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Battalion 1944 recaptures the core of classic multiplayer shooters and revives ‘old school’ FPS for the next generation.
Battalion 1944 recaptures the core of classic multiplayer shooters and revives ‘old school’ FPS for the next generation.
10,096 backers pledged £317,281 to help bring this project to life.

Stretch Goals Announced & Final Sprint Trailer!

Posted by Bulkhead Interactive (Creator)

Today we can finally announce what you’ve all been waiting for… Battalion 1944’s Stretch Goals. When we hit our funding goal in just 3 days we could’ve released a list pre-made stretch goals, but instead we decided listen to the feedback from our community to see exactly what you wanted and then go a step further by making the content you wanted to see. We’ve been working day and night to be able to show you exactly what we want to add to the game.

At Bulkhead, we don’t do half measures, so without further ado, here is our Final Sprint trailer:

We’ve refined our Stretch goals to make sure every individual goal will get the attention and budget it deserves. Here is a breakdown of the stretch goals list to show you what your pledges will be going toward:

As you can see we’ve already hit our £225,000 goal for hiring a full time community manager! This means we’ll be able to keep you all in the loop post Kickstarter and have a primary point of contact on our community forums. He’ll be managing all your pledges and rewards as well as helping us run our Twitch development streams. We’ll introduce you to him soon enough!

For £250,000 we’ll be adding enhanced particle effects and sounds to the game, allowing for hyper real smoke and explosions. For £275,000 we’ll be adding a Currahee Mountain Bootcamp Training map inspired by Band of Brothers, where players will be able to practice their movement and weapon recoil in an offline environment.

If we reach £300,000 we’ll be able to design and develop an extra map based on the events of D-Day which will play as a competitive level. As you can imagine this will be an interesting challenge for our level designers as balancing the events of D-Day into a balanced map will be a tough task and one which we can’t wait to develop.

Now this one’s exciting. For £325,000 the British forces will join the fight with full character sets, animations and cosmetic variation alongside multiple iconic British weapons such as the Lee-Enfeild bolt action rifle and the Sten sub-machine gun. 

As a British studio we really want to hit this goal considering the immense effort contributed by the British forces during the war and the interesting gameplay/customization opportunities this faction will provide for the game.

British Forces Join the Fight!
British Forces Join the Fight!

If we reach £350,000 we’ll be able to add more cosmetic unlocks to the game, allowing for even more player customization.

At £400,000 the eastern front will be added to the game, with entire character sets for the The Red Army. This addition will include the Soviet favourites such as the PPSh-41, all the way to the Mosin-Nagant used by the famous female Russian snipers of WW2, raising the bar of authenticity and acknowledging the role that women played in the defence of cities like Stalingrad and Moscow and in the destruction of The Nazi Regime in Europe.

Russian female sniper takes aim
Russian female sniper takes aim
The Russian Army Fight Back
The Russian Army Fight Back

If both British and Russian stretch goals are hit, Battalion 1944 will allow players to fight in maps based on both the British and Russian campaigns, expanding Battalion’s competitive map pool to include historical battlegrounds from around the world.

We’re also planning on implementing an offline ‘Behind Enemy Lines’ game mode if we reach $500,000, in which players can play competitive maps offline against waves AI bots and compete for high scores against their friends. This ties in with fully fledged and intelligent AI bot support for the game, allowing players to practice and learn maps before they jump online.

For our larger goals we’ll be looking to make large expansions of the base game, for example at £600,000 we’ll be looking to introduce the pacific theatre to the game, allowing players to fight the Japanese across maps set in the Pacific, South-East Asia, and in China. We’ll expand on this content more if the goal is reached.

One massive request from the larger community was to add a single player campaign. Whilst the heart of Battalion lies in the multiplayer experience (which will always be our core focus), we would consider adding a single player campaign if we reached £1,200,000. Good single player campaigns aren’t cheap to make, there’s no ‘add single player’ button for us; it would cost a lot of time and money to make, hence the large funding goal.

To recap here is the entire list of Battalion 1944 Stretch Goals:

As an added bonus for all of our current backers, we’ll be adding a new extra reward for every single backer who raises their pledge to any £25+ tier or above! Everyone who raises their pledge or backs a tier at or above the Deluxe Rifleman Backer level will receive an Exclusive Digital Art Book for Battalion 1944!

At the time of writing we’re 247% funded raising an amazing £246,689 ($343,216) without our stretch goals even being announced. More than 8000 of you have currently pledged your support towards the project. As a community, we now have 6 days to get as many new members to pledge their support towards Battalion 1944 so we can fund our awesome new stretch goals. This is our final sprint.

Every single penny pledged towards our Kickstarter campaign will be put towards Battalion 1944’s budget, making the next generation competitive WW2 shooter this generation needs. By pledging and sharing you’re directly growing Battalion’s community and budget, pushing the return of a classic skill based shooter set in World War 2 ever closer. 

Remember; there is only 1 week left to raise your pledge and receive Kickstarter exclusive rewards such as alternate weapon skins and medals, our super limited numbered physical boxed copes, unique customized Battalion 1944 dog tags and the Kickstarter only Battalion 1944 backer t-shirt!

We have 6 more days in our final sprint to expand Battalion’s budget and make the WW2 shooter that this generation deserves.

Share the campaign, tell everyone you know and help the growing Battalion 1944 community reach these stretch goals, together.

That’s all the news for today’s update. Get involved with the in depth discussion on our forums at!

- Bulkhead Interactive

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    1. Bryan Dray on

      Superb stretch goals...............I made a post over at the forum about how to get some more coverage, I think we all owe it to ourselves to help in any way we can to achieve as many goals as possible to make this the BEST WWII game on the block!

    2. Wolf Enstein on

      Great news, Battalion 1944, thanks for the excellent update. Loving those stretch goals, seeing them being reached will be epic :) . Let's get promoting this superb new World War 2 FPS far and wide, folks :) .

    3. Berten Bos on

      So you're saying we payed for "unannounced " extra maps and weapons:-)... That would kill any discussion offcourse....
      You re asking too much money for these stetchs...
      Dont get greedy...

    4. Vegard Graffer on

      Omg.. Band Of Brothers Currahee needs to happen! I love BoB!

    5. Missing avatar

      Matt Klaman on

      This better be a really really good freaking game for going 125k pounds over the initial goal with no "real" stretch goals per se. Also, the stretch goal amounts are absurd IMHO.

    6. Nathaniel Wood on

      Hello! I have a question about the D-Day map. would it be scenario based? It would be really cool if it could be the actual scenario of D-Day, where each team would have specific goals they would need to achieve (Germans would have to hold off the beach for a certain amount of time, or get a certain number of kills/ Americans would have to take certain objective points) and make it actually realistic. I don't necessarily want balanced (Battlefront anyone?) because that would take the rewarding feeling of winning a seemingly unwinnable battle.

      The feeling of coming in on a higgins as part of an american/british/canadian etc taskforce then being met with gunfire would be super intense. Alternatively, the feeling of anticipation as a german soldier on the machine gun turrets or artillery, would equally be pretty cool.

      That would also open up true team based play, instead of going out as a lone wolf.

      Just a thought as I (and hopefully others) have wanted something like this for awhile.

      Thank you for your consideration!

    7. Bulkhead Interactive Creator on

      Hey guys,

      It's an understandable misconception but you've not funded 125k for a community manager. The extra money which was raised after the initial funding goal was reached will be used on expanding and enhancing the game with more (unannounced) maps, more weapons and more content, making Battalion 1944 a better multiplayer experience for all. A full time community manager was a small part of the post initial funding plan and one which was heavily requested by the community. Every single penny pledged towards the Kickstarter campaign is being put towards the game's overall budget and distributed across multiple aspects of development, making Battalion 1944 the definitive WW2 experience this generation is missing.

      If you want to see these stretch goals implemented please do help share the campaign with your friends and encourage them to pledge! We want these extra features in the game as badly as you do. The more pledges we receive, the more we can do to make Battalion 1944 a better game in every aspect.

      Thank you again for all your support, looking forward to seeing you all on the battlefield!

    8. Jeremy Richardson on

      Not to mention there really aren't any options to upgrade to on Xbox. There isn't a $60 option, it's either the $36 dollar one or the $92 dollar one. And no X1 Preview program stretch goal?

    9. Jeremy Richardson on

      So if I read this right, we more than doubled the goal and all we got was 1 dude being full time? Really want the single player campaign but there is no way that will happen, much less some of these other goals

    10. Missing avatar

      Michael riggs on

      Great work guys. Can't wait til beta... I changed my order to reflect both the std and deluxe rifleman so i could get both console and pc .

    11. Simon Gardner on

      Soooo, after waiting for the announcement of stretch goal, it seems we are paying 125K for a community manager.



      125K??!? over the goal, and the only goal we unlocked was a community manager.

    12. Missing avatar

      Micah Pavlidis on

      Everyone tell your friends! Let's get British and Soviets!!

    13. KingColton on

      Very late, but having Russian and British forces in game would be awesome

    14. Berten Bos on

      Seriously? I was pumped up when reading "new goals"... But then i saw the amount you guys are after... Thats just crazy... The cost of the "extra's" is nowhere NEAR the money you are after...
      And a full time community manager?? That should have been the case on day one if you really want to make the game users want... But it IS a great move..

    15. Missing avatar

      Keegan Decker on

      Extremely excited for this - already pledged as much as my budget will allow, but I would love to see a campaign, especially one in the thread of like a world war two bad company. One that doesn't try to take itself as serious as what happens around them? I would love that so much.

      Anyway, super excited. Keep up the work!

    16. Dohregard on

      You guys realize that all of the bottom stretch goals have been met, right?
      I really REALLY hope we can get to 400k, because a WWII game without Britain and Russian soldiers would feel really one dimensional :(

    17. Missing avatar

      ralf wagenleitner on

      A boot camp .. really?

      I mean, if this game is fun, why spending your time in a boot camp instead of popping your friends heads right off?

      I would put the D-Day map before a bootcamp.
      As a sherman I can tell you this: Reaching the trenches far above the shores of Omaha beach will be enough boot camp for all of you .. Soldiers!

    18. Missing avatar

      Matthew on

      Trash stretch goals

    19. Missing avatar

      Row on

      I've gone from 15 to 50 as well. Hoping to get the d-day landing map!

    20. Missing avatar

      Rikhard on

      good but very late, instead hire a community manager, you should hire a marketing manager...
      this insane stretch goals and only 6 days to finish GG
      very bad move imo

    21. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Zimmerman on

      Kind of interesting that you guys didn't go for Xbox early access or having a beta program on any consoles still. Those would have gotten me to increase my put in here but none of the rest of this will.

    22. @BSanbizzle on

      Wow, would love to see Brits and the other 2 campaigns added.

    23. Jan-Willem on

      Quite an expensive community manager for £ 125/k, right? Not a reason for me to increase my pledge though...

    24. Missing avatar

      Matthias on

      omg! cant wait for the singleplayer campain :D pleeeeease....

    25. Alex Seccombe on

      These stretch goals look amazing, and while I'm not paying attention to anything in the community, I'm beginning to feel like you guys actually want to play a game like this, let alone build it! Upping my pledge from £15 to £52. Here's hoping everyone else puts in a little more cash to help get those British forces!! :D