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$257 pledged of $2,999 goal
$257 pledged of $2,999 goal

An Additional REWARD

As an attempt to sweeten the pie, I am going to add an additional reward for those that make a Pledge of $29 or more to get an autographed copy of Dragon Keepers IV

For everyone that Pledges $29 or more which means they want an autographed copy of DK IV along with any other reward that comes with their Pledge, I am also going to add an Autographed copy of FOUR MAGIC PRINCIPLES which is a revised release of my best selling book "NO RICH DAD NO POOR DAD How about a Good Mentor".

No Rich Dad No Poor Dad is selling better then Four Magic Principles because of the similarity to Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiosaki but Four Magic Principles is the most updated version of the book.

Again... everyone that Pledges $29 or more.. so even those who Pledge $39 or one of the other Pledge amounts over $29 will also get an autographed copy of Four Magic Principles.  

Thanks for your support.  

Bruce :)


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