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SITHRAH 4: The Deep. This is the fourth installment of the beautiful hardcover comic series by Jason Brubaker.
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Sithrah 4 Update: Art Winners & Progress Report

Posted by Jason Brubaker (Creator)

Hi everyone!

Thank you again for your support of Sithrah 4! 

Many of you are probably wondering how the book progress is going, well, just so you know, I was hired to start teaching an online class on comic making right after this Kickstarter ended and so for the last 2 months I have found myself building a curriculum and lecture videos full time. It took me WAY longer than I anticipated but just today I turned in the final bit of the lecture videos and so I can officially devote a majority of my week days to getting Sithrah 4 printed now. It usually doesn't take me this long to get the files ready for the printer and so I am a little embarrassed at how long it has taken for this campaign. But now that I have my teaching job situated, and it will only require about 5 to 10 hours of work a week I will have about 4 days per week to focus on fulfilling this campaign from now on. :)

So with all that said, let me introduce to you the winners of the Art Contest!

Nick Welch & Anne Bidaux/Elvy

Congrats to the winners! These 2 pieces will be printed in the back of book 4. :)

Now, I want to share with you something that I created for the CGMA class (and part of the reason it took me 2 months to create the class content). This is a short comic that I am only giving to my patreons. And here is a video showing the first 5 pages of the comic and a little pitch for the second half of the video. 

It's a comic called SCRIBBLES and I'm going to giving it away to all my patreons. (Sorry to be pitching you another comic before I even deliver Sithrah 4) But, I'm really trying to build up my patreon page because I have a crazy goal of hitting $2500 a month so that it will cover all my living expense. At this point we are nearing the halfway point and it's pretty exciting because if this patreon campaign can hit that goal then I will be able to make comics without any stings attached. It will mean that I don't need to take on side jobs (like the teaching class) and I won't have to stress out about pitching an idea to a publisher or until the comic is done and ready. I can make them at my perfect pace. And I won't have to feel rushed anymore to produce the content that I want to produce. 

The thing is, people keep asking me over and over to "Please keep making more comics!" and "When is the next graphic novel coming out?" And my only answer is that I will keep making comics as long as I can keep paying my bills. And if I have to take on freelance work then it will just make it take longer. 

Because of, Sithrah was able to pay my bills while it was updating online, but now I am forced to find other ways to cover these expenses. So anyway, all this is to say that I would love your help over on my Patreon page. Even just $1 a month is amazingly helpful. And if you pledge $3 this month (May) then I will send you my short comic, SCRIBBLES, in the mail AND YOU WILL EVEN GET YOUR NAME PRINTED IN THE BOOK TOO! :) Here is an image of the cover:

So, get Scribbles (my short comic) and help me hit my monthly goal at the same time here:


Well, I will stop pushing my patreon on you and I will get back to working out the kinks of Sithrah 4 so I can get it off to the printer on time and into your hands before the due date. :)

Thank you so much for all of your support over the years. I will see you in the next update!


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    1. Nick on

      Scribbles is going to be killer!