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A documentary about Pastor Lee Jong-rak; a man who saves children that have been abandoned because of their disabilities. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on October 30, 2011.

A documentary about Pastor Lee Jong-rak; a man who saves children that have been abandoned because of their disabilities.

About this project

We are not pioneers in the world of child abandonment.

We are simply carriers of a cause championed by many others. 


In countries AROUND THE WORLD, babies are abandoned due to poverty and domestic violence, among other reasons. Children with disabilities, however, are the most vulnerable and even the most "DISPOSABLE."

Our belief is that every child deserves to LIVE and be LOVED.

Since 1998, Pastor Lee Jong-rak of South Korea has saved nearly three dozen infants, all of whom were abandoned BECAUSE OF THEIR DISABILITIES.

Recently, Pastor Lee asked a group of filmmakers to document his story, and the story of abandonment worldwide, so that this issue would not be forgotten. Please visit our Support Page and help us carry out Pastor Lee's wish...

*In the same way that "The Cove" encourages support for the Oceanic Preservation Society, we will be offering ways to "TAKE ACTION," by partnering with various non-profit organizations around the world. At the same time, we hope to build a "barrier-free home" for Lee's children, which will be a beacon of hope for all victims. 

Protect life. Be a part of the movement against abandonment. Please support us today...


"The Drop Box" is a Documentary Film about a courageous man named Pastor Lee Jong-rak, leader of Jusarang Community Church in Seoul, South Korea. He and his small staff have taken in nearly three dozen children over the past decade, all of whom were abandoned because of their disabilities. 

In 2009, Pastor Lee installed the "drop box" on the side of his home where parents can leave their unwanted babies. 

The following words can be read on the drop box: "This is a facility for the protection of life. If you can't take care of your disabled babies, don't throw them away or leave them on the street. Bring them here."

Currently, his flock numbers 21. 

Yes, of course, there are facilities in place throughout Korea that also care for the abandoned and the homeless. However, Pastor Lee's 24-hour "drop box" protects those, who would otherwise fall through the cracks. Through his story, we hope to make the issue at large more accessible to people...

Want to know more? Follow the links below:


1.) Equipment: In order to shoot a documentary film of the highest caliber, a great deal of equipment must be rented and purchased. Your generous pledges will be used to rent cameras (5D + Lenses, Sony NXCAM, etc), Lavalier Mics, simple lighting kits (Kino Flo), Hard Drives, and many other essential pieces. 

2.) Travel: Since we live in the states, a portion of the budget must be dedicated to travel (i.e. Airfare, lodging, food, etc). I will be taking a small team of operators, photographers, and other documentarians in order to best capture the climate of Korea and the emotions surrounding Jusarang. Furthermore, after returning from Korea, I will be traveling to various locations across the country in order to interview authors, religious figures, and other relevant individuals. 

1 Plane Ticket to Seoul is over $1,600...

3.) Website: We will be creating a website that will allow people to "Take Action," and show the film at their local theaters, churches, homes, etc...It will also ultimately link them to a foundation. 

4.) Film Festivals: We will be submitting the film to many international film festivals, in the hope that wide audiences will get an opportunity to hear Pastor Lee's message of hope, love, and belief in Jesus Christ.


I contacted Pastor Lee right after I read about him in the Los Angeles Times ( Since then, I have been in talks with his entire staff, and my Korean Liaison-Jin Doo-has already traveled to South Korea to pass on my message personally. Jin is both my co-producer and my translator.

Pastor Lee and his family are opening up their home to me and my crew for 6 days in December, 2011. 

Video cut by Brian Ivie / Music by Eric Andrade, "The Back Door" / Photos by Matt Douma of The LA Times


  • All donations go directly to Brian Ivie, for the sole purpose of shooting this particular documentary film. Yes, Flashbulb Entertainment is the production company behind the project, but none of your pledges will be used to finance other Flashbulb productions. We promise :-)

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  • Email Brian Ivie directly via for a list of references.

    Also, please refer to the following LA Times article for more information on Pastor Lee:

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  • No, in fact, 20K is a humble sum relative to other professional productions, especially when one considers that our team must fly 6,000 miles to reach the shooting location.

    1 ticket to South Korea costs north of $1,500!

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    There have been efforts in countries around the world to create facilities for disabled children (i.e. Butterfly Children's Hospices in China and Mustard Seed Babies Home in Uganda).

    We are just taking the torch somewhere else!

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  • NO, your credit card will NOT be charged until Sunday, October 30th.

    But, if we do not hit our goal (20K) by the designated date, you will not be charged at all.

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  • YES! Go to our page, click on "Manage Your Donation," and enter a new amount!

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  • Absolutely not! Every dollar will go directly into the production budget and every Team Member will be donating their time to this project. No salaries are included.

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  • This is Pastor Lee's dream. A barrier-free home is a facility that meets the special needs of his children.

    It would not have stairs; it would have a working ventilation system; it would be close to hospitals and special education schools; and it would be safe...

    Currently, Pastor Lee and his staff must carry certain children up the stairs because they cannot use their legs.

    No one can match Pastor Lee's compassion, but a larger, more appropriate home would result in a better quality of life for these children. They deserve it.

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