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Battalion 1944 recaptures the core of classic multiplayer shooters and revives ‘old school’ FPS for the next generation.
Battalion 1944 recaptures the core of classic multiplayer shooters and revives ‘old school’ FPS for the next generation.
10,096 backers pledged £317,281 to help bring this project to life.

Day 2/3 Update – Over 80% funded in under 48hrs!

Posted by Bulkhead Interactive (Creator)

Morning Soldiers!

We’ve been totally overwhelmed by your response to the Kickstarter campaign. We knew this is something we wanted to make but to have the love for the WW2 shooter genre validated by so many people in such a short amount of time is incredible. At the time of writing we’ve gained £81,442 of our £100,000 goal in under 48hrs with 2,806 backers. This is insane. Whilst large AAA developers are so focused on the monetization of extremely large scale shooters, it’s great to see that a tight, gritty and focused shooter like Battalion 1944 can still capture the hearts of gamers worldwide. We’re finally going to be able to reinstate the essence of what makes multiplayer shooters great; the core gameplay.

With this outpouring of support, we’ve been actively reading as many messages as we possibly can, so please do understand if we’re slow with direct responses to each of you individually or don’t get back to you directly. We’re reading as many of the comments and feedback that we possibly can whilst still working on development. Because of this, we’re currently building an FAQ that will help deal with the repeat questions we’re receiving. We’ll be posting this FAQ in our forums.

Next up I would like to talk about our Steam Greenlight campaign! 

Considering we haven’t even focused any marketing efforts towards the Steam Greenlight campaign (apart from a small link in our Day 1 update), we’re already the 20th most popular game currently on Steam Greenlight with 2,901 ‘Yes’ votes at the time of writing! We’re fully confident that we push Battalion 1944 through the Steam Greenlight system as we have before with our previous game, Pneuma: Breath of Life, under our previous company. We have had to go through the Greenlight process this time again due to the merger of our companies under Bulkhead Interactive, but we’re loving the opportunity to grow the passionate Battalion community and raise support for the development of Battalion 1944.

We’ve also been receiving lots of questions about stretch goals

We’re working on it. We’re waiting until we’ve surpassed our initial funding goal before announcing them, so we’re not saying anything just yet. We’ve been listening to your feedback, so when we do announce our stretch goals in the coming weeks, I can assure you they’ll be awesome.

To all of you who are supporting us every day in our campaign to develop the next WW2 shooter that actually takes skill, thank you. We can see the love being spread across social media and it truly is special. Please keep spreading the word about Battalion 1944 to your friends and family so we can develop the WW2 shooter that this generation of games so desperately needs. More updates coming soon...

- Bulkhead Interactive Team  

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    1. Missing avatar

      Craig & Amy hughes on

      Loving your work guys, so glad you are making a game where skill not perks will be the overriding factor, can't wait to play but as previous comment says don't rush it to meet deadlines that might compromise the game quality, don't think I'm wrong in saying all your backers are prepared to wait

    2. Missing avatar

      Sebastien banner on

      Great game to be doing. Will you be at egx in Birmingham this year??

    3. Missing avatar

      Gregg Wells on

      Looking forward to this "legacy" game. I haven't bought a COD game in a while because of the very reasons you stated. Getting back to the basics sounds like great fun.

    4. I BK I Koyba on

      First, Thank you very much.
      I talked with many of my friends and members from the last few days, weeks, months and years to come back at the source of the shooter game.The skills of the player.
      Honestly you make me dream about this game.
      I told my members and friends to stay optimist many times about a game like that. Well, there you are. I feel that you are extremely dedicated about BATTALION 1944. This is awesome.
      The stats are good after the game but we don't need the accumulative personal statistics who make some players very individualists.
      The most important, it's to play as a team and win the game. THE TEAM VICTORY.
      It is amazing to see developers think like my members and friends.

    5. Tom Redwood on

      Hi guys. I'm really loving the ideas and material for this game. As soon as I saw it I had no choice but to back this campaign. I've been waiting for a game like this for what seems ever. Some things I would like to say is Please please please don't rush this game to meet stupid deadlines, nothing worse than waiting for a game to then find its full of glitches and bugs and lots of 'could of been' gaps where developers have missed due to having to release the game due to a dealing just to meet the 'one game a year' demand that is too overwhelming now. Please don't make this a game to be forgotten in 1 or 2 years because of the next title being released. . A game like this should be able to thrive off of its one release with lots of enriched dlc/map packs and add-ons. Ww2 is such a historical past that has hundreds of different things happening,not just the one or two moments, so bring out more dlc such as maps/weapons/vehicles and game modes.
      I wanna see this thrive. And I'm really,REALLY looking forward to getting my hands on this game, just please don't rush it.

    6. Missing avatar

      John Maigret on

      Please support 21x9 and triple wide monitor setups.

    7. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Zimmerman on

      I hope you guys add in engineer capabilities like we had in enemy territory, land mines and rifle grenades need to make a comeback in this kind of game. Really looking forward to it, and hoping one of the stretch goals is that you guys get on one early access.

    8. Reggie Morgan on

      Hey guys, Seriously can't wait. I hope you guys can bring me back to my glorious early teens playing MOHAA & VCOD / COD2 all day and night.

      One question I have though, how open and flexible do you guys plan to be in regards to game mechanics / look and feel of the game? Most peoples initial reactions seem to highlight a certain "clunky-ness" of the models movement... Will you as developers be open to this kind of feedback, how willing would you be to try alternative animations etc?

      If you're feeling generous I'd like to ask an additional question again regarding movement: The original cod series were made with the quake engine. My question is there any limitation / difference when using UnrealEngine4 as opposed to the quake engine? Is it possible to make a UE4 game have the same "smooth & fluid" feel as an old school Quake game?

      Thanks & Best of luck guys!


    9. Missing avatar

      Hasinator on

      i played black ops 3 10 minutes ago, someone killed me in a range of 40 meters in the air 20 meters with an auto shotgun right after someone killed me with an auto sniper with thermal vision through the smoke, plz hurry up with this game!

    10. Missing avatar

      Dave Byrne on

      I'm glad this has received a lot of support.. New call of duty games don't do it for me so to have a new WW2 shooter coming out is great news. Can't wait for it

    11. Missing avatar

      Johnny on

      Campaign please. Some of the best days of my youth were spent on medal of honour - take me back!

    12. Sean Middleton on

      PC gamer here. Love what I see so far.
      Hosting our own servers and being able to change/mod rule sets is what ive been waiting for in a new FPS. Keep up the hard work!

    13. Missing avatar

      Rohan on

      Please don't forget to include support for the "legacy" control scheme on console. Can't wait to play!!!