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Enjoy 2 cups (18 oz) of grit-free press coffee. Introducing the perfect size for sharing (or not!).
Enjoy 2 cups (18 oz) of grit-free press coffee. Introducing the perfect size for sharing (or not!).
750 backers pledged $71,185 to help bring this project to life.

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ESPRO just got a whole lot lighter..

Posted by Bruce Constantine (Creator)

Hello to all our previous backers and widespread ESPRO community, 

We have some seriously exciting news for you!

Yesterday we launched a brand new Kickstarter Campaign, the ESPRO Ultralight. Because YOU were our original supporters we wanted to give you the heads up to get ahead of the game and be some of the first to get your hands on the Ultralight at early bird prices. 

The ESPRO Ultralight has been designed to be the LIGHTEST coffee press and hydration bottle in the WORLD. The loop functioning lid lets you tie the press onto any backpack and with its slim body can fit into any standard cup holder of a car.

The Ultralight comes in three sleek colors - Gunmetal Grey, Matte Black and Brushed Stainless, so whatever your preference be sure to head on over to our new Kickstarter and check out the early bird offers!! 

Giving thanks for Travel Press

Posted by Bruce Constantine (Creator)
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With the Christmas Season upon us and the new ESPRO Travel Press definitely coming to life, there's lots to be thankful for!

We have made a lot of progress on the new Travel Press. There is just about 48 hours left on the KICKSTARTER campaign to preorder! Here's a first look at the new filter set which are nearly complete!

After the campaign ends, we will continue taking preorders, and the orders on our site, and are working hard to get the product into your favorite coffee and tea shops, kitchen retailers and online stores. We wish everyone a wonderful holiday season!

Thank you for your continued support of our projects -

Bruce and Chris

Join us: ESPRO Travel Press now on Kickstarter! Under $40.

Posted by Bruce Constantine (Creator)

Hi MEDIUM ESPRO Press Kickstarter backers  -

We hope you are enjoying your Medium ESPRO PRESS and thanks again for backing us just over a year ago! The MEDIUM Press release allowed ESPRO to launch into mainstream retail, and has been instrumental in giving us the base to announce as ambitious a project as we are today! We owe you a huge thanks! That's why we're making you among the first to know that our latest product that went live an hour ago!

Bring us your busy, active lives. We'll make you a perfect cup of press or pour-over coffee or tea. To go!

Our new Travel Press is an on-the-go coffee and tea brewer like no other. It gives you ESPRO Press coffee on the go. It also introduces immersion paper filtered brewing - a completely new brew method that delivers a pour-over style cup in a travel press. And, for tea lovers, we are releasing completely new technology that micro filters and automatically stops extraction - a first for a french press.

Best of all: we've figured out how to get this technology into your hands for under $40!

We hope you love it and will help us get the word out. Go check out the Early Bird specials - they won't be there for long!


5-MINUTE MASTERCLASS video - now live!

Posted by Bruce Constantine (Creator)
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We are watching the fun as many of you discover your shiny new ESPRO® Press in your mailbox! 

Now, we want to make sure each and every one of you is getting the best possible cup of coffee from your Press! So today we have posted a video blog on how we make coffee with our Press, and how we troubleshoot the most common challenges we observe people have.

Curious about our exact coffee recipe? Curious how we shave 2 minutes from our brew time? Want us to show you exactly how we assemble and disassemble the press for cleaning? Want to know the 5 things to check if you find grinds in your cup?

Watch the video, and go to school on us! 

Where is it? You will find it posted near the bottom of the Espro Press page on our website, in the RESOURCES SECTION (, near the bottom of the page.



PS: Here is what it will look like on the espro press page. Unfortunately we could not make this photo not a live link...

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Your ESPRO Press is on its way!

Posted by Bruce Constantine (Creator)

So, where is your ESPRO Press? 

Or, put differently... Où est mon ESPRO Press?  ¿Dónde está mi ESPRO Press? Wo ist mein ESPRO Press? Hvor er min ESPRO Press? 내 ESPRO 보도는 어디에 있습니까? 私ESPROプレスはどこですか?

Well, ESPRO Mediums are leaving the building!! Finally. We thank you for your patience and continued support, as we reinvented our packaging, worked out countless manufacturing bugs, and pulled out all the stops for each of you. 

It will be worth it! 

What can you expect from here? 

1. All presses will have left us by August 30th. Most much earlier.

2. You will NOT receive tracking numbers in advance - there are too many of you to ensure 100% get emailed tracking numbers.  

3. Depending on your location, it might take 2-3 more weeks to reach you (remember: some of you are in far-flung places, or have orders that require extra-special-handling, such as the Inventor Proofs).

4. If you have not received your press by September 13th, please contact us and we will research your tracking number and sort out the issue! Likewise, unless critical, we ask that you try to hold yourself back from sending special questions upon reading this update today, so we can keep our heads down and get everyone their goods!

Thanks again for your support - 

The ESPRO Team