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Fantastic open world exploration meets a unique magic system and fast turn-based combat in this most beautiful roleplaying game.
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Introducing Add-Ons

Posted by Bumblebee. (Creator)

Dear friends of Days of Dawn.

We're very happy to finally announce the availability of add-ons in Days of Dawn's kickstarter-campaign. We're going to introduce them one by one, accompanied by additional information about the related additions.

I'd like to start with the probably most requested add-on: The digital version of the game's Special Edition, that has yet only been available to backers going for the Collector's Edition. But first, a description of the

Days of Dawn – Special Edition

The Special Edition includes an additional sidequest, which will allow you to unlock a very special eighth player character – it's actually someone you already know and have seen very often. I'm sure you'll love it – we do! Having this "character" in your party will lead to even more and different interaction with PCs and NPCs (of a very humorous kind in this special case).

But there's more: Included in the Special Edition is free access to all DLCs and additional content to be released for Days of Dawn after the initial release, including voice-addons, additional adventures etc.

While this is both already included in the Collector's Special Edition, we're going to offer it to backers of the digital version as well. By increasing your original pledge by $15 (beyond at least the basic download version, making it a minimum pledge of $30/$35), you will be able to choose the Special Edition as an additional reward after this funding has been completed.

Please keep in mind that it is not possible to get more Special Edition add-ons than actual game downloads.

Thank you very much for your wonderful support! We hope to have pleased many of you with this option and will continue to offer additional add-ons to meet your personal needs in supporting Days of Dawn.

All the best,
Tassilo & the Bumblebees.


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    1. Bumblebee. 4-time creator on

      Stay tuned, Thierry – more add-ons will be coming soon!

    2. Thierry Soucie

      That's great! Will there be a possibility of an add-on for the digital soundtrack as well?

    3. Federico on

      Upped my pledge. Thank you!

    4. Bumblebee. 4-time creator on

      I just added a note to the top and also added it to the rewards section. Will probably add an additional "Add-Ons" section later on – what do you think?
      Thank you guys for upgrading! We're so happy to see you like the SE and our surprise-character.

    5. Missing avatar

      Tim on

      Great update!
      And imho a fair opportunity for all digital-only backers to get an "ingame-pet" without having to upgrade to Special Edition.
      I agree with shibby191, this deal (especially the free access to all future DLCs-stuff) has to be at the top of the main site.

    6. Olna Jenn Smith

      I think it's awesome that you're opening up the special sidequest/character on a digital level. When I pledged for a Collector's Edition boxed set, I had thought I'd be downgrading to a digital edition if you decided to do that...but I think I want the soundtrack and art book too much.

    7. shibby191 on

      Upped my pledge as well. Nice add-on. I'd also suggest putting the add-ons right at the top (or near the top) of your main page so it's easy to see for everyone, especially as you get more. And explain how to do an add-on because many don't understand how.

      Good luck!

    8. gandalf.nho

      Nice, just upped my pledge

    9. Gurney on

      @Kahuna Included in the Special Edition is free access to all DLCs and additional content to be released for Days of Dawn after the initial release, including voice-addons, additional adventures etc.
      So you are getting more than what was in the 1st campaign boxed game

    10. Bumblebee. 4-time creator on

      I am very, very sorry to have disappointed you, Kevin. But our main goal – for me AND you – has to be the success of this campaign, otherwise this is all worth nothing. We had to do these adjustments to make this campaign run successfully and leave enough for us to create a game from. We will add additional add-ons very soon to give interesting options to create your very own bundle. We've got some beautiful add-ons coming that will allow for a great individual bundling.
      Regarding the eighth character: This has always been intended to be a thank-you to our CE-backers and we did not originally plan to release it to others at all. It's never been part of the original content (we've had seven characters there) – it's a reward, an addition.
      Once again, I'm very, very sorry!

    11. Andrew Easter - on

      @Kahuna They probably looked at how many copies were backed last time and re-evaluated the costs. Boxed copies in limited runs are extremely expensive. Most of the difference between 30 and 69 would probably have gone on the goodies and left little for the team. Most boxed copies start at around $125 so that they dont eat all the funding.

    12. Kahuna Kevin on

      As a backer of your original project at the SE $69 boxed level, I'm a bit annoyed this new project's SE boxed edition is oddly more expensive. On top of that you only allotted 50 available for the $80 early bird level - big mistake. By time most of us from the original project received word we were out of luck to back at this price, and it's insulting to stare at $100 as my only option. That said I'm still backing your project but only at $15 because of your poor planning. Also your decision to exclude content unless you add another $15 is saddening for everyone involved and really makes me question backing this project at all. Worst decision ever.