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SITHRAH 4: The Deep. This is the fourth installment of the beautiful hardcover comic series by Jason Brubaker.
693 backers pledged $38,923 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Jason Brubaker 8-time creator on

      @Aureliano - Thanks for the shipping warning. I didn't know that. Since I'm using a UK shipper for the International orders I'm just basing my prices on what they told me but it's still kinda hard to tell with all the moving variables and countries.

      As far as shirts, I don't have any in stock that are larger than 2x right now but I was planning on doing custom orders for anything that I don't have in stock. Although it might cost me more than $20 for 4x and 5x. But I am happy to get you a shirt if you want one and we can just work out the details. Here is a link to my red CTC shirt:

      And here is what the gray one looks like:…

    2. Aureliano Rama

      PS. About shipping costs, don't forget that recently shipping companies have changed their policy and are billing you not by real weight but by "volumetric weight" (or "dimensional weight") that consider the total volume of the package in addition to its weight to calculate costs.
      There are a few kickstarter projects that have been caught on the wrong foot by the additional amount needed to ship rewards. Be sure to look into that for the slipcases.
      Good luck.

    3. Aureliano Rama

      Hello Jason, I think the 3 2-book slipcases are a marvelous idea, I added them to my pledge with a little something extra to help with the additional shipping cost.

      I have a question : could you please link a slightly larger version of the t-shirts? I would like to see them better before committing.
      Also, I need a large one for my big bulk, do your contractor sell 4X and 5X sizes?

      Thanks for your help and your hard work, I love Sithrah.

    4. Jason Brubaker 8-time creator on

      @John - Interesting idea. But yeah, Young is right that the slipcases would all need to be a unique size. I could have them all have a consistent color though so they feel more unified. Thanks for you ideas. :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Young Jin Park on

      That's a neat idea, but the problem is that the thickness of the books are all different. I'd want the case to give a precise and firm fit. Is there a way to design a single slip case that would accommodate books of varying thickness?

    6. John Neiner on

      Hey Jason — have you considered designing the 2-book slipcase less specific to the books they contain and more generic/general to the project as a whole?

      ie, instead of designing multiple slipcase designs — design a SINGLE 2-book slipcase that could work across all the books. (more neutral color that would go with all the books — think light/gray tones)

      This way you only have to do one production run of the slipcase (single design) and all the slipcases will look good side by side on a bookshelf. Also if one gets damaged in shipping you would not need to track WHICH slipcase design got damaged, simply how many.

      Then you are ahead of the game for books 5 and 6.

      Also a single slipcase color would look really good next to the 2 remind books in their slipcase already on my bookshelf :)

      In Summary: let the book spline colors be the distinguishing factor and not the slipcase art.

    7. Missing avatar

      Young Jin Park on

      Only 8 days remaining?! Where did all the time go? I must be getting old. #fakehaiku

    8. Missing avatar


      Just added $25 +$3 extra for the slipcases.

    9. Andrew Lopez on

      Cool! Good slipcover color choices in your example image imo. Already pledged. I had originally thought of maybe a dark grey slipcase like your ReMind set would be better contrast with each set of colors, but as much as it may be I'm sure you may want Sithrah to stand out it. As far as the other stretch goals, I like any art ideas, also what about different colors for your CtC shirt, like blue or dark blue like the book 2 spine?

    10. Jason Brubaker 8-time creator on

      @Benjamin - Yeah I will stuff them with big bubble wrap. But if anything does get damaged in shipping I will send you a replacement for free. :)

      @Irawan - Yep, just add $25 to your pledge amount if you want both slipcases to be added to your order. After the campaign is over, I will send out a Add-On survey to collect all the information about the add-ons you have picked. Thanks so much! :)

    11. Missing avatar

      Young Jin Park on

      Woot! We’re going to get slipcases. That’s awesome. Looking forward to seeing the designs and colors. Regarding shipping empty slipcases, I got one from Michael Regina and it was stuffed inside with bubble wrap—worked very well.

    12. Manuel Succo on

      Add the (bargain) $25 to my pledge. The slipcases of your previous books are beautiful!

    13. Benjamin Parry on

      Hi Jason.

      Currently owning all books to date. I am excited to see slipcases now available.
      You said in your update that these can get damaged. Since I already own the other books, in this campaign I'll be getting book4 and 3 slipcases. Will there be some kind of bracing or anything inside the cases for shipping purposes for those who aren't buying the back catelog? I'm a little nervous about them getting squished in the mail.

    14. Missing avatar

      Coll Wise on

      Added $30 for the slipcases.

    15. Missing avatar


      So we just add $25 to get both Slipcases (1&2, 3&4) on top of our pledge amount ?

    16. Jason Brubaker 8-time creator on

      @John - Hi John! I didn't add a extra shipping charge for the boxsets because they will not make a big weight difference. But I won't turn away any extra funds you would want to throw at me for shipping. :) It was wonderful meeting you too. :)

    17. John Idlor

      Is the an additional shipping charge for adding the slipcases? I am planning on adding 2 sets.

      Also it was nice to meet you at ECCC.