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"Murder At The Porcelain Ballet." A New Murder Mystery's video poster

"Murder At The Porcelain Ballet" is a NEW Murder-Mystery-Comedy in the spirit of "Arsenic and Old Lace," "Abbott & Costello" & "Clue." Read more

San Clemente, CA Theater
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This project was successfully funded on July 10, 2011.

"Murder At The Porcelain Ballet" is a NEW Murder-Mystery-Comedy in the spirit of "Arsenic and Old Lace," "Abbott & Costello" & "Clue."

San Clemente, CA Theater
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"Murder At The Porcelain Ballet" is an Original Stage Play written by USC Student Brian Ivie.

The show is a throwback to Comedy-Chillers such as "Arsenic and Old Lace," "Rumors," "Abbott and Costello Meet The Killer," and "Clue."

M@TPB features an ensemble cast of characters, including Miranda Moonlight (the elegant ballerina), Charlotte (the house maid), Templeton (the British snob), Bert (the bumbling best friend), and many more!

Synopsis - It is All Hallow's Eve At Moonlight Manor. The annual holiday gathering is inching closer and closer to the witching hour, but the honorable hosts-Mr. and Mrs. Moonlight-are nowhere to be found. Now, with a murderer on the loose, the guests decide to lock themselves inside for the remainder of fright night!

San Clemente High School Drama and Flashbulb Entertainment, LLC will be staging this show, for the first time ever, in The SCHS Theatre this July! 

SHOW DATES: July 21st, 22nd, and 23rd at 7:30PM in The SCHS Triton Center. 

The show has been cast from a pool of High School and College actors from all over Southern California. 

It is an entirely student-produced show

Participating Schools include: 

USC, UCLA, Chapman University, UCSB, Point Loma Nazerene University, Cal State Long Beach, Cal Poly SLO, California Baptist University, Saddleback College, San Clemente High School, and Laguna Hills High School. 


1.)   Construction: The set for this show includes 4 separate interior rooms, a fireplace, a secret passage, swinging doors, elevated platforms, bookshelves, and many other additions to the current stage.

2.)   Artistic Design: The house will be completely painted and meticulously detailed according to the vision of the director. This mandates purchasing wallpaper, wood panels, frames, gilding, and buckets upon buckets of paint.

3.)   Lighting Design: Flashbulb Entertainment’s Colby Nordberg will be designing the lighting displays for M@TPB. This includes purchasing LEDs, fiber optics, gels, and various other lighting gadgets. Candlelight, Lightning, and Noir Backlighting are all essential to the success of the story, which requires a substantial lighting budget.

4.)   Sound Design: Many audio accoutrements are needed to achieve certain special effects such as gunshots and radio broadcasts within scenes. 

5.)   Property: Period radios, revolvers, briefcases, knives, and nightcaps are just some of the necessary props that will be used to embolden the enigmatic aura of the show.

6.)   Costumes: The show is set in the 1940s. Therefore, period-appropriate costumes must be rented. Moreover, the show takes place during Halloween, which requires certain unique items that only money can buy.

7.)   Makeup/Hair: Given the size of the cast and the general range of ages, many of the lead characters will have to be aged, as in many previous SCHS Productions (i.e. “Fiddler On The Roof.”) This process is laborious and expensive.

8.)   Advertising: As much as we love the process, we need an audience come showtime. Money allocated to our advertising team will be used to purchase posters and programs, and will help subsidize viral video costs.


Our ultimate goal is to stage "Murder At The Porcelain Ballet" at a professional theatre such as Laguna Beach Playhouse or even The Geffen next year! 

This summer's SCHS production is incredibly important to us, but we hope to bring this show and its message to larger audiences in the future! 

Please donate today and help us achieve those dreams! 



  • Flashbulb Entertainment is a Southern California Based Film and Stage Production Company, founded by USC Student Brian Ivie in March of 2010.

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  • Yes!

    There are some heavy themes and dramatic moments, but there is nothing crude, violent, or obscene about it!

    The script contains NO expletives whatsoever :-) It is a nostalgic journey.

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  • Yes! If this show is successful, it will only increase our chances of future stagings at bigger and better theatres!

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    Everything Above, an Executive Producer's Credit, An Invitation to The Cast Party, and (2) Front Row Seats at any future stagings of M@TPB!

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