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A revolutionary utility backpack with Regenerative FuseFabric™ - Ideal for EDC, Travel, or Gym.
A revolutionary utility backpack with Regenerative FuseFabric™ - Ideal for EDC, Travel, or Gym.
A revolutionary utility backpack with Regenerative FuseFabric™ - Ideal for EDC, Travel, or Gym.
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    1. SLUGHAUS 3-time creator about 17 hours ago

      Thank you for commenting about your concerns! We will be resolving this via email :)

      Thank you for letting us know please email us directly to so we can resolve this issue for you.

    2. Playcool92 on May 29

      @Mariana D'Angelo - It is not, I have seen quite some people talking about the same issue before on the comments.
      Today I m reporting that it also happened to me, that dual layer they say having.... HOW could it pass Quality Check tests, HOW?!

      Used the bag multiple times already, with more weight than yesterday. Yesterday it was light packed, yet I noticed that the fabric also started to tear of, in short that double layered bottom the creator boosts about now has a small hole that will only get bigger with usage so I will have to stop using mine!

      Poor design to offer to so little reinforcement there, again how did this made past QC?
      Also inside the bag there are alot of sewing threads that start to appear, and no matter how much you try to trimm, they keep appearing.

      The problem is that asking for replacements wont get you nowhere! The design of the bag needs to be reinforced on the bottom, SEVERELY SO.

      Bag works wonderfully but wouldnt reccomend people to get this until the creators actually fix the problem, instead of offering replacements and PR talk.

    3. Mariana D'Angelo
      on May 28

      I quite liked this bag when I first got it, but today it just fell apart tearing at the seams with something that weighed merely 1kg inside. I feel a bit disillusioned, but I hope this was just a bad one in a bunch of good ones. I'll be contacting slughaus to see if I can get a replacement.

    4. SLUGHAUS 3-time creator on May 23
      Thank you for your feed back! It's truly appreciated! We did get a few bad ones in the bunch but please contact us directly at so we can help if you do run into any problems.

      Thank you so much for your positive feedback man! We are glad to hear that you are getting good use from the bag. All this is helping us, of course to make an even better product in the future. We really appreciate the support! If you ever have any questions feel free to contact us directly!

      @Jonathan Hollingsworth
      Sorry to hear about the scrape! Rough tears wont heal too well, they'd have to be clean punctures to see the magic happen. We so appreciate you chiming in with your experiences so far. If you ever run into any problems don't be shy to email us!

    5. Jonathan Hollingsworth
      on May 9

      I thought so and applied friction/heat but it was a no go. They weren’t clean punctures but rather small but rough rips

    6. Playcool92 on May 7

      After extended use I have some negatives to say about the bag, dont take it with you if you are going on a run, it is not suited for that, and it is a pain everytime I go to the gym with light eqquipment, since at those, I always run to the destination as a means to make more cardio, this bag makes it all much harder, since you have an hand on it, otherwise it will bounce too much, all of this makes it even harder to run, but I hope to get used to it soon.

      Also "30 litters" where far from enough for what I needed when I go with full equipment to the gym with plans of taking a shower there, can fit all inside.

      Aside these problems, solid product.
      Also @Jonathan if the tears are small enough, shouldnt the bag heal itself?

    7. Jonathan Hollingsworth
      on May 4

      Been enjoying my bag for light use so far. It did take a scrape recently and now there are small tears in the bag. Kind of sad considering what it cost and how I was using it around water for the waterproof use.

    8. Playcool92 on April 2

      First impressions for the bag are very positive, at least that... whoever, when I had to hit the gym, I noticed a problem... this bag isnt really suited for running, which is something I need between my house and the gym.

      Will have to tweak with it a bit more to see if I can find a solution... aside that, I do feel that it would help IF inside the bag we had like 1 or 2 mesh pockets sewing in the walls, very small and light stuff, it would help for when I have to take of my keys or card, without having to be taking all the items from inside the bag.

      Otherwise, it feels very sturdy (even the bottom) and I like its flexibility! So despite all the negative feedback I gave below, I do consider it was worth to wait to get it.
      So anyone lead be previous negative feedback, the bag is actually a good product with lots of versability to it and a very small size when fully folded.
      Good job on the project, you guys just need to handle communications much better next time.
      PS: That led bullet I got with this could have had some more lumens to it, light isnt as strong as I expected it to be.

    9. Missing avatar on April 1

      It is an impression that I tried using a bag. I also have storage capacity, I think that usability is very good. The only regret is that sewing inside the bag is very complicated. I feel that the cloth is frayed and the back is gone if I use it for a long time. I think that I wanted to make it more carefully.

    10. SLUGHAUS 3-time creator on March 12


      Hello! Thank you for all your comments! We would love to get to you all individually. However it will be far more easy to assist you all via email. If you could please email us directly to We will be more than happy to assist with any questions you all may have!

    11. Playcool92 on March 6

      @provis - Join the club, been posting about the same thing for a month now and no response, by this point I dont even want my bag, and just want a refund...

    12. Missing avatar

      on March 6

      Hi, has my order shipped? A response would be appreciated!!

    13. Missing avatar

      Azlan S. Othman
      on March 1

      Got mine today, and true enough, the bottom stitching start to break-off even with a couple of books. Truly disappointed. This quality doesn’t warrant the amount paid. Obviously to return and request replacement as an international backer would make me loose more money.

      Probably need to modified with some leather layering to get it toughen. But obviously loose the self healing properties of the material.

    14. Playcool92 on February 28

      "We added a 6 inch tall double layered base to help with durability as well as support for those heavier situations."
      Guess it wasnt enough?

    15. Playcool92 on February 28

      @AxisMundi - The more I hear feedback like this the more I actually wish my order has not been shipped yet so I can demand a refund... I have seen too many people complaining about something that should like been one of the earliest focus of the creator when building the product, making sure SHIT didnt fall off the bottom of the bag!

    16. AxisMundi
      on February 28

      I received my first bag and it broke on the first day it took some time but i was able to get a replacement from Slughaus and it was about the same quality as the first. As a recommendation i took the ripped bag to a dry cleaning shop and they were able to repair it and actually reinforce saying when i went to pick it up that the stitching was very sub par to hold any real weight.

    17. Playcool92 on February 27

      Been 27 days now since the creator last gave a response, and I have sent messages after that, with still 0 replies... I cant even be disappointed with the product since I still have yet to even know if mine was shipped!!
      But I m keeping my expectations low for what I have seen on the comments, but most than all, I m very disappointed with the lack of any contact over 27 days from the creator!
      Being busy is no excuse, since leaving a message on the comments would already make things much better than the current status quo.

    18. Missing avatar

      Kevin Steenbergen
      on February 23

      I think slughaus is gonna have to take the bags back for proper stitching or start up refunds. How anyone thought this stitching was going to hold up to any weight is beyond me.

    19. Playcool92 on February 23

      @Massimo Lupo - Fast? They arent even responding to me, I dont if my order was already shipped or not.
      Very bad customer support so far.

    20. Missing avatar

      on February 23

      Hi, has my order shipped?

    21. Massimo Lupo
      on February 21

      Thanks guys, you really are fast.
      The first one came with bad stitches and today I got another one. I am using it and I know everything will be great!

    22. Playcool92 on February 19

      GUYS, what is happening?! I paid for my final add on pledge for weeks now, and I havent yet received a tracking number, neither told my order was shipped, right now you are failing at communication BADLY!

    23. Missing avatar

      peter fickling on February 14

      I received mine and the stitching around the reinforced base had come undone. There is a 3-4 inch section open. The bag has never had a single item placed inside it. What are we going to do to fix this Slughaus?

      Also I used the form on your website first as I did not want to do this so publicly but have not received a response.

    24. SK
      on February 10

      Received mine in Malaysia, Thanks !

    25. Missing avatar

      LFH on February 10

      I got mine and immediately tested the bottom stitching. With just a gentle 'pull apart' around the seam the bottom piece is ready to separate from the side. I cannot see how it would withstand any significant weight placed directly on that bottom panel. The moment you move it would start pulling at the stitching. I can see how it didn't cope with a bottle of water and a couple of books (@ Massimo Lupo ).

    26. David Di Troia on February 8

      Got mine in Australia.

    27. Massimo Lupo
      on February 2

      Hallo everyone: this bag is so cool!!!
      It arrived yesterday and today I am using it, inside there’s a book, a journal and a half liter water bottle.
      But “shit happens”: the stitches in the lower part didn’t do their job and the sewing got ripped... Now I am very sad, can I have another with better stitches pleeeese?

    28. Roger Smith
      on January 31

      I have a County Comm SatCom XL bag that works perfectly with the Wolverine inside. As the SatCom doesn’t have internal pockets this is a good removable modular option.

    29. Missing avatar

      LFH on January 29

      **Note to self** Check the stitching...

    30. Playcool92 on January 28

      @ Greg Rivers - Nice idea, a tent would be amazing surely, but I probably wouldnt be able to backup something soo expensive right now, but for the future, very interesting!

      Now this addressed to the creator, since you have yet to reply to my messages I sent here via PM...
      I was finally able to update my add on payments, I hope to hear from you soon, since first I was only expecting this in May (in says in the tiers), but seems like everyone else is getting theirs, and of course I want mine to ship ASAP as possible too.

    31. Missing avatar

      Kevin Steenbergen
      on January 26

      Got mine, impressed that it can early (first time for that on ks for me). I'm not very impressed by the stitching tho. It seems incredibly tiny on the bottom panel (single non-kevlar stitching, really?). I guess we'll see if it holds up over time.

    32. Missing avatar

      Greg Rivers on January 24

      I backed Slughaus before but was skeptical about self-healing fabric, but it's exactly what they say. Amazing beyond words. I need a tent made from this stuff.

    33. Playcool92 on January 24

      Wait, but the timeline said the bag would arrive around May 2018!
      Can the creator reply to my message?!

    34. Daniel Quiros
      on January 24

      This bag is so cool! I can pack it away in my back pack. It’s light. Easy to use. I love the water resistance and the s of healing will be really handy if I accidentally poke a hole or two (I tested it a bit haha) just don’t go crazy and try to cut huge holes!!

    35. David Osman on January 24

      I am quite happy with the bag. Loved testing the material and currently using it for when I go hiking.

    36. Adam Morris
      on January 24

      I have mine, I loved poking holes in the sample material. I used a bamboo skewer as I was unimpressed with the hole the safety pin made.

      After a dozen or so holes the cloth does not look like new. But VERY close. Where a loop of thread sticks out is the only sign though.

      I haven't used the bag yet but I will be happy to try it when I have a need.

    37. Tad Adachi on January 23

      Got mine in Hawaii today! Will incorporate it into my life

    38. Jeffrey P.
      on January 22

      Received my two today in Pennsylvania. For the $120 paid I'm rather underwhelmed. I do appreciate Slughaus and their honesty and integrity. They are a good company.

    39. John Monguillot
      on January 22

      Got mine today! No load testing, but poked the sample and was pleased. Thanks!

    40. Ruby Doty on January 21

      I love my bag! It is nice looking and well made. Of course I poked a hole on the sample haha. I wasn't expecting it to be here this early. I also appreciate how professional this company was/is with sending us updates and not leaving us in the dark (I've had bad experiences with some kickstarters). Can't wait to start using my bag.

    41. Missing avatar

      Kevin Le on January 20

      I received mine today. Out of the dozen or so Kickstarter products, this is one of the very few that actually came before the estimated delivery. I was expecting some delays (apparently a Kickstarter nature), but I'm very happy. Thank you Slughaus!

    42. Missing avatar

      LFH on January 20

      Hopefully AxisMundi's experience is not common for the rest of us. Further reviews from backers when they receive their bags are eagerly anticipated.

    43. AxisMundi
      on January 19

      Actually received my bag used it for a couple hours poked holes in the sample and it healed back great and over all love the look and feel of the bag. Sadly after a couple hours use the bottom seams have already torn beyond what seems fixable with what did not feel like a lot of weight.

    44. AxisMundi
      on January 17

      If you already have them and are looking to ship them soon is there anyway they might arrive before the mid of February ?

    45. Missing avatar

      on January 17

      Does the address lockdown mean that you’re ahead of the game in terms of fulfillment? Original goal was May 2018, it would be awesome if these were coming early!

    46. Adam Morris
      on December 28

      @Chris Duemmling, got mine today.

    47. Missing avatar

      Chris Duemmling on December 24

      Anyone get their survey yet? Just wondering, haven’t seen it come in yet.

    48. Adam Morris
      on December 5, 2017

      @ Jesper Doctor and Tad Adachi

      Indeed there last two were very smooth. Hopefully this is just because they are busy rather than having problems.

    49. Jesper Doktor on November 30, 2017

      @Tad yeah I was thinking the same thing. Last campaign was very smooth.

    50. Tad Adachi on November 29, 2017

      @Jesper That’s true, Slughaus is normally very good about keeping us in the loop.

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