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reMIND is an award winning, all ages graphic novel in a beautiful full color, hard bound, numbered and signed book.
reMIND is an award winning, all ages graphic novel in a beautiful full color, hard bound, numbered and signed book.
reMIND is an award winning, all ages graphic novel in a beautiful full color, hard bound, numbered and signed book.
1,364 backers pledged $107,542 to help bring this project to life.

$20,000 in 2 days!

 First of all, THANK YOU!!!

Because of your support, we have raised $20,000 in just 2 days! (Well, we are actually at $19,935 but there is just no ring to that.) ANYWAY, The funny thing is, I haven't even emailed everyone I know yet. :)

I totally haven't been able to concentrate at work these last two days but work is busier than ever with lots of high profile meetings and pitches happening. It's probably good that work is super busy or I'd go insane checking this campaign every 2 seconds. 

So the $40 pledge is almost sold out in 24 hours. The $120 Box Set is completely sold out already.

I've had some requests for a little drawing inside the $40 package and since we are almost sold out of the $40 option, I might include a $45 option that adds a little drawing inside of Volume 2. Does that sound reasonable? I am still undecided.

The Process of Making reMIND

Now I'd like to share a little of my process for making some of the pages in these books. First I always start out with a big sketchbook that I fill up with really loose thumbnails. Most of the time I just draw with an ink pen of any kind. An average page of thumbnails looks like this:

After I think I have a basic idea laid out, I scan my thumbnails and place it in a Photoshop file that is the size of my spread. I might scribble over it and rearrange it again until if feels right. This page took a while to figure out. That's why it looks so mismatched.

Next I print out my thumbnails and sketches and go over it on tracing paper and then blow it up again on a photocopier and use a light table to draw the final lines with a mechanical pencil. I scan it back in and drop it into my Photoshop file and make some final adjustments with the contrast of the lines and clean up parts until it looks like this:

You can see how the layout changed a little between the sketch and the final lines. This is rare but sometimes it is needed as it was in this case. Next I drop it into Photoshop and apply the paint filter and I am done. 

Obviously the paint filter does not exist. In reality, the painting and coloring takes me longer than any other stage and I'll get more into that in another update. 

Thanks again for your generous support. Because of you. reMIND will continue to be the best quality hard cover book it can be. 

As Neil Gaiman's wife, Amanda Palmer, said in her Kickstarter:


Thanks again everyone!!!

- Jason


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    1. Jason Brubaker 8-time creator on July 26, 2012

      Darkblackcorner - I do have plans to start a new story when reMIND is finished. I might take a break first though. :)

      Tom - Anything over the goal will go towards more free stuff for everyone. The tricky part is if it goes too high then I fall into a higher tax bracket and then I have LOTS of taxes to pay. It's not really a problem, it just means I need to be careful about how I spending all this money and ensure that it will cover everything after the 10% is taken out for Kickstarter and Amazon payments and then another 30% on taxes and whatnot.

      None the less, I will make some stretch goals where everyone will get more free stuff if we reach it. I can't wait!

    2. Missing avatar

      Tom Espen Lian on July 26, 2012

      I love to draw, but I'm pretty bad when it comes to coloring in PhotoShop.
      Of course i'm pretty bad at drawing too, compared to you. :3

      What happens to the rest of the money? (chances are you'll get more than $24,000 : )
      Do you get to keep it, or are there some Kickstarter rules about that?

    3. ChrisC on July 26, 2012

      AWEsome updates!

      April 2013 is next week isn't it? :P

      Can't wait for the next new book after Vol2. :D

    4. Missing avatar

      darkblackcorner on July 26, 2012

      The $45 option sounds like a great idea!

      I love reading this comic and the vol 1 I got previously is stunning.
      Keep drawing awesome comics!

      PS. You mentioned this would be the last book - any plans to start a new comic?

    5. ScaniX - Silent / Friendly / Axe owner on July 26, 2012

      Great post, thanks for showing us your process! :)
      What I like the most about this layout is the way the cat overlaps into another frame on the left page.

      *painting a big sign*
      I'm off to spread the word!
      *heads into the city* =P