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SITHRAH 4: The Deep. This is the fourth installment of the beautiful hardcover comic series by Jason Brubaker.
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International Shipping Update

Posted by Jason Brubaker (Creator)

Hi everyone!

I just want to warn you that this update is very frustrating for me to write. I have been holding off for better news but the more time that passes the more you guys are starting to get restless (myself included). So let me just back up and tell you exactly what is going on with the international orders to date.

So, as you probably know, I decided to use a BIG FANCY shipping company in the UK to deliver all the international orders for me. I was recommended these guys from a friend who used them and I even had a conference call with them about a year ago to make sure this would run smoothly. We have been communicating by email ever since and every step of the way I would check in to make sure I was doing everything right so that it could get handled quickly.

The problems started happening when I was trying to get my printer and this fulfillment company to communicate about splitting the order at the port so that they could take the amount needed for the international orders. For some reason they could not communicate (or would not communicate) and I had to force things along by playing the middle man between their emails. This was a little troubling. It caused probably 40 emails back and forth for no reason at all. 

Anyway, my printer (who is awesome) had the order split up at the Hong Kong port and we sent all the information to the distributor who wanted to take it from there. (that was on October 3rd) The books were all printed and shipped I thought.

As you might remember, I received my 8 pallets of books on November 2nd and we shipped them out on November 3rd. I assumed that the books would have been delivered to the UK distributor way quicker than the books that had to float all the way across the ocean and then trucked to the Midwest of America. But apparently I was wrong. Because they were still nowhere to be seen.

Worse yet, another problem happening at the same time. For about a month (this was in September and October) I was trying to ship all my older books that were part of the international orders to the UK distributor (because they promised me they could handle it all for me) but they couldn't seem to set up the shipping company (DHL) to pick up the packages. They finally told me that they couldn't do it at all anymore, and that I should try to ship it to them myself. (10 heavy boxes of books to England) After pricing it out with other companies (all quoting double or triple the price they promised) I called up DHL myself and they said they could do it but I would have to drive the boxes to the next state (Utah). So I told the UK distributor and they finally sent me the shipping labels at the price they quoted me. I drove the books to Utah and they were finally in the mail on October 29th and they arrived at the UK distributor on the 31st. Good, I thought, that's done.

A few later I got an email from them saying that the pallet of books from the printer had been delayed for some reason and they are looking into it. What?

I email them back. Nothing. A week later I email again and hear no response. I email them again and no response. I log into their shipping system periodically to see what is the status of the orders but all that shows up is the list of books with a '0' next to each title saying that there is nothing in their warehouse. But that doesn't make sense because I have confirmation that the DHL boxes were delivered and signed for a month ago! 

I keep emailing them and now I am expressing my concern and frustration with the whole experience. 

So that is where we are at. I just sent another email right before writing this update and I am at a loss for what to do.

They have control over all my international books and so I can't just tell them to forget it and that I'll ship them myself. Because I would need to ship those books back to me or risk losing them completely.

Worse yet, I based the shipping price (that I charged backers) on what they quoted me and so the budget is very tight for what I can spend on shipping. 

ANYWAY! So what does this mean?

With all this said, I want to give you a guarantee that I will not stop until these books are delivered to you. Even if I have to take a loss on all the international stock that is being held somewhere. Even if I have to eventually spend my own money to get these shipped to you from my garage. And trust me, I'd lose a bunch of money on this campaign if I did that. 

The second thing I want to guarantee is that I will not launch a new kickstarter until I have shipped out (or the UK distributor has shipped out) your orders. My plan was to launch a new campaign in February for Books 5 and 6 but I will push back the launch date if this is still not resolved by then. 

And finally, I don't think I'm going to be using another International distributor next time. They promise big savings but it has been the most stressful thing about this whole campaign to trust a company to handle this for me around the world. At this point, I would rather just eat some of the profits from international orders and do the shipping myself again. Yeah, it's more work but at least you will get your books at a reasonable time. 

The only thing I ask is that you please be patient with me. Trust me when I say that this is really bothering me that it's taking this long and the last thing I wanted was for the international orders to be taking this long.

I will give you another update as soon and I know more. 

Thank you so much for your support! Talk soon,


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    1. Norman Boyd on

      I was going to write to say thanks for keeping us up to date and commiserate with you, but.....what they said!

    2. Missing avatar

      Benedict Lewis on

      Totally commiserate with your frustrations Jason.What with the crazy chaos of Brexit muddying the waters and as a UK resident, I would have thought a UK company would be doing its level best to secure business from the States. More than willing to wait Jason-just don't let the stress take hold and my thoughts concur with everyone else here. 'A setback is a setup for a come back' as someone once said. Wishing you well.Ben

    3. Tim Meakins

      Thank you for the transparency.
      Sounds like someone was overeager and underdelivered (literally) ...
      Not your fault - you took it on good faith and have gone above and beyond to try to remedy it.
      I will be patient and wait...
      Wishing you all the best of luck that this is resolved positively soon.

    4. Katie Jennings on

      Thank you for keeping us in the loop on this one Jason! I'm so sorry you're enduring so much stress over something you planned in good faith with what you believed was a reputable, professional company.

    5. Megan Derr

      Yikes. I'm so sorry you're having to endure so much misery and hassle, and that that company let you down so hard. I know what that's like, and it's a special level of hell I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. I really hope things start looking up. You're wonderful, we're for you!

    6. Missing avatar

      JAY SIM on

      much respects for making this post , No worries, ill wait as long as it takes, knowing you are working on delivering them as well. Ill be there for the next kickstarter when it comes around as well to continue my support.

    7. Stormquiss

      Others have already said it much better than me. I have been backing your books since reMind 2 and I have complete faith that you will ultimately deliver. I am sad this is causing you so much distress and for my part I am happy to be patient and supportive (as much as I can be from the other side of the world).

    8. Daniel Rodríguez Prado on

      We are with you Jason! What bothers me the most is that this whole thing is affecting you so much. You are an honest guy who doesn't deserve all this. On my part, I don't mind waiting as long as needed.

      Thank you very much for all your efforts. I wish you all the best.

    9. Chris Hall on

      Hi Jason,
      Thanks for the update. As one of the international backers, I'm sorry for the delay, but more sorry that this is causing you grief and unnecessary stress. But as others have mentioned, this does not reflect on you. It never even crossed my mind that you might be at fault. Hopefully the UK distribution company will get its act together and hold up their end of the agreement. It's a shame you don't have a contact in the area wher they're based to go and see them in person. Maybe one of the backers lives in the area?

      Anyway, all the best in getting it sorted.

    10. Bart Kuiper

      Thanks for the update. Hope it will all work out in the end.

    11. Satera JT on

      Oh good to know. I was starting to get worried :)

    12. Nick on

      Yikes!! Sorry this is happening, man! Praying that it all works out!

    13. Jason Crossman on

      You've never done anything in the past to make me doubt you (and I've backed multiple of your projects) and have no reason to think otherwise now. Sure, delays are frustrating (mostly for you, by the sounds of it) but I will survive okay with waiting some more.

      Thank you for the update and I hope for your own sake that this gets resolved quickly.

      All the best.