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reMIND is an award winning, all ages graphic novel in a beautiful full color, hard bound, numbered and signed book.
reMIND is an award winning, all ages graphic novel in a beautiful full color, hard bound, numbered and signed book.
reMIND is an award winning, all ages graphic novel in a beautiful full color, hard bound, numbered and signed book.
1,364 backers pledged $107,542 to help bring this project to life.

Proofs have been proofed. And I have proof!

Things are moving along smoothly with the printing of reMIND Vol 1, Vol 2 and slipcase. I received the proofs about midway through last week and made my small notes and sent everything back to the printer. The cover of Volume 1 was missing but that is the only thing I'm still waiting for. We are still on schedule for me to get the books at the end of January.

Here are the digital proofs. This is what everyone looks at to make sure the colors are exactly right so I need to make sure they look spot on. Good news though, they turned out perfectly. :) Here is a photo of the stack.

Next are the Ozalid Proofs. These are to make sure everything is cropped right and the pages are in the correct order. Usually ozalid’s are ugly with horrible color but for some reason, this time they look great.

Here you can see how they are made out of "signatures" as they call it. A signature is pretty much just like a comic book. Each signature is printed on one sheet of paper and folded over and over and trimmed until it looks like a comic booklet. These signatures are stapled but the book itself will be sewn. In this closeup you can see a little number for each signature so the binder will know they have the signatures in the correct order. This is the Ozalid of signatures for Volume 2.

Below are the Wet Proofs. These are actually printed on the printing press and they are trying to match the colors to the digital proofs above. In this case they are pretty close but some of the yellows had a slight green hue so I made a note to adjust it. Other than that the Wet Proofs are spot on. You will notice that the wet proofs are all cropped sloppy because it doesn’t matter.

There are also Wet Proofs for the cover. A glossy and unfinished version. I approved the glossy version. The left side is what the back cover looks like.

Here is a picture of almost everything, minus the slipcase proof and Volume 1 proofs.

We are getting so close I can feel it. :)

I'll be sending the rest of the surveys soon!

Because I am ahead of schedule, I better send out the surveys ahead of schedule too. So expect to get your survey sometime this week and please fill it out right away if possible so I don't have a big list of people to remind. Remember that you only have one shot at filling out the survey so make sure you have included all the extras that you added money for before you submit it. I'll try to make it as easy and clear as possible so don't be scared. 

reMIND is on a State Reading List

In other news, reMIND Volume 1 made it onto a state reading list for Arkansas! I don’t know how it happened but I am honored that any state would entrust their children to read reMIND. :) Thanks again for all your support!

See you soon!



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    1. Jason Brubaker 8-time creator on

      Okay! All of the surveys have been sent out now. If you still didn't get one then dig through your spam folder and if you can't find it then contact me. Thanks!!

    2. Vlad on

      This is so exciting, I can't wait to get the books in the mail!

    3. Jason Brubaker 8-time creator on

      Thanks ya'll! (I don't really talk that way :) ) Anyway...

      @Michael Oue - I already sent out the surveys for everyone with their name printed in the book a while ago. I believe it was September. If you already received and filled out a survey they you don't need to do anything else. This is more or less for everyone else who hasn't gotten a survey yet. I'm slowly working my way through all the tiers and they should all be sent out by the end of this week.

    4. Susan Ator on

      Excellent news all around. Of course, to really bump up readership you need to get on some banned reading lists!

    5. Dheyrdre Machado on

      Poor you, it's a lot of proof to be done, but I think must be fun (I hope it is :p)

      Congratulations for the reading list sweetie =]

    6. Missing avatar

      Michael Oue on

      Looks great! Regarding the surveys, which levels are those for? According to this page, I sent my survey to you back in September.

    7. John P McCullough on

      Everything looks great! It's exciting being able to see everything coming along. Thank you for sharing. Congrats on the Arkansas reading list too! That's an honour.

    8. Missing avatar

      Robert Wilkerson on

      Congratulations of everything! Especially the Arkansas state reading test!. Everything looks great! I can't wait to read the books when they come out!