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All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Fri, August 10 2018 1:00 AM UTC +00:00.

Travis DrakeBy Travis Drake
First created
Travis DrakeBy Travis Drake
First created
pledged of $4,500 goal
19days to go

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Fri, August 10 2018 1:00 AM UTC +00:00.

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    1. Donnie just now

      How about a sound track for a stretch goal? Even something like the music playing in the video would be cool. Have it be a downloadable mp3, or on Sound Cloud.

    2. Travis Drake Creator about 23 hours ago

      @Donnie - Playmat is looking unlikely at this point as it would be prohibitively expensive since PP is a smallbox game. There is a KS exclusive promo pack coming sometime next week though, so stay tuned for that. The art is amazing.

    3. Donnie about 23 hours ago

      Thanks! I read something about a play mat. Is that going to be an option?

    4. Travis Drake Creator about 23 hours ago

      Oh, and after the second game, all additional games ship free.

    5. Travis Drake Creator about 23 hours ago

      @Donnie - If you are in the US, that is correct.

    6. Donnie about 24 hours ago

      Oh, let me make sure I understood it right... if I got 2 games, my total cost for shipping to the US would be $18 + $2 = $20?

    7. Travis Drake Creator 1 day ago

      @Donnie - I'm sure it will pick up steam, we are almost funded. Be sure to spread the word!

    8. Donnie 1 day ago

      Not sure why this game hasn't taken off yet... 2 copies for $20 shipped is a great price.

    9. NoobleBear 1 day ago

      Ohhh mannnnn linen would be SOOOO BADASSSSSS.

    10. Travis Drake Creator 2 days ago

      @nooblebear - I am looking at 2 different upgrades right now, one is a gsm upgrade, one is a slightly sturdier core. I may end up doing both if we hit the goal. They will be glossy as a base, but linen finish cards are another stretch goal!

      Both solo mode and the promo pack are coming here soon, so hopefully we can reach our funding goal by the time they arrive. That will make stretch goals a breeze!

    11. NoobleBear 2 days ago

      Hey Travis, if we hit the card core upgrade what will they be upgraded to... do you know the details yet? Will they be glossy or matte? **Hoping for a nice matte finish!**

    12. Travis Drake Creator 2 days ago

      @Geertrui - I should have a decent looking draft ready to go next week. They are content complete, just trying to fix up the graphic design. The how to play video has complete rules while you wait!

    13. Geertrui
      2 days ago


      any idea when the rules will be available?
      thank you

    14. Travis Drake Creator 3 days ago

      @zenithsplendor Happy to have you! We have a lot of updates and surprises planned for the coming updates, so stay tuned.

    15. Zenithsplendor 3 days ago

      I am new to kickstarter and am excited for Pumpkin Patch. My sister has been an avid supporting on kickstarter for a while now and knew I would love this theme. Knowing I wanted to test out kickstarter, she suggested I start with this game. I am glad she did. I am looking forward to following along to see how it progresses....and of course playing the game!

    16. Travis Drake Creator 3 days ago

      All the next social goal steps are just a few units away, it looks like either tomorrow or the day after they will all hit at the same time! Prepping the next Gourd Attack! preview now.

    17. Kipel 3 days ago

      Boom!! That’s awesome!! Great suggestion, Chris!

    18. Travis Drake Creator 3 days ago

      @Chris - Oh, and for the second part of your comment, the box will hold all cards in the base game plus any released promos, all sleeved :)

    19. Travis Drake Creator 3 days ago

      @Adam - Stay tuned!

      @Chris - We are still finalizing the rules text graphic design. The font was chosen for readability, even though it isn't as smooth as the title font. That being said. it may change, as we are looking into graphically representing how each card scores.

    20. Missing avatar

      Chris Scott 3 days ago

      I just pledged and I'm excited to try this game out!

      If I can make a suggestion, however: The rules text on each card has kind of a harsh font to it. It's a bit distracting when actually looking at the cards. I think the card titles are good because they blend in as part of the art, but the details almost stand out too much, as if they were rushed in to place.

      OH, and please make sure the boxes are big enough to fit a full deck of sleeved cards!

      Otherwise, this looks awesome! Super excited!

    21. Missing avatar

      Adam Crear 4 days ago

      Just pledged this game looks awesome :) hoping for the solo gameplay.

    22. Travis Drake Creator 5 days ago

      @Carlos Welcome!

      @Christopher - You could technically play with 4-6 with 2 sets, there would be nothing preventing it. As a disclaimer though, the game would be a lot more tactical and a lot less strategic. Harder to plan ahead when the patch would change so much from turn to turn (which is how we settled on 2-3 players).

    23. Christopher Davis 5 days ago

      Is it playable with 4-6 if I have two sets? Much more interested in those rules than solo rules.

    24. Carlos Cintrón 5 days ago

      Backed, just joined the crew

    25. Travis Drake Creator 5 days ago

      We are close on quite a few social goals, thanks for taking the time to share everyone!

    26. Diana, Mother of Wolfies
      6 days ago

      Just read below, def interested in alternate art promo packs :) (More great art, bring it on!)

    27. Travis Drake Creator 6 days ago

      Mat may be tough given game size, but I will give it a look for feasibility. Once we unlock another social growth goal I will send an add-on update as well.

    28. Kipel 6 days ago

      + play mat!!

    29. Diana, Mother of Wolfies
      6 days ago

      +1 for card mat! And pumpkin tokens, in round real mini pumpkin shape :)

    30. NoobleBear 6 days ago

      Just found this looks super fun! Love the aesthetic! Maybe a themed card mat add-on could help with some funding goals?

    31. Mike 7 days ago

      Over 60%! Making good progress!

    32. Kipel 7 days ago

      Hehehe yes!!!!

    33. Travis Drake Creator 7 days ago

      @ Kipel There may or may not be a pumpkin token stretch goal on the horizon ;)

    34. Kipel 7 days ago

      I’m super in for a solo play mode and add on promos cards!!! Maybe some pumpkin tokens for the score tracker? :)

    35. Travis Drake Creator 7 days ago

      I've had some requests for addons. Is there any interest in alternate art promo packs? They would probably be about $3 for a pack of 10-12 cards and include 2-3 new pieces of art. KS and convention exclusive.

    36. Travis Drake Creator 7 days ago

      I am looking into a few different options to make this game more widely accessible. This includes translations of rules as well as a solo mode. Stay tuned.

    37. Travis Drake Creator on

      We are just a few retweets and a few twitter follows away from the first stretch goal, I think we can get it today!

    38. Diana, Mother of Wolfies

      Tiny portable cheap game with amazing art - awesometastic!

    39. Kipel on

      Heeeey! I just discovered this and I’m in loveeeeeee!! Share all I could to see if we can kill those SG! Best of luck!!!

    40. Ethan Garrow on

      Hey...I totally voted on the update! :p

    41. Travis Drake Creator on

      Ghost Gourd is running away with it so far!

    42. Missing avatar

      Albert McKinney

      I second Ghost Gourd

    43. Missing avatar

      Josh on

      I vote for Ghost Gourd!

    44. Travis Drake Creator on

      Just in case anyone wants to know the names of the silhouettes for the upcoming mini-expansions, they are as follows.

      Crook Neck Gourd
      Ghost Gourd
      Red Kuri

    45. Travis Drake Creator on

      Alright everyone, later today I will have an official update on social growth goals (I think we may just unlock one today). That being said, should we do a vote on which of the mini-expansions is unlocked?

    46. Travis Drake Creator on

      @Fangz Thanks!

    47. Missing avatar

      Fangz on

      Very nice looking cards, looks like alot of fun.

    48. Travis Drake Creator on

      @Lee - It can be lapped, but a new scoretracker that is bigger is being designed right now.

      @Tomas - No problem at all. I noticed right after launch but it was too late to change. It is 2019.

      @Zach - Awesome!

      @Lynda - We agree! We are updating the score tracker for twice as many spaces.

    49. Lynda Orm

      Some reviews have negative comments about the score tracker. Any there plans to change this or add scoring tokens?

    50. Missing avatar

      Zach Wetsel on

      Looks like it’ll be fun! Can’t wait to receive my copy!

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