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reMIND is an award winning, all ages graphic novel in a beautiful full color, hard bound, numbered and signed book.
reMIND is an award winning, all ages graphic novel in a beautiful full color, hard bound, numbered and signed book.
reMIND is an award winning, all ages graphic novel in a beautiful full color, hard bound, numbered and signed book.
1,364 backers pledged $107,542 to help bring this project to life.

The First 24 hours = Wow!

It's been exactly 24 hours since I pushed the launch button on this campaign. I was incredibly nervous and excited with a stomach ache at the time.(which is usually what happens to me when I get really nervous) But now, 24 hours later, I am ecstatic! I had high hopes for this campaign but never did I expect to raise more money in 24 hours than my entire first Kickstarter campaign.

As I write this we are at $14,015 with 216 backers! A-MAZE-ZING!

So, what now? Well, In trying to keep up with all the direct messages and emails and comments I have heard loud and clear that I need to add a new option. I must have gotten 30 emails and comments about this, which is great because I now know how important it is to many of you. So thanks for letting me know!

New Pledge Option!

Many of you who bought the first book want an option to get a slipcase without buying another copy of Volume 1. I can understand that. The main problem I have with offering it was keeping it limited. I think I found the answer. So, this morning I decreased the number of Box sets you can get from 500 to 350. Then I added a new pledge option where you can get Volume 2 with the slipcase for $40. (Sorry, but for international backers, this will make your order fall into the 2 or more category because of the slipcase. I'll address shipping more later because I received a few comments about that as well)

This pledge amount is limited to 50 people. If the demand is high enough then I'll increase it and adjust the number of box sets again. I want to keep the number of box sets to around 500 total to keep it rare and valuable.

As most of you probably know, you can upgrade your pledge option at anytime while the campaign is active. So feel free to jump on this slipcase option while it's available. :)

I started this campaign with only the bare bones so that I could add things to it as I go based on your requests. I have already received requests for prints, plushies and more drawings which are all great options! Please let me know what you would like to have included for new pledge rewards because I am completely open. I have a new t-shirt designed that I haven’t printed yet… would anyone be interested in that?

Any ideas, let me know!

On top of that, I have a few stretch goals already in mind where I can shower you with additional rewards for free. Lets keep this momentum going and we will get there for sure. Thanks again for being such a loving and amazing group!

As always, please keep spreading the word and I’ll do my best to keep up. :)

- Jason


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    1. Christopher D. Sandford

      I agree with Shawn. I would love a option of a sketch or any of the higher rewards with the vol 2. and slipcase pledge.

    2. Ivan Yagolnikov on

      I missed first campaign so I'm very happy there's a $120 tier! But if you are looking at a cheaper reward than $25, perhaps an electronic version for $10-15? Obviously, you have it on the site but having it available for easy offline use would be nice assuming you can do two-page spreads in PDF/ePub/etc.

    3. Susan Ator on

      Well alrighty then! I've just upped my pledge for the fancy shmancy new slipcase :)

    4. Jason Brubaker 8-time creator on

      Avagayil, Yeah, the shipping is my biggest problem right now.

      Shawn - Maybe once the $40 slipcase option is used up I can offer a slightly higher option with a sketch too.

      Thanks for all the suggestions!

    5. kincajou on

      tshirt definitley!

    6. Avigayil on

      Ok, so for an international backer say from Canada...
      the Vol 2. Book will cost $35 including shipping, but to add a slipcover will suddenly boost it up to $70 including shipping?
      That is painful - no slipcover for me.

    7. Shawn Granger on

      Awesome...but I want a sketch too. Can't you have a slipcase + Vol 2 + sketch? Kind of a souped up $60 pledge.

    8. Janette K. on

      Yay stretch goals! All in for prints, plushies and shirt.

    9. Missing avatar

      David Y on

      Awesome. I already have a numbered edition of Vol 1, so this is perfect for me. I've avoided reading the posted pages so it'll be a fresh experience next year. Keep up the good work!