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A precision coffee brewer with a patent pending two-stage micro-filter that lets in all the flavors and keeps the grit out of your cup! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on January 24, 2012.

A precision coffee brewer with a patent pending two-stage micro-filter that lets in all the flavors and keeps the grit out of your cup!

About this project

Hello Kickstarters!

Join our quest for the perfect cup of coffee!

Uncrate: "Get all the flavor of a french press with none of the grit by brewing your coffee with an Espro Press."

Gizmodo: "A new press pot design...could solve all our gritty, muddy, dirty, French press problems."

Wired: "Espro Press, a French Press That Works."

Gear Patrol: "Im-press-ive."

The Espro Press is a precision coffee brewer, similar to a french press, but with a patent-pending two-stage micro-filter that preserves all of the freshly brewed flavors and aromas, while keeping sediment out of your cup. Last year we launched the single cup press shown below, and received an overwhelming response by the coffee community, who keep asking us for a larger version!

And by being the first to own a large Espro Press, you save money too! The retail price is $99, so you save 14% when you buy a large press. And you save 33% when you buy a case.

Our project is to scale up this single cup press, to one that makes about 30 oz of coffee, so you can enjoy more than one cup, or share with your friends. The design is ready, and the prototypes are complete. Our next step is to start production!


French press coffee can be incredible! The only problem is the grit and grinds that get in your cup. The Espro Micro-Filter is the solution - this is the pre-production unit. We will make these filters here in North America at a fantastic shop - we are very proud of them. There are two nested filters that work together to block the grinds, and let through great coffee.


Labels on french presses describe the volume of the container (filled to the brim), not the amount of coffee they make. The large Espro Press holds 1.25 liters, and is about 25% bigger than other “8 cup” french presses on the market. It makes about 30 oz of press coffee, without the grit! This is about four 8 oz cups (or eight 4 oz cups).


The stainless steel vacuum insulated container maintains water temperature during the brew, for more precise flavors. Changing the brew temperature can bring out new and different flavors. After brewing, your coffee stays hot longer, so your second and third cups are hot too.


The process is the same as a typical French Press, but the Espro micro-filter does a great job of separating the grinds from the coffee! Preheat the container, add coffee and water, stir, wait 3 to 4 minutes, press, and serve. You can use more coffee and time if you want stronger coffee.

This is a great video by Will Smith at, showing the single serving version. Our kickstarter version is about 4 times bigger.


“Mercy, this is as fine a presentation of coffee as I know. The nuances and flavors are so clear compared to a conventional press pot. It remains a heavy bodied cup like a press pot but the mouthfeel is cleaner, the body a bit more buttery on the the Espro Press. Less silt, more butter. Oils without the grit.”

“The Espro delivers the cleaner cup than your conventional press pots. Absolutely no comparison. Night and day.”

“Cleanup. Piece of cake.”

“I am in love with it, all shiny and stainless. It reminds me of those lovely shiny presses you encounter every now and again in restaurants, except this one produces a spectacularly clean cup and with the right coffee is downright mouth-watering.”

“The Espro Press avoids all this with an excellent vacuum insulation that does a great job at maintaining temp. I find my coffee much more consistently mellow and balanced with the Espro Press. The design preserves the oils and they are visible and flavorful.”


The Espro Inc. website will give you a good understanding about us and our existing products.


You! For taking the time to kickstart our project!

Joseph Fisher! Our video editor (!).

Mark Prince! For the awesome photos of the single serving version. (

The Espro Team! For making this project happen and continuing to pursue the perfect cup of coffee.

*(global patents pending)


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  • 1. It is a full immersion brewer. All of the coffee and water are in contact, for the most even extraction possible. Drip and other methods don’t do this, so can be bitter.
    2. You can control the brew temperature. Drip coffee makers tend to brew cold, which can make coffee sour.
    3. The brew temperature stays constant. Pour-over temperature can vary by 15 °F, while the Espro Press will only vary by a few degrees. Your coffee won't get sour!

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  • 1. Buy a medium or light roast coffee - they have more flavor and less bitterness.
    2. Buy your coffee fresh, and in small enough amounts that you use it fully within two weeks of roasting for max flavor.
    3. Keep in a cool, dry, dark place to keep it fresh.
    4. Grind just before brewing to maintain the delicate aromas.
    5. Use a burr grinder (not a blade grinder) for an even extraction, and reduced fines.

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  • The Specialty Coffee Association of America recommends using 48 to 63 g of coffee for 1000 g (1 Liter) of water, and we like to use 60 g of coffee. This is 34 oz of water and 2 oz of coffee. We also encourage experimenting!

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  • Aim for a coarser grind. We like a grind that is a bit finer than traditional french press, and coarser than drip.

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  • We recommend 195 °F to 205 °F. Boiling water (212 °F) can make bitter coffee, and cooler water can make sour coffee. After the water boils, wait a minute before brewing.

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