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Inspired by classic video games, Boss Monster challenges you to become a villain, build a dungeon, lure adventurers, and destroy them!
4,689 backers pledged $215,056 to help bring this project to life.

The Final Push; and Card of the Day: Specter's Sanctum

Posted by Brotherwise Games (Creator)

The Final Push

This is it, Boss Monsters. Less than ten days left in the campaign. Less than ten days left to spread the word about Boss Monster. The excitement that's surrounded this game has carried it to places we never thought it would go, but we need that excitement to stay strong for this final push. To keep you revved up, consider taking a look at some of our early reviews again:

If you haven't read how much Father Geek and his Little Geek loved the game, you can check it out here. Or check out RantGaming's effusive shot-by-shot breakdown of the game. Worried that Boss Monster doesn't do enough to separate itself from other 8-bit nostalgia?  Set your mind at ease by reading this from Pixel Lincoln's Jason Tagmire. And by the way, he loves it.

Boss Monster isn't just a blast to look at, it's a blast to play as well.

BIG news on T-shirts. 2XL and 3XL available!

T-shirts are available! See last night's post for details. We're expanding our size offerings to include 2XL and 3XL so everyone can get in on that action.  Just add $20 to your pledge ($30 for international backers) and send us a message to let us know your size preference!

Card of the Day: Specter's Sanctum

“Okay, when I build Specter’s Sanctum it says that you have to discard a random spell card.”

“No worries; I don’t have any spell cards.”

“…But you do. I can see it right there. It says “Spell Deck” on the back.”

“D. E. C. K.”


“You said spell deck, so I did. D.E.C.K. Deck. Is it my turn now?”



“Just discard the damn card!”

“What card?”

Yes, we’ve all played that guy. And Specter’s Sanctum may cause some griefing, but it’s still worth playing as a disruption to your opponent’s strategy. When built, you may select an opponent (after asking folks how many spell cards they have, if you like), and cause that opponent to discard a random spell card, or their only spell card if they just have one.

The Sanctum isn’t a slouch room in other regards either. It gives you one holy relic and does two damage to heroes passing through. This makes it a popular “first build” room as it can rob an opponent of a key spell early on and add to your damage count right off the bat.

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Boss Monster: the T-Shirt; and Card of the Day: Freeze

Posted by Brotherwise Games (Creator)

There have been a number of Boss Monster supporters asking for Boss Monster swag for some time. These requests have not gone unheeded, just pushed to the back of the queue while we focused on the more urgent priorities of getting the game in front of everyone, posting stretch goals, responding to community comments, and working with our printer.

Having said all that, we think now might be a good time to roll out a t-shirt for all of you who want to wear your Boss Monster pride on your sleeve (or chest, at least):

For cost reasons, we'll be offering just one color (smoke grey; note that the actual color will vary from this image slightly) and one silkscreened image (Croak hanging ten on the logo). 

King Croak-on-a-shirt can be yours for just $20. To order, just add $20 to your pledge amount ($30 for international supporters) and shoot us a message letting us know that you're getting a shirt along with which size you would like (sizes are limited to Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large). Shirts will likely be shipped some time in December, but shouldn't be counted on as Christmas gifts. Shirts will be shipped to the same address used for game shipping.

On to the card of the day:

Ahh, it’s a good day to be a Boss Monster. I’ve finally built out that perfect dungeon, every room is placed to maximum effect, I’ve got a couple vicious combos in play, and I’ve just managed to lure that big epic hero from town into my dungeon. Yes, a good day indeed.

What’s that? What are you doing? A freeze spell? On my best room? Disrupting my perfect combo? And now the epic hero is going to give me two wounds instead of two souls? 

You sir, are a {CENSORED}.

In Boss Monster it’s easy to forget that your biggest enemies aren’t the heroes in town, it’s the other Bosses. And while the primary mechanic of Boss Monster is bidding for heroes, there is plenty of more direct play. Spells are the most obvious example of that head-to-head play, and Freeze is the king of disruptive spells.

Freeze introduces us to the “Deactivate” mechanic. When a room is deactivated, it is turned sideways 90 degrees in your dungeon. It stays in place, and takes up that room slot, but you do not count its treasure towards your bait phase, it does not do damage during the adventure phase, and you may not invoke its special card text during any phase. A deactivated room becomes activated again during the next build phase and should be returned to its upright position.

Freeze can be played during the build phase or during the adventure phase to differing effect. Played during the build phase, Freeze can rob an opponent of the treasure icons they need to lure in that critical hero that would put them over the top. Played during the adventure phase, Freeze can take away the critical killing power a Boss needs to slay the heroes that he or she lured in during the bait phase.  

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$100,000 Achieved ...and the Results Are In!

Posted by Brotherwise Games (Creator)

The debates are over, the votes are in, the results have been counted, and the world can finally stop holding its breath. The people have spoken... and Level-Up Tokens are in the game!

Every Kickstarter backer will receive a set of four shiny metal tokens with your copy of Boss Monster. These arcade-style coins are more than a cool collectible -- they're the perfect way to mark when your Boss Monster's Level-Up ability has triggered. Level your Boss and look cool doing it thanks to these golden coins.

Of course, this particular achievement has been unlocked thanks to the fact that today we surpassed ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS in Kickstarter support! (Cue the victory music!) We know we keep talking about blown away we are by the success of this project, and by the amount of passion we've seen in the community here. But your awesomeness keeps taking us by surprise. Nearly half of our current supporters participated in the vote for tokens versus holofoil. We didn't even think that many people were reading these daily updates! You guys rock beyond all belief.

But we know you want more than a pat on the back. You want the next stretch goal! We've heard a ton of suggestions for stretch goals, including some that we'll have to save for our next Kickstarter and some that are better suited as add-ons. But one thing we've heard loud and clear is a request for more game content -- stuff you can actually use to add variety to the game. That's what our $130,000 stretch reward is all about.

If we hit $130,000 (we're using a $30K increment this time because we actually expect the pace of pledges to increase in our final ten days), every Kickstarter backer at the PLAYER'S CHOICE level and above will receive four new promo cards and a digital kit to create custom print & play cards.

Let's break it down. These aren't just any cards. These are four very special cards, including:

  • The Brothers Wise: Because we're not above a little narcissism, we created this lovable two-headed ogre mage with a knack for always finding the right card. We think Katrina really captured our good looks.
  • Hellcow: In our final stages of playtesting, we have been honored to have game designer and novelist Keith Baker playing the game and offering crucial advice. We are big fans of Keith's work on Gloom, the Eberron D&D campaign setting, and many other games, so it's been reassuring to see such a seasoned designer having a blast with our game. To celebrate, we figured we had to immortalize his bovine alter ego as a Boss!
  • Pixel Lincoln: In launching a pixel-themed card game on Kickstarter, we knew that some people would compare us to Pixel Lincoln. But though we may have begun as rivals, that all changed when Pixel Lincoln designer Jason Tagmire ended up with a review copy of Boss Monster. He saw right away that the games are very different, but both awesome. So at Jason's suggestion, we've joined forces to bring time-traveling Pixel Lincoln to the world of Boss Monster as a truly Epic Hero ...and King Croak will be popping up as a promo card for Pixel Lincoln!
  • T.P.K.: If you've Mastered a few Dungeons, you might be familiar with the concept of a Total Party Kill. For a Boss Monster, it's the ultimate win, so we're making this very special Spell card available exclusively as part of the $130K promo pack.  It's not easy to achieve, but it's an almost certain victory if you manage to pull it off.

And to round out this stretch reward, we're offering a way for everyone to make themselves a part of Boss Monster. Whether you're an EXTRA LIFE backer who wants to make playtest cards or a pixel artist who wants to make totally slick-looking cards, we're providing you with the tools to do so.

If you want a simple mock-up, we'll provide a PDF with card frames that have blank white spots you can use to write in the relevant info. (That's shown on the left.) But for those who prefer something fancier, we're also providing a customizable template that will let you make print-and-play cards using our fonts, backgrounds and icons. (That's shown on the right.) With custom cards, the possibilities are endless!

Both of these rewards will be offered to everyone receiving the other promo cards and digital goodies included in the PLAYER'S CHOICE (and all pledge levels above it).

We hope you like the new cards and the chance to make your own creations. Wish us luck on hitting $130K, and please help us get there by continuing to spread the word!

Don't forget to vote tomorrow! And Card of the Day: Neanderthal Cave

Posted by Brotherwise Games (Creator)

For our American Boss Monsters, a choice worth pondering:

Feel free to share this important message with your Facebook and forum friends!

And for our card of the day:

The early game in Boss Monster can be characterized by hero avoidance rather than hero attraction. The fear being that heroes baited early in the game are more likely to make it through your dungeon and wound you. 

Neanderthal Cave can mix up the early game a bit due to its comparatively high damage: three. It’s the quintessential fighter room, with a magic weapon treasure type, high damage, and just one catch: once placed, you may not build an advanced room on top of it at any point in the game. Don't despair though, other normal rooms may be built on top of it.

So for the most early bang for your buck, put out a cave and let your neanderthals go to work. It's so easy a caveman could do it!

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$90k passed, and Card of the Day times two: Zombies!

Posted by Brotherwise Games (Creator)

We are well on our way to $100,000 raised, and that is amazing, folks. The word of mouth on Boss Monster has been fantastic, and we can only thank you for that.  If you haven't posted about Boss Monster yet on your favorite blog, forum, facebook page, or wherever, we encourage you to take a few minutes out of your evening and do so. Boss Monster has made it. It's going to happen, but we still need your help to get it in front of as many gamers as possible.  On to the Card of the Day:

It's Sunday night, and at Brotherwise Games HQ that means it's zombie night! As well-rounded geeks (no fat jokes please), Brothers One and Two have read a lot of comic books. That includes a certain hit comic-book-turned-TV-series that may have had an influence on the creation of this particular card:

So what makes this card powerful? On its own, Zombie Prison is a helpful multi-treasure room that gives you access to Mage and Cleric treasure. But it also has a "destroy this room" effect that lets you sacrifice your Zombie Prison to bring back one of your opponent's Heroes as a walker. The Hero is pulled from the pile of Souls in your opponent's scorekeeping area and sent back through his dungeon.

But if your opponent killed a Hero once before, won't he be able to do so again? That depends. Characters building a Thief- or Mage-oriented treasure will often "cheat" to kill a Hero with a one-shot effect like a Spell or a Trap Room that self-destructs. A well-timed Zombie Prison break can force an opponent to come up with another trick or take a Wound.

But for those times when you want the zombie to come back with a little more determination, there's always Zombie Attack. This spelled brings back a Hero with some extra Health, so it can wreak more havoc than it did in life -- just like a real zombie.