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reMIND - a graphic novel's video poster

reMIND is a graphic novel I will be printing in March of 2011. It has 136 full color pages and will be hard bound. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on August 23, 2010.

reMIND is a graphic novel I will be printing in March of 2011. It has 136 full color pages and will be hard bound.

About this project

UPDATES: Please check the updates section for new info! THANKS EVERYONE FOR BEING SO AWESOME!


My name is Jason Brubaker and I've been working on a graphic novel for almost 4 years in my free time. It's 136 pages for the first volume and who knows how many pages the second Volume will be. But for now I'm just trying to finish the first one and get it printed and sold. My vision has always been to make a nice sturdy hard cover book similar to the European comics. Something that can be compared and left next to a beautiful coffee table book.

This whole thing started out as an animated project almost 10 years ago but that took way to long so I switched gears and decided to make it a book instead. I've been posting new pages every Monday on my blog and talking about the process and what I'm learning. I have about 6 months before I am finished with everything and I was hoping to print it overseas early 2011 when the first volume is complete.

I've invested so much time into this project already that I can't even begin to calculate the total hours and it's kinda embarrassing. But my main concern is finding the funds to make this final step possible and finding the right audience to share it with.

The 136 page, full color book is estimated to cost about $7,500 to print in China as well as some set up fees. Luckily in June I was awarded $5000 from the Xeric Foundation to help with the printing. Now I just need to collect the rest and anything over my $3000 goal will go towards making the books even better quality with a cloth bound hard-cover.

Please visit my blog to see the entire first two chapters online.

I post new pages every Monday and will continue to do so until the book is printed.

For those of you interested in pledging over $39 to get your name in the acknowledgements, here is a link to a fake page in the book to demonstrate how and where it may go.

Thanks for your support in making reMIND the best graphic novel it can be!

- Jason


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    Pledge $20 or more

    113 backers

    You get a free hard cover copy of reMIND when it's printed. The cover prince will be $25 so you are already going to be saving money.

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    Pledge $29 or more

    125 backers

    All of the above, plus your book is signed with a little drawing of Victuals inside.

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    Pledge $39 or more

    50 backers All gone!

    All the above, plus you name (or secret code name) will be listed in the acknowledgments of the book. Yes, your name will be in the printed book because you were cool enough to help me get this thing printed.

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    Pledge $59 or more

    30 backers All gone!

    All above plus 2 extra copies of reMIND.

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    Pledge $59 or more

    14 backers

    NEW REWARD! All above, EXCEPT FOR YOUR NAME IN THE BOOK. Sorry, all the name slots are sold out but you will get a T-shirt instead. ***The t-shirt is only available for this award and the $500 award.

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    Pledge $99 or more

    10 backers All gone!

    All of the above, with your name listed in the acknowledgments, and an original painting of Victuals. These will be the only physical paintings I probably ever do of Victuals because all the colors in the book are digital. The painting will be approximately 4x6 inches.

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    Pledge $500 or more

    1 backer

    You will get an "Extra Special Thanks" credit in the book right under the main credits, Plus 10 copies of reMIND and one of each reMIND t-shirt that I have made at the time of printing.

    So let me recap:

    10 copies of reMIND, signed with drawing inside.
    Name in Acknowledgments (at the top)
    Extra Special Thanks credit.
    An original painting of Victuals.
    Every reMIND T-shirt that I have ever made.


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