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SITHRAH 4: The Deep. This is the fourth installment of the beautiful hardcover comic series by Jason Brubaker.
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SIthrah 4 Update: Art Contest Voting & Slipcases update.

Posted by Jason Brubaker (Creator)

Hey friends!

I hope you are all having a wonderful month of April! I have some new news in the Sithrah world for you! First of all, I was just wired all the funds from the campaign a few days ago and it's now safe in my savings account waiting to be used to print these books. :)

Second thing is I have been in contact with Chris Kosek, my slipcase designer who helped me design the slipcases for reMIND, and he is working on the two slipcases right now and I am excited to be able to show you some of the design progress when we have something to show you.

Third, I have been working slowly on updating some of the art and getting the files ready to put into InDesign and so I can send out a PDF to my proofreaders soon. But I still have to make a few more passes through it all with a fine toothed comb before I start thinking about sending anything to the printer. 

Fourth, I finished an extra spread (2 pages) that will be in the print version of Sithrah 4. :)

And fifth, voting is now live for the Sithrah 4 art contest to see who will be published in the book! Here are all the contest entries:

Here is a link to my website, where you can cast your three favorite votes. The voting Poll is down at the bottom of the web page. :)

Vote -->

In about a week I will close the voting and based on your votes and my favorites we will see who the winner/s are. :)

You might have noticed that I didn't get near as many submissions this time and it's totally my fault because I didn't really even talk about it anywhere. I usually make a Youtube video calling for submissions but I forgot to do it and then it was too late. But thankfully there are some dedicated fans who still submitted. Thank so much for your support again and I can't wait to announce the winner or winners.

Also if you submitted a piece of art that is not featured here then please email me and I will relaunch this poll with your submission. But I believe I got everyone. ;)

See you in the next update!



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