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SITHRAH 4: The Deep. This is the fourth installment of the beautiful hardcover comic series by Jason Brubaker.
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The First Official Update!!

Posted by Jason Brubaker (Creator)

Hello amazing Kickstarter friends!

Thank you so much for supporting another installment of Sithrah. I'm super excited to see this book in print because I have always dreamed about this section of the story as they are traveling across The Deep! 

Introducing Add-Ons

I have been getting a bunch of requests to be able to add books or art to pledges and so I have tried to put together a list of things you can add. Since the shipping is way more complicated this time I had to break it down a little more than usual and I hope it is clear. I am also going to offer COLLECTORS versions of books 2, 3, and 4 as Add-Ons too. Oh yeah and for the first time you can add original inked pages as Add-Ons. You can even add a double page spread if you want. Once the campaign is all wrapped up then I will send out a BackerKit survey to collect all your information and find out what you wanted as Add-Ons. It will be at that time that you will be able to pick the inked page(s) that you want too. 

So with all that said, let me introduce you to the Add-On chart. You can now find this on the campaign home page too. 


There has been some talk about slipcase options too. One idea was to make one giant slipcase when it's all finished (after book 6 is done) and others have suggested making books 1-3 in a slipcase and 4-6 in a slipcase. Another suggestion was to have 2 books in a slipcase so it would be 3 slipcases total for all 6 books. 

I'm totally open for suggestions here. I never thought about making more than one slipcase but if there are many of you who want it divided into 2 or 3 chunks then I am totally willing to make some slipcases as stretch goals.

Speaking of stretch goals. I will start adding some new goals once we hit that 27k mark. :) Any suggestion for stretch goals this time? I'd love to know your thoughts.

New Shipping Countries Added

I also added shipping to everywhere else on the planet and so you should be able to order your books from anywhere now. Let me know if there is something fishy about a specific shipping price. I'm doing my best to make it as cheap for everyone as possible but some of the shipping is just going to be expensive no matter what. But if you feel like you are being ripped off in a specific country then send me an email and I will look into it even more. 

Just so you know, all of my old books are going to be delivered (from Idaho) on a pallet, by truck, then by boat to my new UK distributor and then they will pack up and deliver your individual package to you. Then the new book (Sithrah 4) is going to be shipped from the printer directly to the UK distributor where it will be packaged with your other books (if added) and then delivered to you. Yeah, it's that complicated but it makes for way cheaper shipping. 

If you are in the US then I will be hand packing and delivering all your books to you from my garage in Idaho. Shirts and art will also be delivered from Idaho too. :)

Emerald City Comic Con

This upcoming week I will be heading out to ECCC on Tuesday and be getting home the following Monday so I will not be able to communicate very well during that time. I probably won't be making an update during that time either. But if you are in the Seattle area and want to attend the convention then I'd love to shake your hand for helping me get this thing printed. :)

Thanks to you we are off to a fantastic start and I am excited to see where this one goes.

See you in the next update!


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    1. Jason Brubaker 8-time creator on

      Hey Shervyn! - The more I am weighing my options, and the weight of all the books in one slipcase, the more I am thinking that 2 or 3 slipcases would be better. Especially with the design of the book spines. The last 2 books in the series will be white and black cloth spines. And so it would almost look best if it was 3 slipcases now. I'm also thinking that one slipcase would get too damaged in shipping because the books are so heavy all together. So you might just get your wish. ;)

    2. Shervyn von Hoerl

      I would prefer 2 or 3 slipcases. But it looks like I am in the minority

    3. Keith & Diana on

      Single slipcase would work best IMO

    4. Bart Kuiper

      I agree with Phil

    5. Missing avatar

      Phil Powell on

      I would prefer a single slipcase, but wouldn’t be disappointed if it were split in two. Can’t wait to read book 4, best wishes at the convention!

    6. Missing avatar

      Mike on

      I'd prefer a single slipcase, too.

    7. Jules Halligan

      I would prefer a single slipcase too.

    8. William Thomas on

      I'm leaning toward the single 6 book slipcase option.
      If they're is majority interest in multiple, it's not going to bother me 😁 it's going to look great either way.

    9. Amanda

      I love slipcases but on a bookshelf they are more functional than visual. If they get too wide they can be bulky and heavy when moving things around. While a wide slipcase will have more room for art or something on the top and back you dont really see that on a shelf so I would probably lean towards 2-3 books per slipcase. Also depending on the fit, I'll pull the box off the shelf rather than try to slide the book out of the case so that's another reason I prefer lighter, smaller sets.