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The bublcam is a 360º camera and software technology that shares everything around you through spherical photos and videos.
808 backers pledged CA$ 346,122 to help bring this project to life.

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Bubl News

Posted by Bubl Technology Inc. (Creator)

Hi everyone, 

Welcome to the 50th update to our Kickstarter community. Here is the most recent news from our Bubl. 

Shipping Complete! 

This has been a very special week for us here at Bubl as you may have seen the press release regarding shipments. While we are still working out final logistics with a few backers and pre-order customers we are happy to communicate that we have officially shipped all Bublcams from this manufacturing round. 

Bubl Product Prototyping… Underwater 

One topic that has already been posted in the Community section of our Support Centre that we are taking action on, are waterproof housings for the Bublcam. Our firmware engineer, Ed Shen tested out a prototype while on his travels to Hawaii. We’re still early in prototyping possible housings, but the Bublcam performed really well on this journey! 

Head over to our Xplor app to experience the full bubl. 

The Community section of our Support Centre is a place we encourage you to post feedback and product suggestions to help us build our roadmap. We will continue to use this Community topic thread to update you on progress with our prototyping efforts so follow the topic if you’d like to stay in the loop. 

Android Update

This week a new update to our Android app was released. We hope that you will test it and let us know if you see improvements, particularly concerning the advancements made to wifi connectivity to improve stability between device and the Bublcam. Your feedback is important to us so get in touch with your Bublcam Assistant, let us know in Slack or in the Community

VRLA Summer Expo 

Sean will be speaking on a panel alongside Jaunt VR, Google and GoPro at the upcoming VRLA Summer Expo. We’re excited to contribute our views on VR and particularly on making this technology available at the consumer level on this panel. We hope you’ll be there and if you are be sure to say what’s up to Sean and let him know your thoughts on the rapid growth of VR!

Thanks everyone, as always don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or concerns regarding your Bublcam.

Bubl Community Forums, Shipping & Mobile App Updates

Posted by Bubl Technology Inc. (Creator)

Hey backers!

Thank you for participating so actively across our communities to share information, questions and concerns regarding your Bublcams. Our team is working tirelessly to provide you with support and collect all of your feedback so that we can continue to improve our ecosystem for you.

As of today we’ve shipped approximately 80% of all Kickstarter and pre-order customer Bublcams!

We’d like to point out two methods of feedback / communication that are available to you and that we encourage you to use.

1. Slack

Everyone who receives a Bublcam in this first round of shipments receives an exclusive invitation to our closed community forum: We encourage you to join this community as you will definitely benefit from the discussion and will likely have the same questions as other users. If you have received your Bublcam, but have not received an invitation to the community please contact us at

Within this forum there are two rooms in particular we’d like to bring to your attention.

#Shared-Photos - Please post any of your bubl URLs that you are willing to share with the community. We will soon commence our bubl of the week posts in the Xplor feed and this is where we will pull new bubls from. 

#Shared-Videos - This is the same as the #Shared-Photos room except that this is for your videos.

2. Community in Bubl Support Centre

Many of you have brought ideas and suggestions to us regarding the Bublcam and its ecosystem. In order for us to consolidate this feedback and prioritize our roadmap please contribute to this centre so that you can vote on topics posted by users and your posts can be voted on by others.

Mobile Update

This week we released an update to the iOS Bubl Xplor App. This newest version features synchronization of media between the app and your Bubl Cloud account, crash fixes and stabilization of the app as well as some improvements to the “upload to Bubl Cloud” process. If you haven’t updated yet, please do and let us know what you think.

We know that many of you are awaiting the update to the Android version of Bubl Xplor App. We’ve been testing this latest release for a few days and it will have a number of significant improvements. We thank you for your patience and hope to have this release out by early next week.

Thanks everyone!

Introduction to the Bubl Support Centre

Posted by Bubl Technology Inc. (Creator)

As we are in the process of shipping out your Bublcams we thought we’d take this opportunity to walk you through the Bubl Support Centre. The Support Centre was recently launched and will be an invaluable resource to help you get to know your Bublcam and the Bubl ecosystem.

The Support Centre is where you’ll find the Getting Started guide, which takes you step by step through the process of unboxing and highlights important things to know.

We’ve also done our best to fill this centre with useful articles in the following categories: 

Another important aspect of the Support Centre is the Community section. At the moment this section is relatively bare however we hope that this will be filled with your ideas and suggestions for the future of the Bubl ecosystem. As topics are posted, visitors have the ability to vote up or down based on interest in the proposed item. Anyone can post a topic, question or idea to this page and we hope you will take advantage! All of your feedback will be combined in this community section to help guide our roadmap here at Bubl Technology Inc. and help us gain an understanding of what is most important to you.

Should you have any questions about the Support Centre or if you can think of anything we’re missing please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

All Kickstarter backers will have received a notification regarding shipping by the end of next week. Have a great weekend!

The Bubl Team

Captured Drone Footage from Bubl

Posted by Bubl Technology Inc. (Creator)

Happy Friday backers! Today we posted to our blog about some drone footage we captured recently in Toronto. Here is the post for your convenience. Don't hesitate to reach out to us about using the Bublcam with your drone or to understand how we mounted the Bublcam to the DJI Phantom II. Once again your Bublcams are on their way so thanks again for your continued patience and if you've already started capturing bubls please share them with us at 

We recently had the opportunity to work with Ryan J. Rizzo, CEO of Poesis Media who took our DJI Phantom II drone out for a flight. We launched from the 11th floor of the Tiff building to take a look at downtown Toronto. We were forced to improvise a gimbal for the Bublcam’s ¼”20 tripod mount, but we succeeded.

Here's the video in our spherical player online or we've uploaded it to YouTube.

The idea of capturing 360º or spherical drone content isn’t new, but it is still somewhat absent. With the introduction of technologies like the Bublcam, we hope to see an increase in spherical and VR based media captured from above.

By partnering with drone manufacturers like DreamQii for their Plexidrone Indiegogo campaign, we also got to learn a lot about the opportunities this type of content could create. We also spoke recently with Neil Mathew from Perceptiv Labs on how the Bublcam may provide new outlets for VR content captured from drones. He says,

“I think VR and drones are like two pieces of a beautiful jigsaw puzzle. The ability to transport yourself to an entirely different location with a drone is incredibly exciting to me. For example, I can wear my VR glasses and fly over the grand canyon anytime I want. I'm not just talking about passively consuming content. I'm talking about the ability to have a sort of “out-of-body” experience moving through the world around us in a way we've never been able to before.”

What the Bublcam provides is one of the fastest drone based media capture workflows out there. It allows people to create content and share it with ease without the need to find the most compelling content over and over as is needed with single view cameras. While you need to get the right gimbal for your drone first, we’ll take care of the rest.

the Bubl team.

Production and App Updates

Posted by Bubl Technology Inc. (Creator)

Hi everyone,

In this quick update we’d like to give some details around our production schedule and an update to the Bubl Xplor app.

Production has continued to be smooth and on schedule. Some of you have been notified by our team that product is on the way. Those of you who have not heard from us yet should within the next 3 weeks. We will have a number of Bublcam Innovation Kits shipped directly to our offices in order to manage the custom orders created in our Kickstarter campaigns.

In anticipation of our camera releases you may or may not have noticed the major update to our Xplor mobile app (for Android or iOS). It now allows you to quickly browse our curated feed of featured photos and videos, get access to your Bublcam quicker and easier and for the moment you can save your media from the camera directly to your device for access without having to stream. There are a number of additional features that will be added in the coming weeks to ensure you can create, consume and share content with ease.

Once again, we truly appreciate your patience in this process and hope you love your Bubl Technology products. If not, let us know what we can do to improve the experiences we create. We cannot anticipate every possible desire so work with us as we deliver technology for you.

The Bubl Team.