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Savor two characters’ irresistible (but probably doomed) attraction in this deliciously fun tabletop game!
Savor two characters’ irresistible (but probably doomed) attraction in this deliciously fun tabletop game!
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Shipping Updates! Sweet New Merch!

Posted by Bully Pulpit Games (Creator)

Hello Star Crossed friends! 

It's 2019 and we're excited to be able to say that Star Crossed will soon be in your hands and in stores everywhere! We had an idea, and you helped us make it a real game! We're pretty excited about it, honestly.

Here are some updates about where things stand and what's coming up next!

Shipping Updates

As most of you know, our original expected release was in December. Thanks to some delays in printing, we had to push back until this month, and for the most part that has been going well. That said, we're now looking at some further delays. 

US Shipments 

Our US warehouse— the always excellent Atomic Empire in Durham, NC— is still waiting on Star Crossed to arrive. The cargo arrived over a week ago, but since then it's just been sitting on board the ship at anchor south of Long Beach. Apparently a combination of the holiday rush, the tariff scare, and the US government shutdown caused a giant backlog at the port and they haven't been able to dock. 

That said, the ship started moving this morning and should be unloading in Newark today. Once that's done, the cargo will be trucked to Durham and we'll get shipping underway. We'd already given Atomic permission to start shipping the less complicated orders, so don't be surprised if you see people posting online about getting their super great enamel pins or other add-ons.

The path of the Adrian Maersk this morning sparks joy
The path of the Adrian Maersk this morning sparks joy

International Shipments

Meanwhile our UK warehouse— Spiral Galaxy Games— already has Star Crossed in stock, but they are waiting for the add-on products to arrive. We sent that shipment to the freight forwarding service in December, but, perhaps due to the same delays, it is only now leaving for the UK. Spiral Galaxy says that we should expect that to take at least 3-4 more weeks, and then they'll be able to ship all international orders.

I feel badly about these delays, and I very much want all of you to already have Star Crossed in your hands. This is our first time working with an overseas fulfillment partner, which we wanted to do to make international shipping less expensive. Unfortunately, it also means it's taking us longer, but I believe it's ultimately going to be worthwhile.

Sweet New Merch from Heart of the Deernicorn!

While we all wait, we'd like to announce an exciting new development in the Star Crossed world- we've partnered with the good people at Heart of the Deernicorn (makers of excellent games such as Fall of Magic and Best Friends Forever) to bring you some limited edition Star Crossed merchandise featuring another gorgeous original illustration by Jess Fink! 

So many stars (but that tower looks like trouble)
So many stars (but that tower looks like trouble)

This will be a six-color, water-based ink silkscreen made by hand in the Deernicorn Olympia shop. When the sale begins, you'll be able to get this design on shirts, hoodies, posters and... other items. We'll post more soon about how you can get your hands on them!

Thanks as always for your enthusiasm and support! If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know.

- Steve

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    1. Bully Pulpit Games 5-time creator on

      Hi Kimberly,

      Canadian shipments are coming from the UK, which was oddly the less expensive option than shipping from the US. Thanks for asking!

    2. Missing avatar

      Kimberly Brumble on

      I'm curious- if I'm waiting on a shipment to Canada, am I looking at the international shipping timeline or the US one? Cheers!

    3. Tomer Gurantz

      Gorgeous design...

    4. Bully Pulpit Games 5-time creator on

      Yes, you should be able to download the digital edition by logging into your BackerKit account, but its a good question. We've always planned to make the files available to backers through DrivethruRPG as well. We'll be setting that up in the next week or so.

    5. Missing avatar


      @Celeste The digital version has been available for download via BackerKit for about six months.

    6. Missing avatar

      Celeste on

      When does the internet digital edition get released?