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An original crime series about two bank employees who steal from a rich man's account to play in a high stakes poker game. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on April 27, 2012.

An original crime series about two bank employees who steal from a rich man's account to play in a high stakes poker game.

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UPDATE!: We're Proud to announce that 2006 BLUFF Magazine Player of the Year, Chad Brown, has signed on for a cameo roll! We're very excited to have him on board. Learn more about him in our update.

Bullets is a six part, digital series about crime, power, addiction and the relationships that are broken because of it. It tells the gritty story of Hugo and Mark, two bank employee's who hatch a plan to steal from a rich mans account to play in an underground poker tournament. Everything goes to hell when the man whose account was hacked realizes the money is gone, as the money was being laundered for the same mafia kingpin that is running the poker game.

Addiction. Obsession. Power. Place Your Bets!

Our goal is to raise $18,000 to fund our first season and shoot 65 minutes of content in two weeks with over a dozen actors and six locations. Ambitious? Maybe, but we KNOW we can do it!

We've turned to the kickstarter platform because we strongly believe in audience green lighting and we want to make our audience part of the filmmaking process.

We need donations from backers like YOU to help us make Bullets a reality.

No, what you saw above is just a carefully crafted teaser to give you an idea of what Bullets could look like once we finish the first season. The teaser was shot in one day at various locations to give the illusion that we shot more than we have. What you saw above, save for a few backer only bonus scenes, is all that we've filmed! Help us to make Bullets a reality and find out what happens to Mark and Hugo by becoming a backer! 

Our deepest gratitude and knowing that you helped make a story come to life. Plus, we have some awesome perks lined up for you, no matter what your budget is. 

Depending on what you donate, you have the opportunity to get everything from signed posters, DVDs of the entire season including commentary, behind-the-scenes footage on the making of Bullets, props from set, and more!

For $75 you become our VIP and gain access to episodes three days before the public. If you want to live life like Hugo and Mark for a night, donate $750 and we'll send you an invitation to an exclusive poker game with the actors in character.  

Exclusive Backer Only Content

Friday 4/6 Meet Detective Swartz: An Interview with Brian Majestic 
Sunday 4/8 - Bonus Scene: Amsterdam
Monday 4/9 - Meet Hugo Roosa: An Interview with Clint Keepin
Wednesday 4/11 - Meet Ty Leisher: Writer/Director
Friday 4/13 - Meet Keith Obermeir: An Interview with Maxwell Glick
Monday 4/16 - Meet Micky Valentine: An Interview with Rudy Casillas
Wednesday 4/18 - Meet Jon Meredith: Director of Photography
Friday 4/20 - Meet Mark Metzger: An Interview with Zach Silverman
Monday: 4/23 - Meet Manny Sanco: An Interview with Ed Morrone
Tuesday 4/24Meet Matthew Leisher: Composer
Wedesday 4/25 - Meet Maile Cassara, Production Designer
Sunday 4/22 - Meet Ashley Roosa: An Interview with Somya von Eames
Friday 4/27 - Meet Frank the Bank, An Interview with Jimmy Freivogel

We strongly believe in giving the audience plenty of opportunities to be part of the filmmaking process, so we have pledge amounts as low as $1 and $5! For $1 only, you can gain access to exclusive backer only content including exclusive interviews with Brian Majestic, Clint Keepin, Maxwell Glick and never before seen footage we didn't show in the teaser!

To see what else you can WIN, check out all the other awesome perks to the right. 

Filmmaking is an expensive art form. Your donations will go towards the production and post-production of the first season of Bullets.

Our budget covers paying our cast and crew for a two week shoot in late May as well as the funding of our post production crew. The project will have a proper post production workflow including color grading, musical score, graphics and effects after the editing has been polished. Every dollar helps, and any extra money raised will go towards making Bullets even better.

Costs include: 

(1) An amazing CREW who will be sure to get the job done right! Don't forget, working hands means hungry tummies. Everyone's got to eat too. 

(2) An amazing CAST who you will for sure fall in love with.


(4) Design necessities to make the show look completely cool like PROPS, SET DESIGN, and WARDROBE.

(5) We have to shoot somewhere, so money for LOCATIONS would help!

(6) Once we shoot, we'll have to get the word out, so money for MARKETING, PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS, WEBSITE MAINTENANCE, DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS / NETWORKS, and more!

To put things in perspective, we're asking for LESS than 1/1000th of the budget for the upcoming Twilight movie. Aren't we more entertaining than Twilight?

As soon as we reach our goal (even if it's before the campaign ends) we are going to start pre-production in order to release the first episode no later than July 1st 2012 . With locations, cast and crew set, all we need is your help in green-lighting this project. When we reach our $18,000 goal, we will go straight into production so we can send you even more Bullets TV entertainment. 

Our intention is to shoot in May and release our first episode mid-to-late June. We will release one episode every two weeks, so you will have plenty to look forward to over grueling hot summer.  

Depending on how successful season one is, we will return to kickstarter to let our audience decide if they want a second season. We have enough stories to last five or six seasons, it all comes down to the audience green lighting us.

We've got a fantastic cast of actors including IAWTV Award Nominee's, LA Web Festival Winners and a plethora of other award winners.

Hugo Roosa (Played by Clint Keepin): An early 30's recovering gambling addict thrust back into the world of poker. Hugo tried to make a run at being a poker pro after college, going so far as to give up a job on Wall Street to try it. He failed and lost all of his and his wife's money. He is a smart player, just incredibly unlucky. 

Mark Metzger (Played by Zach Silverman): A screw up, he is always getting Hugo into trouble and Hugo is always bailing him out. He majored in finance with Hugo but was too dumb to get a decent job and ended up working as a bank teller for the past ten years. He jumps before he thinks, and he has no idea how to get him out of trouble once he's in it.

Manny Sanco (Played by Ed Morrone): The baddest mafia boss in town, he runs the gambling, money laundering and loan sharking in town. He holds an annual poker game with a huge buy in, he loses his temper quickly and is feared by everyone. Even his name causes people to cower.

Micky Valentine (Played by Rudy Cassius): A money launderer who thinks he is the biggest baddest guy in town, but he becomes a coward anytime he is around Manny. He is always screwing up and it's a wonder he was able to get connected with Manny in the first place. He can't keep money straight and just pushes his responsibilities onto other people, like Frank McCourt.

Detective Swartz (Played by Brian Majestic, LA Web Fest Best Supporting Actor): A damaged detective who lost his partner to Manny Sanco, he was never able to pin the death on Manny and has tried to make every case he has had since about Sanco in order to get him in prison. He's smart, and quick witted but can't get past the psychological block of losing his partner.

Detective Hunts (Played by Mark Cirillo): A rookie detective, he just made the jump to being a detective and is eager to prove himself. He's the only funny character in the series, he tries to push Swartz along when he starts to get lost in his own mind. 

Keith Obermeier (Played by Maxwell Glick, IAWTV Nominee Best Supporting Actor): A psychiatrist that helps Swartz to conquer the loss of his partner.

Frank McCourt (Played by Jimmy Freivogul): An absented minded bank manager who is laundering money for Micky Valentine, he is frazzled and forgetful.

Jesse (Played by Jamie Fishback): A drug dealer with ties to Manny Sanco, he is fearful of what Manny will do to him because of all the terrible stuff he has heard of. He has been friends with Mark for a while.

Jason (Played by Marcus Natividad): He's a badass player and good at poker but...

Al (Played by Denis O'Mahoney): The oldest poker player at the table, he's a loose player with no real ties to anyone but is reckless.

George (Played by Julian Grant): An aspiring mafia boss working his way up the food chain.

Ralph (Played by Sam Proof): Ralph is Manny's right hand man, while Manny has body guards around they are mostly for show.. Ralph is the only one who would truly take a bullet for Manny and has done so on numerous occasions.

Ashley Roosa (Played by Somya von Eames): The wife of Hugo, stood by him through his addiction but can't deal with it again. A strong woman who stands up for herself and never really gave her marriage a chance.

*For more info about our cast, please visit our website:

Ty Leisher - Writer/Director

Ty Leisher is a director and screenwriter from Los Angeles. Ever since borrowing his parents camera when he was eight years old,Ty has been hooked on filmmaking and telling stories with pictures. In 2008,Ty wrote and directed three short films which garnered him attention and in 2011 he began working as a commercial director.

A self taught filmmaker, Ty attended film courses at UCLA before dropping out to pursue his passion on set and in the edit bay. He takes inspiration from filmmakers like Christopher Nolan, Martin Scorsese, Rian Johnson and Guy Ritchie.

Alexis Edelman - Producer

Alexis Edelman graduated from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, with a BFA in Time Based Art. Ms. Edelman has been actively engaged in the film and television industry having worked for Caviar Content, Bunim-Murray (Real World: San Diego; The Challenge: Battle of the Exes), Joe Digital Inc. (Road Raves; MSN’s DV Guide), RivR Media (Fix This Kitchen), Polaris Pictures, and World Race Productions (The Amazing Race), just to name a few. Whilst having multiple projects in development, Ms. Edelman is excited to see one unfold and take on a life of its own.

I grew up making horror flicks with my neighborhood friends, getting lost in James Bond marathons and glued to reruns of the I Love Lucy show. I’ve always loved the movie business wanted to be a part of it, and I couldn’t imagine ever doing anything else. Lucille Ball said it best when she said,‘It’s a helluva start being able to recognize what makes you happy.’

Jon Meredith - Director of Photography

Since graduating from DePaul University’s Digital Cinema program in Chicago, Jon has consistently garnered experience in all aspects of film production and post-production. Having launched his own company, Relentless Cinematography, in 2010, Jon has created content for music videos, interviews, corporate promotions, events, live coverage, and narrative film.

Jon’s career in the visual field began the late 1990s with photography. Realizing that motion was a vital aspect of his work, Jon branched out into the field of film, informed by his photographic training. He has continued to add skills to his film repertoire, which now includes 9 years of experience as a Cinematographer, Camera Operator, Producer, and Editor.

Maile Cassara - Production Designer

Maile Cassara is Los Angeles native. When she was a student at FIDM, she fell in love with Production Design. Independent and student films, a part time gig at a local prop house and word of mouth have kept  her working steadily throughout college.

After college, Maile began living by the philosophy: Success is making a living at what you love to do. 

Get us to every thousand and get a cool BONUS reward such as a Poster / Shirt / Customized Bullets Deck of Cards / Custom Bullets Poker Chip / Bullets Hat / OR get bumped up to the next reward level. 

New Reward Update: Donate $100 or more and get an 11x17 Poster.

At the $1,000 - $15,000 marks, you will receive free upgrade to the next perk level!

At the $15,000 - $20,000 marks, you will receive a signed Bullets Hat or T-Shirt.

At the $20,000 - $30,000 marks, you will receive a Custom Made Bullets Poker Set.

The guy or gal who breaks our set goal will get a Large Signed Bullets Poster.

*If you prove to be the biggest fan and you donate $2000, we'll send you a Custom Made T-Shirt with your favorite Bullets Character on it!

B A C K E R   M I L E S T O N E   R E W A R D S !

@ 50 Backers: Our 50th Backer wins an 11x17 signed poster

@75 Backers: Every backer is entered in a raffle to win a signed DVD of the Series, regardless of donation amount.

@100 Backers: Our 100th Backer gets bumped up to the next reward tier AND a signed DVD of the series

@150 Backers: Every backer is entered in a raffle to win a signed DVD of the Series, regardless of donation amount.

@300 Backers: Every backer is entered in a raffle to win a signed DVD of the Series, 11x17 signed poster, and an invitation to the set.

Stay on our radar for updates about guest stars and new characters! There will be much more Bullets TV entertainment at your disposal.

We’ve carefully crafted a full slate of awesome perks for you upon donating to our production. There will be chances to interact with the cast and creators, and even to become part of the show! 

Thank you so much for taking the time to watch our teaser and listen to our pitch. We can't wait to take this journey with you and make Bullets a reality.

Follow us:
Twitter: @BulletsTV 
Facebook: BulletsTV


We want to thank all of you; we truly love our fans, the ones who’ve been there with us from the beginning writing stages, and those who are discovering us now. Thank you!

Camera to Shoot Bullets:

Mark's House in Bullets:

Marcus Natividad Playing Frank:

Zach Silverman & Clint Keepin Playing Mark and Hugo in Bullets:


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    Starting on 4/6 we will be releasing exclusive Cast interviews every Friday and Monday until the campaign ends.

    See what lies behind the magic of Bullets with a real conversation.

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