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Five Times August needs your support releasing the next album! Pre-Order your copy and get cool prizes, the more you give the more you get!
Five Times August needs your support releasing the next album! Pre-Order your copy and get cool prizes, the more you give the more you get!
398 backers pledged $20,546 to help bring this project to life.

The Final 48 Hours! Let's Make it Happen...

Posted by Brad Skistimas (Creator)

As we enter the final 48 hours of our campaign I'd like to first say thank you to every single person who has pre-ordered the album with a pledge. Thank you for contributing, reposting the link to your friends and family, upping your pledges throughout the project, and for simply believing in Five Times August. It is because of you we are so close to reaching our goal of $20,000, so THANK YOU (again and again and again!).

It is now time to kick it into overdrive and hopefully finish this thing right. Please make an extra effort over the final two days to continuously repost the KickStarter project link, up your pledges if you can, and spread the word to anyone and everyone. Make it your away message on twitter, facebook, myspace, etc... tell people more about it. Blog about it. Let them know they aren't just contributing to the album, but they are actually getting the album in exchange for their contribution. Repetition is the key!

Also, don't forget there is a special paypal page set up for those that live outside the U.S., or for those that only want to use Paypal. That link is:
I also wanted to address two frequent questions I've been asked over the last month, so here they are...

"What happens if we DON'T reach the $20,000 goal?"
Nothing happens. I do not get ANY of the money, you will not be charged and will not pay anything, and you will not get your pre-order items. It will almost be like it never happened. It'd be a real shame for all of us to walk away with nothing after all of this, that's for sure.

"What happens if we DO reach the $20,000 goal?"
What happens is a chance to really change the music industry. The whole point of this project is to help an artist who is completely without a record label release an album that has major potential to be a mainstream success. I've made a choice to not sign with a record label because I believe we are at a point where the fans are the record label. Thanks to the internet and viral marketing, artists now have the means to really become successful national acts without the financial backing of a big time record label, BUT it all depends on fan support. I believe it's time for fans to get behind their favorite music again. Two things have happened over the last ten years, a lot more music has been released, and a lot less people are buying it. This is an opportunity to start a new music community that truly stands behind the music they hold dear to their heart by backing the artist who makes it.

So, for the next 2 days please put the link everywhere you can! We can do this : )

Thank you so much,
Brad w/ Five Times August


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