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Brower Propulsion Laboratory outsources its labor force to deliver food all the way from China while treating as many students as possible to dinner!
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Steven Brower

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Stereo Imagery Generated During BPL-004

Once again we thank our new backers for their support, and in some cases, repeated support. Our Calculation Department is working on the "Easy Touch" metrics so that we may continue to exploit your inability to say 'no' to aerospace products. We enclose here some of the stereo photographs from our latest Outsourcing Meals. The images include a "Perch", which is the fish that doesn't look like a perch, but was called that by a student's phone translator. Also there are a pair of fantastically colored dollops covered with sugar sprinkles, which are, of course, mashed potatoes. There is a general fancy dinner view, which we must admit BPL did not pay for; it was a gracious gift of our host. That doesn't mean its not photogenic though. Also there is an image of a giant earthenware vessel. Inside this thing is a coal brick fire with maybe a couple of hundred little pots stacked on top of each other. Inside each of the pots is one of 50 different kinds of soup. The guy tending the vessel knows the contents of all the pots, which are externally pretty much the same. The vessel is in the #5 student cafeteria. We had 1 Pig Knuckle and 1 Chicken Knee and Toe and Beak.
If you have one of our Stereogram Viewers and an iphone, you can download the picture to the phone and view it in 3D directly in the viewer. We would like some assistance in this experiment to see if the images are easily downloadable from sources such as this one. BPL asks owners of the viewer and an iphone to give it a try and report back here in the 'Comment' section as to the performance of the system. We will send you an extra gift for helping us out- and if you have a Stereogram Viewer, you already know what you can expect from the company that Does Less With More. If you want to see the viewers themselves, have a look at .
Thanks, again- We will post more images of outsourced products very soon!

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    1. Creator Gillian on May 5, 2010

      Green mash tastier than red?