign.
      You mentioned other sources of funding (private investors). I think it is good to mention somewhere that your campaign target is only a percentage of the global project funding.

    20. Bumblebee. 4-time creator on

      There definitely will be another way, Kenyanna. I will contact you all soon about this and edit the starting site accordingly as soon as we realize there is no way to make it in this funding. You can already keep the URL http://kickstart.daysofdawn.com in mind. It will become updated to potential additional funding campaigns.

    21. Bumblebee. 4-time creator on

      Hello, Friedhelm.
      First of all, not everybody from the team is working all the time on this project. While the main team is required throughout the whole period, the SoundFX-, music- and 3D-artists, the animator and even the level-designer won't need to be active all the time.
      Second, we're not paying for big, expensive offices like many of our colleagues, but as a small indie-team work more or less the garage-style.
      Last but not least we're very happy there ARE some private investors who assist us in reaching the required final sum.
      Thanks for your interest and support, Friedhelm.

    22. Nezumi on

      I really wanted this to make it. I hope there will be another way to fund this project.

    23. Missing avatar

      Friedhelm König on

      One thing I was wondering about is the relatively small funding target. If we divide this by 10 (the team size) we get 9.5k per team member. This is not near enough to live a year in Germany. I would rather expect a cost of about 100k per developer man year, including all costs like traveling, taxes, offices, etc.

      So this project obviously needs additional founding.

      Where is this founding coming from?

    24. Bumblebee. 4-time creator on

      Thank you all for your ongoing support. Regarding the press coverage, here's some numbers for you:
      I contacted about 200 sites of which about 50 covered Days of Dawn, most of them very favourably (you can find a small overview on http://www.daysofdawn.com/feedback/ ).
      Besides that we got tweets from David Braben, Guido Henkel and many others. We had about 800 facebook fans to start the campaign with, of which only about 20 backed. We also had several press appearances in august shortly after the gamescom.
      The bad news of course is that about 150 sites did NOT feature us, among them very important sites like Kotaku or RPGamer.com, of which the latter at least told us why – they are not usually featuring kickstarter-projects anymore unless they are funded.
      We got about 50/50% from kickstarter/external sources and had 12,000 video plays. I spent almost every day trying to reach new sites, but had a hard time doing so, as of the reason stated above. A big thank you to all the sites who covered us, no matter how tired of kickstarter-projects. As a sidenote, many of our backers are actually journalists and bloggers who posted about us.
      Please keep telling your friends and write about us – best us this adress: http://kickstart.daysofdawn.com
      This will lead to the current and any potential following campaign.
      Thank you all so much, we highly appreciate your support and feedback. I feel sorry for every team that is funding it's project without the "crowd", as they miss the wonderful contact to people like you.
      Your support is awesome!

    25. S.D. on

      Honestly, I quite liked the vibe of both old and new video images. I don't think that was the problem... a chronic lack of press promotion was the problem! Ask Bumblebee to tell us about their conversion rate (from Kickstarter analytics). I suspect it was between 10-20%, which would be fantastic... but with a very low number of unique views (3-7K, I'm guessing). It's hard to stand out and convince thousands of people to stand with you, weeks before a Kickstarter campaign starts. But that's often what is required for a ~$100K project to succeed, sadly. And now, Kickstarter is flooded with amazing and promising concepts. It would be one thing if all competing projects were garbage, but this is not the case! There are literally dozens and dozens of creative, talented, energetic teams, all vying for our patronage. It's a fantastic time to be a gamer, and a supporter of wonderful independent game projects, but a tough time for any team without significant brand notoriety. For the most part, I really can't think of what Bumblebee did "wrong" that hasn't been quickly addressed. The art assets alone would have been enough to convince enough backers to fund the project, had it been launched eight months ago (when such creative "mid-sized" Kickstarter games were fewer)! Unfortunately, there is a lot of great competition now, but opportunities for exposure have tightened up (the gaming press has all but stopped covering Kickstarters, the exception being Rock, Paper, Shotgun... doing the work of journalism by actually examining projects still).

      Bumblebee; my heart goes out to you, and I hope that Plan B can keep your team on track! They are obviously passionate about Days of Dawn. Your artists (Tyler and Nadia from your pitch video) are pretty amazing, and deserve the chance to have their work seen by the fans.

    26. Ian on

      The new image gives off a much better vibe than the old one.

    27. Kody Tench on

      well Im still in here, if this falls through I hope there will be another chance to fund this. I really like the look of the game. :(

    28. Bumblebee. 4-time creator on

      There's still hope – let's wait and see. But we'll keep you updated about Plan B soon enough if necessary.

    29. Missing avatar

      Tim on

      Just upped to 99$. Talk about personal threshold :)

    30. Mr. S. on

      As much as I hope lovely girls on preview icons will cause miracles, I don't believe in miracles. And as loath as I am to say it, it looks like the Bumblebees will have to resort to plan B.

    31. Gurney on

      Yes, much better!

    32. Marco Meijer on

      I do like the new frontpage picture. Nicely done!

    33. Missing avatar

      Adauli, Red Wizard of the Obisdian Order on

      I hope the miracle happen when the last 48h start as then the people who stared this project will get a reminder and it get slowly back into the view of people following KS via Kicktraq.

    34. Bumblebee. 4-time creator on

      Let's try that – just changed the image to our lovely Vaithee and the latest concept artwork.

    35. Missing avatar

      Tim on

      And why not change the "preview-icon" from the game´s logo to one of the artworks picturing those fine young ladies?
      Perhaps some eyecandy will make the miracle come true?

    36. Missing avatar

      Tim on

      @Bumblebee: Did you already try to contact some (german) "Let´s Players" to cover Days of Dawn? Some of them have huge fanbases and very popular Youtube-channels.
      You could offer them a free copy to play for their work. Or maybe a small voice acting role in the game - Gronkh for example did that for Daedalic Entertainment.
      But maybe that sounds too much like bribing your way in. Don´t know, just my two cents.
      I sincerely hope this campaign still suceeds! Good luck!!!

    37. Ian on

      I heard about this project from NintendoLife.com when they wrote an article on it half a month ago. They've recently been drawing attention to many Kickstarter Projects. I think the website's viewers are sick of Kickstarter, though; none of the Days of Dawn comments show much interest in the game.

    38. Photon Productions on

      Exposure and marketing needs to be started earilier. But our case showed that it may not be fatal to start the campaign with zero marketing. It is not fatal to have an inexperienced team either. I believe it is the holiday that caused the friction. I highly recommend you to stay true to your goal. If your project needs 100k, you ask for 100k. You just need to be sure where you are going to spend the money and build confident to the audience that 100k will get them a good game as you promised.

    39. Gurney on

      Forsaken Fortress just managed to get $120K (with a similar goal of $100K) and they have a team that is both unknown and inexperienced. They had a slow start but managed to do quite a lot on the marketing side quite rapidly. Nevertheless there are still people who are discovering the project only now.
      I'm still surprised by the small number of backers for Days of Dawn. I would expect at least 3 to 4 times more...

    40. Bumblebee. 4-time creator on

      To Gurney and Adauli: Thanks for your input. While we have done our PR-work since august of this year (have a look at http://www.daysofdawn.com/feedback/ ) many important international sites denied their support as they are fed up with kickstarters in general (rpgamer.com for example replied that only cover succeeded kickstarts). We are having a facebook-site with 850 likes, got tweets sent out by people like Guido Henkel and David Braben. So I guess that's not the problem. The holidays may be – on the other hand, other projects are running fine.
      My guess: The goal is too high for a project by a newcomer (no matter how experienced the individual members might be). I dare to predict, would we have chosen an easier to reach goal, we'd be standing much better now.
      But still: If there's a time for miracles, then it's now.
      Thank you very much for your ideas and suggestions!

    41. Bumblebee. 4-time creator on

      To Marco: We will offer additional alternative file types for the audio files.
      If we should not make it, we will start a second campaign shortly after this one. We'd be very happy if you all would come back again. But for now, let's not give up and try to make this one a success.

    42. Gurney on

      Unfortunately you can't extend the deadline of a Kickstarter campaign.

    43. Marco Meijer on

      I upped my pledge because I do want more games on my S3 (so Android version would be nice) and I bloody well want those soundtracks. It would be cool if we could get them in FLAC instead, but beggars can't be choosers. I would expect people who'd be interested in soundtracks might tend to be audiophiles, and a very safe generalisation concerning audiophiles is that they think MP3 had too much compression. Adding FLAC would be a good way to get them to pledge more.

      Also, what will happen if the project can't get enough funds in time? Will you extend the time limit (if that is even possible)? Or repost this project?

    44. Missing avatar

      Adauli, Red Wizard of the Obisdian Order on

      Ohh and I forgot
      3) The Gog and Steam deals of this month also for sure have a effekt where one will spend his money. As one could get for the same money 6-7 great games of the past as here the DRM free download would cost.

    45. Missing avatar

      Adauli, Red Wizard of the Obisdian Order on

      I think there 2 problems for this project
      1) The people prefer to spend theyr money on Christnmas gifts and some game that maybe will apear end of next year isn't a good gift for this year.
      2) We haved to many great RPGs on Kickstarter already in the last vew month. For me it was only because this game looks and sounds fastly different in a interesting way to the RPGs I backed so fare that I decided to give some money even full knowing that I probably never will find the time to play it.

    46. Gurney on

      I hope I'm wrong but nothing short of a miracle is needed for this campaign to make it.
      It's sad because it really seems to be a sound project with beautiful art.
      The average per backer is decent but less than 500 backers is too little.
      I guess the main problem is that too few people are aware of the project.
      If it doesn't make it I sincerely hope that you will give it another try.
      This time with maybe more preparation work on the marketing side.
      From what I understood of previous successful campaigns you need to spend at least three months trying to get mind share on various web sites, forums, blogs and video gaming channels BEFORE the launch of the KS campaign.
      If you confirm that Days of Dawn is the natural successor of some of the jRPGs of the past, maybe you should do a special focus on some of the key markets for these games (in addition to UK /US).
      In addition to Germany that, I guess, you are covering, there is at least France and Japan.
      And maybe consider from day one to have localization on some of these languages.
      Anyway if it is not successful this time, please try again.
      I'm sure that the 500 people that are in today will still be there in the future!

    47. Bumblebee. 4-time creator on

      It definitely is inspired by these tites, andi, as we loved playing those games. That's a good idea to point out these similarities – I added it in form of a quote at the very top of the site. Thank you!

    48. Missing avatar

      andi on

      I think you should make more references to classic jRPGs like Final Fantasy (6, 7), Lufia, Breath of Fire, etc.
      An RPG with modern graphics and old-school jRPG elements would be awesome. I thought, that Days of Dawn is intended to be such a game.
      If this is true, then you should definitely write this more noticeable on the site.

    49. Bumblebee. 4-time creator on

      On the other hand, the latter (writing in the comments) MAY be in opposition to kickstarter-rules, so let's better not take any risks here.

    50. Bumblebee. 4-time creator on

      What you can do and probably most of you already did is using your social channels – Twitter, Facebook and so on. Do you know our facebook site on http://www.facebook.com/Daysofdawn ? We've got some images to share there. But as our backers are mostly existing kickstarter-users, the comments-sections of your other supported projects (given they are completed, we don't want to be responsible for losses in backers to anyone) might be a interesting place too.

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