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Battalion 1944 recaptures the core of classic multiplayer shooters and revives ‘old school’ FPS for the next generation.
Battalion 1944 recaptures the core of classic multiplayer shooters and revives ‘old school’ FPS for the next generation.
10,096 backers pledged £317,281 to help bring this project to life.

VICTORY! 317% funded! What’s next for Battalion 1944?

Posted by Bulkhead Interactive (Creator)

Very Good afternoon Backers!

Throughout our campaign on Kickstarter we’ve managed to amass more than 10 thousand backers. The outpouring of support we have received is genuinely amazing and we cannot thank you enough. As a community we have tripled our initial funding goal to 317%, meaning we at Bulkhead Interactive are now able to develop Battalion 1944 into a game that will challenge the biggest AAA shooters in the industry. Battalion 1944 is the only game with the development talent and community support that will be able to propel World War 2 back into the current generation on both PC and consoles, thanks to the efforts of every single member of our community.

The final sprint has ended… or has it? A question on all of our backer’s minds will be “What’s next for Battalion 1944?”. The answer is that you’re about to join us on the journey of game development as we ramp up the production of Battalion. We’re emotionally invested in this game as much as you are. Battalion 1944 is the game we have always wanted to make and you guys have more than shown us that you want it as badly as we do!

Your funds will help make Battalion 1944 awesome. A question we’ve received a lot is what will happen to our British and Russian stretch goals. Our Executive Producer Joe Brammer, wanted to answer this himself! here's what he had to say:

Nobody wants to have The British and The Russians more than us! I wanted to get out in front of this and let everyone know what we’ve been planning. Firstly, thanks for backing; the money we have made is all going towards Battalion’s development. It will make the features bigger, better, and robust. Secondly, the reason these stretch goals were placed at such a high price is because characters cost a lot to make. We aren’t cutting corners on this game AT ALL. If we want to join the ranks alongside Activision and DICE we need to build quality like they do, this costs money. For us to design entire character sets, all the customisations that go with it, custom faces, weapons, voice overs, implementing them into the game, maps, environments, and in some cases game modes, that all costs money. 

So! Because this is something we clearly all want (not just you, but us as well) we’ve been talking to some very big publishers over the last few weeks. We have not gone out looking for them, they have approached us. Although we aren’t at liberty to say who, we can say they’re loved by their communities and they understand how important it is to a team and a community like ours to retain 100% creative control over a game like Battalion 1944. They have no intentions and nor do we have ANY intentions of just giving up the design and creativity behind the Battalion franchise. The game will always 100% remain ours, built together with the community.

We’ll be travelling to the Game Developers Conference next week to meet with friends, colleagues, and potential partners across the industry. Battalion is in good hands, we’ll be representing you guys there and we’ll be coming back with a victory for all of us! In short, be patient and have faith! Because at the end of the day, do you think we don’t want to add them?!

We're still shocked and humbled by the amazing reaction from all of you guys.

Thanks again,


Credit to Future Proof Films for the still from the Kickstarter Trailer
Credit to Future Proof Films for the still from the Kickstarter Trailer

We’ll be hosting live Twitch Stream Q&A sessions over the next few months and providing detailed updates over here on Kickstarter and our forums to keep you in the loop. At Bulkhead we will be going into full on production mode as our community manager Alex ‘Big Tuna’ Preece starts with us full time in April. He’ll be the one writing the updates and posting on our social media as well as interacting with the community directly on our forums. If you have any questions or queries, he will be your first point of contact.

We’d also like to remind you we’ll be opening our PayPal ‘slacker backer’ store in the coming weeks to allow anyone who missed their chance to back the campaign or didn’t have a credit card on hand to pledge their support and receive our exclusive Kickstarter rewards at their discounted Kickstarter price. This will be open for 1 week only. We’ll let you know well in advance when that goes live, We will make an official announcement as soon as that goes live.

After the slacker backer week finishes, we will close the PayPal slacker backer options and open our official Battalion 1944 store for anyone who wants to pre-purchase battalion at a higher but still discounted pre-order price. Alpha/Beta access options will also be available but again for a higher price than our early adopters who pledged on Kickstarter or through PayPal.

Another exciting piece of news is that Bulkhead Interactive will soon be officially announcing their second title that they have been working on since the release of ‘Pneuma: Breath of Life’ in February 2015. The new unannounced title will be released on both PC and Console this year. The really exciting part for our backers is that all the profits from that game will be go directly towards the polish of Battalion 1944’s base game content, giving us an even higher chance of making the very best WW2 shooter on the market. Keep an eye out in the next few weeks for that electrifying announcement from Bulkhead.

Finally, we’re talking in the office about hosting a night where our backers can ‘research’ and play with the developers on multiple classic WW2 shooters as a small celebration for reaching our funding goal. We’ll have fun playing and talking with the community and maybe run a few giveaways as a small thank you to all of you who have supported us. We’ll stream the festivities on Twitch! If you have any ideas for the games we should play with you guys, feel free to comment below!

That’s all for today’s update. 

Once again, we’d like to give you one more massive THANK YOU from the Bulkhead team for all the pledges, shares, press articles, YouTube videos etc. You guys really are amazing and we’ve only just begun this amazing journey.

- Bulkhead Interactive

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    1. Garylee Unccharlie Molitor on

      let me know when i get to download the game since i have paid into it.!?

    2. Missing avatar

      Matthew L on

      Any updates from your trip to GDC? Kind of quiet around here.

    3. Fabian Müller on

      hey when will be the next stream or in wich period we can expect one ?

    4. MEP on

      Great work, you guys are saying all the right things - can't wait for the game.

      Please don't loose sight of the end goal - I've seen a some of these projects loose focus and I REALLY want this game in my life plus to be a fantastic success for all involved.

      Keep it tight, keep it awesome. We believe in you!

    5. Dat Nguyen on

      Hopefully, by the game's release, they'll at least have the British forces from the PayPal funding and the sales from the other game they're making. And if there's enough money, the Soviet forces too!

    6. Sebastian Fey on

      Let's hope that Battalion 1944 gets a supportive publisher which allows the game to go beyond our wildest dreams!

      Best wishes for the future and also thanks to all the other backers for supporting competitive WW2 Games in the modern time...of killstreak madness.

      For me, Cod 1 is the best!

    7. Missing avatar

      Pippa Beard on

      Congratulations on your successful funding Bulkhead!
      As for celebratory 'research', I know you guys are really into Capture the Flag, so I think myself and many others would absolutely love to play some CTF on CoD UO with you guys.
      You definitely deserve the celebration and I can't wait to play some great old school shooters with you guys!!

    8. Delukz on


    9. Missing avatar

      Caffers on

      Hey guys! I'd love to play some cod 2 with you guys as and when, i played it at a few lans back in the day and have a good idea what im doing ^_^ by that time i should be on my new rig and more than capable of streaming it too ^_^

    10. Missing avatar

      Andre Shergold on

      Awesome news! A Normandy map like day of defeat had would be great! Also hidden and dangerous 2 had some great British action in Africa, that would be cool too. Cheers

    11. Missing avatar

      Trawick on


      what I have overlooked. ??
      When now starts the Alpha ??

    12. Missing avatar

      Danny on

      just wondering when my credit card will be charged I need to leave enough money in there to cover my pledge its Friday 8am New Zealand time now and I havent been charged yet

    13. Kyle Smith on

      Well whatever you guys do as for partnering with other developers, obviously avoid Ubisoft and EA. Please!!!

    14. SilentFart on

      All backers of Battalion are welcome to join BVAR on their Squad server for fun and games will also let the developers play ;)
      Join us nightly at or the website

    15. Missing avatar

      Blaž Cigale on

      I have a feeling that this will be a start of a new era for popular genres :)
      Imagine BF getting back to historical titles...

      I hope you find resources when the game is launched to continue producing DLCs such as story missions. I'd die for a Pacific story with just 3 long missions, like putting up a US flag on Mount Suribachi, you know, like in the classic USMC Hollywood movie.
      Just an idea, which will drag even players that are maybe not that fond of multiplayer even though this game is all about MP.

    16. Missing avatar

      Mårten on

      Great job! And great updates. Hope to see this game as beta soon. :)

      As for games to play, all I say is CoD2! Best game ever.

    17. Missing avatar

      Zach Avery on

      I hope you are able to get a deal with a publisher, so we can get the rest of the stretch goals. Or maybe you can sell it as DLC after release? I want everything that was listed as a stretch goal!

    18. Tommy Amundsen on

      Grats.And publishers want you hmm.Guess they are scared now.COD and BF have been garbage since BF2/COD4. World need a great shooter again.

    19. carmelo tuscano on

      please italian language if possible .thanks good work.fromitaly.

    20. Missing avatar

      Micah Pavlidis on

      I wonder what the other game is going to be

    21. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Galea on

      So hyped, I can't wait to play this game! I hope we get to see a full blown gameplay demonstration soon.

    22. Kasper Dalkarl on

      Nicely done everyone! I am looking forward following the work and development process, as well as the final game.