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SITHRAH 4: The Deep. This is the fourth installment of the beautiful hardcover comic series by Jason Brubaker.
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Sithrah Update & New Comic!

Posted by Jason Brubaker (Creator)

Hi ya'll!

Things are finally speeding up with the printing process this month. I got proofs of all the finished interior pages, now printed and approved just a few days ago. Now they just need to be bound and the slipcases needs to be manufactured. These slipcases have really slowed the whole process down because of the extra time to ship books back and forth to China to make sure they made them the correct size.

Anyway, I did get a new updated schedule on when everything should arrive and it looks like we are now going to be about a month behind what I estimated. But I don't see anything holding this up anymore and so we should still be shipping everything in early November now because we are getting everything delivered to my garage on November 2nd. 

It's always surprising how long this prepping and proofing process takes. Next year when I do the final campaign for Sithrah 5&6 + slipcase I'm hoping to turn it around much faster. We will see. :)


Yes, I have been working on several things but the main focus is my relaunch of PHOBOS! Some of you will be receiving the OLD version from this campaign and so you are the lucky ones who get to see how this comic has grown. 

Anyway, ​I have an exciting special offer to announce for this September only! I will be giving away the first issue of Phobos (110 page softcover) to current or NEW patrons who support me this month at a $5 level or higher on patreon.

I'm super excited about how this new version it's turning out. Here are some images of the test printing with a cover mockup.

This will be the only time and place to get a copy of PHOBOS issue one. Of corse, I also plan to release it later as hardcover volumes when I get enough finished to collect. That will most likely be a kickstarter next year. But I will continue to release it in 100 page issues to patrons as it gets finished. This first 110 page book will probably only have a print run of about 250 to 300 copies. After they are gone, they are gone. Oh yeah, and you should be getting it in the mail before Halloween because I am having a US company print and ship it all. :)

Click here to read the first chunk of pages:

And here's a short video I made of the opening scene of Phobos. I also talk about it's long history (along with an old TV interview when I was 19 years old.) Click the thumbnail image below to see it on Youtube.

Here is the link to join my patreon so that you can claim your free copy of PHOBOS #1:

Well, that's all I got for now. I am really excited to finally get Sithrah 4 to this stage and we are very close to having them on your bookshelf finally. :)

Jason Brubaker


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