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Fantastic open world exploration meets a unique magic system and fast turn-based combat in this most beautiful roleplaying game.
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v0.11 of the 16-Bit version now available!

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Release of first 16-Bit preview of Days of Dawn imminent - please contact me for access


Dear friends of Days of Dawn.

You have been waiting patiently and way too long. As we told you, we have started compiling the game's content into a kind of 16-Bit version and it has proven very helpful. We have come up with a first part of the actual gameplay and did already come up with an english translation of that part and many improvements.

There is still lots to be done. Things we have made this 16-Bit version for to reveal: Balancing, cinematics, portraits, soundFX and even some additional music. Seeing it in motion for the very first time, we realize what needs to be done to make it even better. Changing lines, varying paths, tweaking the game to make it become what we want it to be.

Finally, it's time for us to invite our backers to take part in Days of Dawn: Play the first part, enter the story, the world, support us with your feedback, bug findings, ideas for improvements and the likes. To do so, we have setup a trello-board to collect your feedback and post links to new versions of the game. If you're interested in playing this very early version 0.1 of the 16-Bit version and/or helping us improve the game, please send me a message right here on kickstarter with your Name (not neccessarily real name) and email-adress, so I can add you to our board and give you access.

What is very important right now is that you please do not share this version with anybody. This is a very early alpha-version of the game and will become enhanced not only in content, but audio, visuals and mechanics. This version is for your eyes only.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

First playable 16-Bit version soon available


Dear friends of Days of Dawn.

First of all: A merry christmas to all of you! Hope you're having a wonderful time and enjoy your holidays.

We're almost done with the first 1-2 hours of Days of Dawn 16-Bit Edition. There's still some work in Balancing, Sprites and SFX to do, but it's good enough the get the idea and step into its world. The english translation is still in the works though (we wanted to have all set, finished and playtested before we translate it). This is currently a pre-alpha version. We will begin to invite a first bunch of backers to the gernan version these days and upload new versions very often now. We expect to have a fully translated, completed version of the first 1-2 hours in January 2015 at the very latest and will have all backers invited to it.

We'll also invite you to a Feedback-Board soon where you can leave your comments, note bugs, ask questions and the likes. Please feel free to use this to communicate intensely with us.

The 16-Bit version has already proven very helpful. We found several areas to be improved in text and image, some things just not fitting and have already changed several of them. Micha has also been working on all new values for the creatures and is still fiddling with them.

So, enough from me for now, enjoy your christmas time and read you soon.
All the best,

16-Bit Edition - could be more than just a prototyping tool?

Dear friends of Days of Dawn.
As promised, here's some insight into our plan:  
We will build the 16-Bit demo – the first 1 to 2 hours of the actual game - until around Christmas and release it for free to you and everybody else. We will continue to develop it alongside (as it’s kind of our rapid-prototyping environment to test the balancing, maps and dialogues anyway, before we transfer them into Unity). 
Based on the reactions, we might consider to start a Greenlight campaign for the 16-Bit version and release updated versions of the pixel-version (labeled “Days of Dawn 16-Bit”) on Steam Early Access for a small fee to assist the development of the original version. Of course, backers with game downloads will get them all for free. I'd be very interested to hear what you think about that.
With the feedback we will get from this prototype (and any input you might be willing to give us), we’ll continue transfering the content into the new high-def version. We hope to be able to deliver a 2.5D version of the demo-contents at about february. All backers will get direct access to this demo as soon as possible. We’ll showcase that version to potential investors and publishing partners too, hoping to find a partner that will help us speed up development – given the conditions match our expectations. 
 So much from me, I’ll hand over to Micha now. 
All the best, 

Hello, everybody. 
I am happy to anounce that our work on the 16-bit demo is coming along great!
In fact better than we expected it to be. We are building the demo using RPG Maker VX Ace, a tool I am very confident in, having spent countless hours in it. By tweaking it to our requirements, we’re allowed to test our planned gameplay in action before building the scenes up in 2.5D in Unity, which is much more timeconsuming. 
Tassilo is transforming all the original artwork into 16-Bit pixelart and animations and is working on some custom enhancements of the basic engine, while I take care of map design, scripting of events and … about everything else (so far), exept the writing, since that was already done when we started. 
The Hidef and 16-bit characters in comparison
The Hidef and 16-bit characters in comparison
I will continue to make weekly updates on kickstarter until next year. 
After that the updates will become a monthly event for kickstarter and weekly updates will only be posted on the bumblebee-blog. The reason for this is that while we want to keep you informed, we don't want to spam your email inboxes. For some of you, one update a month is fine while others prefer weekly updates and since there is no perfect timeframe that could please everyone we will offer both coming next year. 
Read you next week,

P.S: This post is also available on our blog at

A first hello from Micha


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