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I desire to make a computer animated short fairytale about Bananas, Muffins, Pickles and Biscuits!

I was born in Washington.  I discovered I liked animation a long time ago but am now old enough to do it.  I use Maya to animate.  I have most of the equipment I need.  Now I just need the motivation.  No I am not trying to scam you. 

This story will be a computer animated romance adventure about a muffin and a banana in a pre-existing era of the planet earth.  It is a mythology that America has long needed.  The main character of the story will be a muffin named Madister.  This chocolate muffin wanders deep into the land of the pickles and is captured.  Only to be saved by the outlaw known as Berry Evil.  

This is not a comedy but a drama.  Although there will be funny moments, this is no V****e T***s.  

As to the experimental value of this animation, I think it will greatly enrich the peace within those who watch it.  Approximately seven minutes of pure animation enjoyment. 

$239 is the minimum needed, however if more is raised it will all go towards the quality of the short film.

If this short film raises $277 I will be able to enter it in the TROPFEST New York film festival.  To celebrate the entrance I will reward every backer who pledged $10 or more with a Blu-ray copy of the The Banana King Returns. The Blu-ray will include a special interview with Jonathan Lollar, bloopers, and a making of the film documentary.

"In the beginning was the Banana King. This king was all powerful. He treated his creation with divine intelligent aptitude. He was a banana of wealth and a many other things which are to secret to be spoken so rashly. Then one day came along a muffin, whose quest and mission would lead him into a pitiful pitfall and a demise only the lowliest could esteem."

- Nate, author of The Banana King Returns

"There's more than one way to skin a pickle."

- Madister, the muffin

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The risks and challenges that come with completing this project are motivational. I must be motivated. Also, I cannot legally make this animation without owning the necessary licenses for the necessary software. Please and with all respect to the mythological endurance of this great society donate today!


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