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Carry the things you need & access them easily with our patent pending "Quick Draw" Wallet. Easily remove any card with a single touch.
Carry the things you need & access them easily with our patent pending "Quick Draw" Wallet. Easily remove any card with a single touch.
Carry the things you need & access them easily with our patent pending "Quick Draw" Wallet. Easily remove any card with a single touch.
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    1. Bryker Hyde 2-time creator on

      @Captain Kirk,
      Great to hear how much you are loving the Bryker Hyde experience and that you appreciate the quality and craftsmanship of your exquisite leather wallet. Thank you for your feedback and we can assure you that Kickstarter backers received the lowest price these wallets have been offered for and have gotten the best pricing. As with any retail store, pricing strategies change throughout the year as inventory dictates and different sale opportunities are run. Up until a few weeks ago the price was higher but we are currently offering these wallets at a sale price which explains why the price on Amazon is the same. We had added extra inventory to accommodate demand for Amazon Prime Day but Amazon's website experienced glitches beyond our control and our promotions did not run as expected. As a result we have extra inventory.

      As always we appreciate your support and helping us make this project a reality. Please feel free to private message us anytime if you have any other questions or concerns. Thanks!

    2. Captain Kirk on

      Love the product, although a little sad to see that the KS discount wasn't real with the wallets being available at Amazon for the same price.…

      This doesn't affect me personally but thought it was worth mentioning since the wallet is advertised to cost $50 retail.

    3. Bryker Hyde 2-time creator on

      Sorry to hear your money clip has come loose. Our money clips are specifically designed to be durable yet flexible so as to not cause any inconvenience when wearing it in a pocket. The money clip is regulated by a spring that is under tension. On rare occasion the spring's tension can become unregulated under normal wear and tear. To regulate the tension in the spring, please remove the money clip out of the wallet. Hold the bottom of the clip with one hand, and use the other hand to turn the top end of the clip in a clockwise and counter clockwise motion. This will regulate the tension of the spring rendering the money clip useful again. If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to contact us directly at

    4. Mark Needleman on

      I have a small problem with my wallet

      The metal part that holds the paper money in (I guess you call it the clip) has come loose and will no longer stay down and hold the money in

      Can this be fixed?

    5. John B Collaborator on

      @Phileppe, @Robert, @Mark, @Alex, @Daniel, @Luke, @Law, @Aaron,

      Very glad to hear you love your wallets! Feedback like this brightens our day and keeps us designing new products. Thank you for taking the time to let us know.

      @Law, @Aaron,

      Thank you for this feedback. The more we know this is important to our customers the higher a priority it becomes. This is something we're working on in future products and for our current ones. Probably coming out some time next year.

    6. John B Collaborator on

      @Joseph, I understand your concern but I will need to point out some factual errors. RF is a wide spectrum and not every contactless card is on the same band. Our RFID blocking is designed specifically for financial (credit card, debit card, etc...) and government issued cards since these are regulated. Work cards, hotel cards and any other card that's RF when manufactured is not regulated can potentially fall outside of the RF spectrum we block.

      Our wallets block both low and high frequencies at 125KHz, 10MHz to 3000 MHz signals. This includes 13.56 MHz which is what credit cards use. The majority of other brands only block 10MHz to 3000 MHz. You can rest assured that your credit cards are safe. If you'd like to see the test certificate we can provide it over email. You won't find another RFID blocking wallet that works with your work card though. With that said, if you'd still like to return it just let us know. Your happines and not feeling like you wasted money is very important to us. We want all our customers to brag about their Bryker Hyde wallet.

    7. Joseph Marbella on

      I'm testing my wallet both front and back sleeves and it's not blocking RFID and NFC. I placed my work keycard on both sides, each side allows me to use my badge. Only when I placed my badge within my ID sleeve did it block. I'm not going to place all my credit cards in that part of the wallet. Totally bogus. Waste of my money!

    8. Aaron Steinberg on

      I've been using this for a week. I love it.

      I agree with others about having a non-RFID blocking sleeve. It took me a few minutes at the office door to realize why my keycard wasn't working anymore. Now I just slip it out. Not ideal, but I still love the wallet.

    9. Missing avatar

      Law Zhi Wei on

      Very slim and awesome.
      Agree with jdskeilson that it’d be great to have at least one outmost quickdraw slot to be non RFID blocking for contactless cards that we use very frequently and don’t really need RFID protection, because the need to do quick draws very frequently for those cards can become a hassle instead of convenience.
      Aside from that, great job on the wallet. Looking forward to more of your projects!

    10. Missing avatar

      Luke on

      Got mine over the weekend, looks fantastic and I am keen to transfer over to it. I got two money clips, I assume that is a mistake? Maybe I got Aarons as well as mine :P

    11. Daniel Martinez on

      Got mine at the end of last week. Great packaging and craftsmanship. Still "learning" how to use this one, but will be my EDC for a few weeks (I interchange wallets a lot.) Great job guys!

    12. Missing avatar

      Alex Gulya on

      Got my 2 wallets for me and my son last Thursday. We both really happy with it - cool packaging, great quality. Amazing looking and very convenient. One of the best project I backed.

    13. Mark Needleman on

      Got my wallet yesterday. Looks really nice and well made

    14. Missing avatar

      Robert Graber on

      Wow, this is an amazing wallet, my only regret is only getting one. Awesome job guys!

      Let me know where I can purchase another, thank you!

    15. Missing avatar


      Sure! Will do that right away! Did you need anything in particular to be included in the picture? thanks again.

    16. Missing avatar

      Philippe Ryaux on

      I’ve got my wallet today ! It’s wonderful !! Thank guys !!!!
      🇫🇷 !!!!

    17. Bryker Hyde 2-time creator on

      @Aaron, oh no! We apologize your wallet arrived without the money clip and we'll send you the missing money clip right away. Could you please email us a picture of your wallet for our QC?

      Thank you sir!

    18. Missing avatar


      I received my wallet. Thank you so much. The craftsmanship is amazing. Im just missing the money clip on mine :(

    19. Bryker Hyde 2-time creator on

      So glad you're enjoying the craftsmanship and quality of your wallet! At Bryker Hyde we take quality very seriously and work with different leather factories and artisans around the world; well known for their exquisite craftsmanship, professionalism, and ethically responsible business practices.

      Our USA based team designs every product and works step by step with our supplier along the entire production process from leather selection to final product to ensure every wallet meets our strict quality standards. US leather and handcrafted here would cost at least 3x this and we wouldn't be able to offer an affordable price. We use only the highest grade materials on the market and our goal is to provide top quality products, at an affordable price, and pass those savings on to our valuable customers.

    20. Bryker Hyde 2-time creator on

      @Rob & @Captain Kirk, thanks for the great feedback! None of these would have been possible without all your support so THANK YOU for helping bring this wallet to life right here on Kickstarter.

    21. Anthony Turgman

      Just got mine today via FBA. Love the wallets. One thing that took me for a loop was the fact that they were Made in China. Not offended by that at all - in fact the quality is amazing. I am not sure why I thought this whole time it was USA made by hand. Either way, nice wallet. Can't wait to put it through the wringer.

    22. Captain Kirk on

      Received my wallet yesterday. Thanks for the great product.

    23. Rob Palkowski on

      Just got mine. Very nice! I was a little nonplussed by the wallet-in-a-tissue-in-a-bag-in-a-bag-in-a-box-in-a-bag packaging, but this is a little less than half the girth of my previous wallet. Would recommend.

    24. Bryker Hyde 2-time creator on

      @Caleb, great to hear! We look forward to hearing all about your experience in the weeks to come.

      @jdskeilson, thank you for your comment and feedback. We're glad to hear you're enjoying your new wallet and understand your comment regarding the packaging. We simply wanted to ensure every wallet was delivered in pristine condition and not damaged during the shipping process.
      Regarding your question, the ID window pocket is not RFID Blocking and the perfect place for contactless (RFID) cards. In addition to this, you can always use the outermost Quick Draw pocket for contactless cards by leaving the chip exposed. For example, we keep our parking card there and are able to scan it by using our thumb to extract it a bit and expose the chip. If you have any other questions please feel free to email us anytime at

    25. Missing avatar

      jdskeilson on

      Wallet arrived today. Looks great, feels great, but a question and a comment:
      Are the RFID materials on both sides, or just one? Is there a pocket I can purposely expose an RFID card in?
      Comment: The packaging is a bit excessive. The wallet is in a paper wrapper, inside a plastic wrapper, inside a cloth bag, inside a box, inside a plastic wrapper, inside a padded envelope. If nothing else, it makes the unboxing a bit tedious.

    26. Caleb McCary on

      Wallet came in the mail today. I was able to get everything I need into it. Looking forward to putting it through its paces in the coming weeks.

    27. Bryker Hyde 2-time creator on

      @Matt, thanks for the feedback. That is very rare indeed and we would be more than happy to address this for you right away! We'll proceed to communicate via email so as not to overwhelm the comment board. Thank you!

    28. Missing avatar

      Matt Ngo on

      Just opened my package and my wallet has a nick/crack in id plastic window. Emailed the picture.. I hope I don’t have to wait months again for this. :-/

    29. John B Collaborator on

      @Bryan, very sorry to hear that and apologize for the inconvenience. We'll send you a replacement asap. Could you email us a picture of it for our QC?

    30. Missing avatar

      Bryan Quinto on

      I've received the wallet, but for some reason it's missing the thumbhole slot for the ID. Outside of that it's everything that I wanted, but that's kind of a major dealbreaker for me. I looked at the campaign page and that's one of the things that was promised on the 2.0 revision. Can I please have some assistance on why my wallet is missing this?

    31. John B Collaborator on

      @Sue Very glad to hear you like your new wallet! Positive feedback fuels our days and helps me kick my caffeine addiction. I'd like to address your 2 concerns. For the first one, this isn't something we've heard before so if it does become an issue please let us know. We are curious. For the second, the ID window pocket is not RFID Blocking and the perfect place for contactless cards. In addition to this, you can always use the outermost Quick Draw pocket by leaving the chip exposed. I keep my parking card there and am able to scan by using my thumb to extract it a bit. I hope this helps.

      Please leave your review at the following 2 places:

      Social media is also another huge way you can help us with #brykerhyde or @brykerhyde

      Thank you so much for your support!

    32. Sue Loh on

      Is there somewhere you want us to leave feedback / ratings?

      I've had my wallet for about 2 weeks now. It is great; it is the thinnest wallet I've ever had, yet it carries everything I want to carry and STILL has a few empty slots I could use. It is durable and looks good. The only down-sides to it: (1) the corners are sharper than I wish; they may cause wear in my pants pockets over time. (2) I have a prox-card for work; I used to be able to keep it in my wallet and just swipe my wallet at doors, but now I have to pull it out. The security features of the wallet keep it from working, which says good things for my security. But I wish I had 1 *unsecure* slot to put my prox-card into.

    33. Bryker Hyde 2-time creator on

      @Joseph, as detailed in the campaign section, the Kickstarter Special Reward tier (which is the reward tier your order is under) has an estimated delivery date of the middle of May. So we are right on track with our estimated delivery schedule and are preparing to start fulfilling the Kickstarter Special rewards. See our latest update for more info. Thanks!

    34. Joseph Marbella on

      I've yet to receive mine. Any way I can find status of my order?

    35. Bryker Hyde 2-time creator on

      @VerGer, great to hear! We love the Tan color as well and we're happy to hear all arrived safe and sound. Enjoy your exquisite wallet!

    36. VerGer on

      received it yesterday, looks great & love the tan color :) thumbs up

    37. Bryker Hyde 2-time creator on

      @Mark and Филип, love the enthusiasm and can't wait to get your reward to you! We are currently fulfilling the last of the Early Bird Rewards before moving on to the Kickstarter Special Rewards. As detailed in the campaign section, the Kickstarter Special Reward tier (which is the reward tier your order is under) has an estimated delivery date of the middle of May. So we are right on track with our estimated delivery schedule and will be locking your survey responses very soon. We'll also let you know when we start fulfilling the Kickstarter Specials and you'll receive a shipping notification email from us as well. In the meantime, if you have any other questions please feel free to private message us. Thanks guys!

    38. Missing avatar

      Филип Наумоски on

      Can you please tell me the status of my order? Thank you! :)

    39. Mark Needleman on

      Sorry to bug you but any updates on shipping. I guess I’m really excited to get my hands on this wallet


    40. Bryker Hyde 2-time creator on

      @Jordan, your reward was shipped out on April 18th and you should have received a shipping notification email to the email address you provided. We would be more than happy to resend the shipping notification email if you would like. Please feel free to private message if that is the case. Thank you!

    41. Missing avatar

      Jordan on

      I was just wondering when we should be receiving our shipping confirmation? Thanks

    42. Bryker Hyde 2-time creator on

      @Chris and Julian, you are very welcome and thank you for the feedback! We've been working very hard to fulfill your rewards and it's always great to hear back from our awesome supporters. Thanks again!

    43. Bryker Hyde 2-time creator on

      @Carie, thanks for the feedback and suggestion. We just wanted to ensure you received your exquisite leather wallet in pristine condition. Glad you're enjoying your wallet : )

    44. Missing avatar

      Julian Diaz on

      Received my wallet a few days ago. Beautiful craftsmanship. Shipping was ridiculously fast. Great job.

    45. Missing avatar

      Chris Bell on

      Also received mine and am loving it. Thank you for the communication, transparency, and delivering on time

    46. Carie Wingert

      Just received my wallet and it is very well made! I would like to suggest that in the future maybe cut down on the amount of packaging/wrapping material. It was a bit of overkill and wasteful. Looking forward to using the wallet!

    47. Bryker Hyde 2-time creator on

      @Maximiliano, you're very welcome sir! We're so glad to hear how much your loving your new Bryker Hyde wallet and can't wait to provide you with one of our bags. Thanks for the glowing feedback!

    48. Missing avatar

      Maximiliano Campos on

      So this is freaking crazy but i just got my shipping confirmation email today and i already received my wallet. Talk about delivering on time!!! Super great quality and the packaging is also killer. Thanks so much guys for the amazing wallet and the great job delivering way before promised. Just over all a perfect kickstarter experience. I am sure everyone else will love their wallet just as much as me! Thank you again and count on me for future projects. I didn’t get either of the messenger bags this time around, but i will just purchase it in the future from you directly. Cheers!

    49. Missing avatar

      Maximiliano Campos on

      @john b, thanks for your response. I will consider one of the styles. =) especially the more casual style. Both sound beautiful. Thanks again!

    50. John B Collaborator on

      My apologies, I didn’t see it. We have 2 deigns and each design comes in 2 sizes, medium and large.

      The first design is our buffalo brown and it was designed with business professionals in mind. Dark brown, sharp corners and brass buckles. Goes well with suits, business and casual. Our mustang brown has rounded colors, brass buckles with a pony express style look. Goes well with more casual looks.

      Both bags are designed to be functional and can be a messenger bag or a briefcase. They stand on their own, removable straps and have a laptop compartment. The large size bags front exterior pocket fits a4 size papers and makes a great document protector.

      These are some of the things our customers have been excited about and we love to hear it every time.

      Medium size fits up to 13.5" laptops like 13" Macbook, 13.3 Macbook Air, Surface Pro, 13.5" Surface Book and similar sizes.

      The large size fit up to 15” laptops like 15" Macbook Pro, 13.3" Macbook Air, Surface Pro, 13.5" Surface Book, 15.6" HP Pavilion and similar sizes.

      The following video has some voiceover that might also help -

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