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$257 pledged of $2,999 goal
$257 pledged of $2,999 goal

Thanks so much for your support

There are only 4 hours to go until this Kickstarter project closes.

I want tot thank you for your support.  

I contacted some other people that did reach their funding goal and turns out they have thousands of people on fan pages on Facebook.  I only have just over 100 fans and only a handful of them are Dragon Keepers fans. Most all my books are sold via Amazon so I have no way of being able to contact those the bought Dragon Keepers to let them know about Book IV.  But I am very thankful for my friends that made a Pledge here for this project.

GOOD NEWS IS.. Dragon Keepers IV will still be released late this Summer and.... as you already know you can still get an autographed copy and be listed in the book as a Producer.

Here is the link one last time to reserve your copy.  Everyone that pre-orders the book before it goes to the Printers will be listed in the Credits.  

NOTE:  My publisher is Ghost Writing Book IV.  She wanted to do this because her husband died just before the release of Book III and he was such a big fan of Dragon Keepers and loved the mission of what I was doing with the story.  Ruth, that is my publisher, has said that she feels like her husband is helping her write the book   It is giving her such a great feeling to do this as she has not written in over 20 years though she has been editing all the books writers have sent her for publishing.  And, as I said, she feels like her late husband Frank is there helping her.

Thought you would like to know that.  There are some pretty inspirational things happening in the process of these books being written.  

I wish you much success and again, thanks.




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