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Five Times August needs your support releasing the next album! Pre-Order your copy and get cool prizes, the more you give the more you get!
Five Times August needs your support releasing the next album! Pre-Order your copy and get cool prizes, the more you give the more you get!
398 backers pledged $20,546 to help bring this project to life.

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Posted by Brad Skistimas (Creator)

Hey guys - I just wanted to update this page to let you know there is a new Five Times August Kickstarter project to help fund the release of the next album.

For all the info visit

I hope you take part in helping fund a new album with all new material! We're shooting for $20,000 in 40 days this time! With your support I'm positive we can do it again!

Thanks everyone,

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Your Packages, iTunes, and AOL!

Posted by Brad Skistimas (Creator)

Hello again to all!

By now I trust that many of you have got your copy of "Life As A Song" in the mail. For those of you who pre-ordered the $100 tier or above, you should be getting the rest of your stuff very soon, most likely next week! In the meantime, I hope you are enjoying the CD!

"Life As A Song" was released on iTunes this week. Now that it's available to the public in digital format we need those looking to buy it know how great it is! Since you've had some time to get familiar with the album I would love for you to leave your own review of the album in the iTunes store! These reviews and ratings encourage others to buy it, so please take a few minutes out of your day to write a few kind words about the album. You can also rate it up to 5 stars!

Here is the link to the iTunes store "Life As A Song" page:

Also, check out this great feature & interview on AOL's PopEater site:

At the bottom of the page you can vote on how much you like FTA, please vote that you "love it!"

Thank you once again for your support!
- Brad

We are shipping!

Posted by Brad Skistimas (Creator)

Greetings all,

Earlier last week we picked up the CD's and began shipping them out. Most of you who pledged $15 and $25 should be receiving your packages soon (if you haven't already). Next we will be working on $50 pledges and above. Unfortunately most of you who get a shirt with your pledge did not specify which shirt you wanted, so we are currently sorting out those details. For those of you who requested the white "Love The Way" we are waiting on a restock of them as we've already ran out!!

We'll be doing our best to make sure you all get your packages and items as soon as we possibly can, please stand by!! ALSO: Please note that those of you who donated in the larger tiers will be getting several different packages over the next month. Your items will not be shipped all at once, so don't worry if you just get the CD at first, the rest is on it's way soon!

Thank you all again for your support! YAY!
- Brad

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It's getting CLOSE!!

Posted by Brad Skistimas (Creator)

"Life As A Song" will be released on iTunes October 13th. You will also be able to find the CD in select Best Buy stores across the country beginning October 20th! Yay!

We are picking up the CD's early next week and will begin mailing out and fulfilling your Kickstarter pledges. Thank you for your patience over the last month and over the NEXT month, it will be a lot of work making sure everyone gets their packages, especially while finishing up our fall tour! Earlier this month I e-mailed everyone requesting information (i.e. mailing address, shirt size and style, etc...) I ABSOLUTELY NEED that info if you have not yet submitted it! This is how you will get your package so please make sure you have responded!

That's all for now! Talk to you soon,
Brad w/ Five Times August

Album Download Problems! I know...

Posted by Brad Skistimas (Creator)

Hey Everyone,

I know a lot of you have been having problems with downloading the album. I am working on fixing the problem as quickly as possible, no worries! Before the end of the day you should all be receiving new codes that will work better for you. Sorry for the problems, I am getting LOADS of e-mails about this, haha!

Thanks for your patience!
- Brad

** UPDATE: New codes were sent out to everyone, so you should be able to download the album without a problem now. Enjoy everyone!