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Inspired by classic video games, Boss Monster challenges you to become a villain, build a dungeon, lure adventurers, and destroy them!
4,689 backers pledged $215,056 to help bring this project to life.

The Home Stretch

Posted by Brotherwise Games (Creator)
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You guys have done it again -- and in a big way. Today Boss Monster had its most successful day of fundraising in a campaign that has consistently blown away our expectations. This was the highest number of new backers we've seen (beating even our first day) and our highest dollar amount. It's clear that you guys are spreading the word and sending more new supporters to this campaign even as we enter the home stretch.

Speaking of stretch, tonight we'd like to review all the rewards that have been added over the course of the campaign. When we started this campaign, we held nothing back. We had no expectation that we'd hit even one stretch goal, so we wanted to make sure that the game we were offering at $12,000 was a totally complete experience. But we did have a few ideas up our sleeves, and it's a good thing, because we have now added more stretch rewards than we'd ever planned. Let's review the list...

Way back at $20,000 we added four Bosses to the eight available in the base game (plus the Golden Dragon available at the PLAYER'S CHOICE level and above). Four lucky backers claimed those Boss cards for themselves, and once the campaign closes, we'll be working with them to design the names and artwork for the cards. For now, we're calling them the Cleric Killer, the Mage Hunter, the Thief Slayer, and the Fighter's Doom. Each will have an ability that ensures they'll have the chance to destroy their chosen prey. We've never shown these cards because they're still in progress, but here's a sneak peek. As long as you pledge at the PLAYER'S CHOICE level and above, you'll have the chance to play with these Kickstarter-exclusive bad boys.

At the $25,000 level we made the decision to upgrade the quality of our cards from good-quality graycore to premium-quality bluecore cards. This isn't the flashiest change, but if you play Boss Monster as much as we hope you do, it's one you'll appreciate with every shuffle. This is the same sort of material used on Magic: the Gathering cards, so if you want to see what "bluecore" means, go rip one of your Magic cards in half and look in the middle. Just try not to pick a Black Lotus.

At $40,000 we made a commitment that won't have an immediate impact on this campaign's backers, but might have been the biggest promise we made at any level. We realized that we were making enough money to publicly announce that yes, we will be making a full 150-card expansion. Instead of making it in 2014, as we originally planned, we'd speed up the timetable and Kickstart it in 2013. And backers at the EXTRA LIFE level and above will receive advance print-and-play copies of the expansion, to make sure it's finely-tuned, perfectly-balanced, and tons of fun. Our kobolds are still working on the logo, but we've already begun initial development on the cards.

At $60,000 we added five new Spells to the base game, bringing the total from 25 to 30. Some of these spells have appeared in playtester and preview copies, but were going to be cut for space and cost reasons. Others are new Spells that we've tuned and playtested during the campaign. All of them will add a ton of fun to your Boss Monster sessions, whether you're at THE GAME level or any level above it.

At $80,000 we decided that Boss Monster was really going to have a future at retail, which made us even more motivated to give backers something that would set their copy of the game apart. At the same time, we loved our box art and didn't want to change it. So we decided to create a legendary new box sleeve that shows you're an original backer and helps keep your game box together.

At $100,000 we put holofoil cards and level-up tokens to a community vote. In a hotly debated, closely contested race (that just happened to conclude on Election Night), level-up tokens edged out foils. These authentic metal coins not only have the retro appeal of looking like arcade tokens, they're also a very helpful gameplay accessory for remembering your Boss's Level Up ability. Just place it at the left end of your playing surface to remind yourself to activate an ability when your fifth dungeon room is built, then place it on your card to remind yourself you've already activated the ability.

At $130,000 we were convinced we wouldn't have any further stretch goals, and it had been too long since we'd added more cards to the game. So for our PLAYER'S CHOICE backers and above, we added four new cards. One is in honor of fellow retro-inspired card game Pixel Lincoln, one is an homage to Boss Monster playtester and infernal bovine Keith Baker, and one is a self-indulgent opportunity for the O'Neal brothers to appear in their own game.

We also added a way to ensure that you never ran out of cards: a digital card creation kit (PowerPoint and PDF templates) that creative players can use to print their own unofficial Boss Monster cards. The card templates will come in two flavors: blank (for hand-written, hand-drawn card mock-ups) and fancy (for people who want to add their own pixel art to make more finished-looking cards).

At $160,000 we were really sure we'd hit our last stretch goal, so we made it a big one: every EXTRA LIFE backer and above will now be receiving a final production copy of our first 25-card mini-expansion, Tools of Hero-Kind. This also accelerates the release of ToHK by about three months: playtesters will receive PDF copies shortly after we ship the base set, and we plan on shipping the production copies in summer 2013.

Now, with the rest of our campaign measured in hours instead of days, the $190,000 goal that was once unthinkable now seems attainable. If backers dig deep into their wallets to support this campaign, we'll dig deep into ours to create holofoil versions of our eight core Boss cards (and the Kickstarter-exclusive Golden Dragon). This is an extra set (so any holofoil-haters out there are free to ignore them) that tells the world "I backed this game before it was cool." A still image cannot do holofoil justice, so expect the final look to be more shiny and less rainbowy. We'll also be working with our printer to limit the impact of the holofoil on readability.

Keep in mind that if you want access to every single one of the rewards mentioned above, pledge at the EXTRA LIFE level and they will be yours. The game is still a great value at the $20 base level, the PLAYER'S CHOICE and the POWER-UP PACK, but at this point the value of the EXTRA LIFE pack is pretty unbeatable.

Thanks again for making all these stretch rewards possible, and don't forget to tell your friends to Boss Monster within the next 48 hours. In a few days, the cost to pre-order Boss Monster will be $25 plus shipping, and that's without the box sleeve, the 15 Kickstarter-exclusive cards, or the mini-expansion. Friends don't let friends miss this campaign!

One Big Party: Projects you should check out, and Card of the Day: Monster's Ballroom

Posted by Brotherwise Games (Creator)

Projects you should check out

Tonight's post could have been one more appeal to you guys to find more backers for this project, but we know you've been hearing that from us for a while now, and clearly, you're doing all you can do (and more) to promote this game. So we thought we'd take a break from pushing Boss Monster tonight and make an appeal for some other Kickstarter projects that could use some love. Why? Not sure; these feelings of magnanimity are making me feel so...ooky inside. But seriously, take a look at these.

Some caveats: 1) A LOT of other Kickstarters have asked us to plug them on our page. We just can't do everybody, so we've picked a few of our favorites. 2) We have not played any of these games. This is not a Brotherwise endorsement of their game play; that would be hasty, uninformed, and arrogant; after all, we've only been in this business a month. And 3) We're not getting anything back from these Kickstarts. We've not asked them for quid pro quo cross-promotion. This is just us pointing you guys in the direction of (maybe) some other cool stuff. So, our top five:

1. Dungeon Heroes by Crash Games (17 days to go)

Something about this one just appealed to us. Simple, quick, compact. Looks like fun.

2. Storm the Castle by Giant Goblin Games (9 days to go)

Wacky fun, or so it seems to us. And you get to play the bad guys! That appeals. Yes, that definitely appeals.

3. Cairn by Castle Nystul (9 days to go)

An RPG where you get to play rodents. Let me repeat that. An RPG where you get to play rodents.

4. Lost Legends by Queen Games (15 days to go)

Ohhh! Art so pretty. Must gently caress box. Oh hello, sexy box, are you looking at...wait, am I typing this as I think it?

5. Ultimate Soldier by Home Run Games (36 days to go)

A quick and dirty tabletop card game coming at your from one of your fellow Boss Monster supporters, Michael Scott (not that Michael Scott).

Card of the day: Monster's Ballroom

Can Monsters dance?  Oh yes, monsters can dance. Can Monsters beat the holy hell out of incoming heroes? Oh yes, yes they can. Especially if you've built your dungeon right.  Monster's Ballroom is the ultimate fighter room: damage, damage, and more damage, because the Ballroom deals damage equal to the number of Monster Rooms in your dungeon (note that includes itself). That means that the Ballroom has the potential to deliver a five HP beatdown to heroes wandering into a dungeon of all Monster Rooms.  Boom.

  • Image 181941 original.png?ixlib=rb 1.1

Don't mess with a Boss Monster

Posted by Brotherwise Games (Creator)

$160,000 Falls to the Onslaught

Well, that was ridiculously fast.  You guys took down our $160K stretch goal in just three days.  What are we going to do with you?  I wish I could share with you all the e-mails we've received from folks asking how we've made this campaign so successful. Our answer is an easy one: we have the most excited, most giving, and most proactive group of backers on Kickstarter. You guys rock. recap, now that's we've destroyed $160K, that's two new KS exclusive Epic Heroes for everyone pledging at the Player's Choice level and above:

For everyone at the Extra Life level and above, we're upgrading your print-on-demand version of the Tools of Hero-Kind Mini-expansion to an honest-to-god free copy of the final expansion, and we'll send you a print-n-play PDF for playtesting soon after the Boss Monster base game comes out:

And for our Unlimited Lives and above backers, we're still giving you a copy of the print-on-demand ToHK prototype to impress and wow your friends.

The Final Push - $190,000

There are just under three days left in this campaign. Can you repeat the performance of the last three days and see another $30,000 pledged to this game? We think you can. Heck, after what we've seen, both Brothers Wise have good money on the table that you don't just meet $190K, you beat it.

So what's the final stretch goal going to be? We've actually known for a while. You see, when we held our original vote for the tokens versus holofoil cards stretch goal, we were thrilled at how into it the community got, but we were actually kind of bummed that almost half of the group felt like they had "lost" the vote. That wasn't our goal. Boss Monster (and gaming in general) is about fun and getting people to the table, and we don't want anyone to leave this funding experience feeling like they weren't welcome at the table. Honestly, it was bugging the heck out of us.

So foils are back, people. Hit $190K and for everyone pledging at the Power-Up Pack and above we'll include a bonus KS exclusive holofoil version of the eight original Boss Monsters and the Golden Dragon. Is it expensive? Yeah, honestly it is, and that kept them off the table for a while, but at $190K we're not going to have any excuses not to do it, are we? You'll have earned it the same way you've earned all the extras you've unlocked. To be clear, we're not replacing the regular cards, but adding in the nine holofoils that you'll be able to whip out whenever you're playing with non-Kickstarters.  "Oh, what's that, you've got King Croak? Cool.  Okay if I play with my glowing, shiny, amazing King Croak? Yeah, you're damn right it's okay."

Note that these are just digital mockups. The real deal will look a bit different from these.

So, get to work, people and push us to $190K and beyond! If the last three days are any indication, this is very doable, but we won't sugarcoat it, you're going to have to put some legwork in. If everyone here gets just one other person to pledge at just the intro level, we'll destroy this stretch goal.

Cards of the Day: The Cards of the Power-Up Pack

Posted by Brotherwise Games (Creator)

What a day.  What A Day, People! Almost $11,000 raised and the day's not over yet. This was the biggest day of the campaign so far, and the reason why is obvious. A quick Google search of Boss Monster reveals that all of you are out there posting the daylights out of this thing on forums (fora?) big and small.  We are thrilled, grateful, and very, very pleased to be a part of this community.

In just three days Brotherwise Games will be shifting gears and moving into the fulfillment phase of this project.  Surveys will be sent, t-shirt sizes will be double-checked, custom hero and boss cards will be created, will begin to be transformed with the addition of a store, playtesting forums, and more. Basically, things are going to go bonkers, people.  We are so excited and we couldn't have a better crew of gamers to share it all with.

Speaking of t-shirts, did you add on your t-shirt? Sport your King Croak love in one of these sexy t's:

T's are $20 ($30 for international backers). Just add the appropriate amount on to your order and drop us a message with the size you'd like (S, M, L, XL, 2XL, and 3XL available). They're only available in smoke grey.

Cards of the Day: The Cards of the Power-Up Pack

A long time ago, when this was but a wee little Kickstarter, the six bonus cards that separate the Power-Up Pack from the Game and Player's Choice tiers stood out a lot more than do now.  We thought that tonight we might revisit those long neglected cards and remind people of what you'll be getting if you pledged at the Power-Up Pack level and above. Let's look at two of them:

The first is a thief room called the Trash Compactor with a none-too-subtle reference that should still make you chuckle.

Second up, let's finally meet the mysterious hero who's been discussed in hushed whispers on the comments page, The Demigod.

Who is Demigod referencing? Some of you will surely know this one. You won't want to play every game with Demigod, since he is practically guaranteed to lay the hurt on someone, but like the other exclusive cards in this bonus pack, Demigod offers yet even more options for Boss Monster play.

That's all for tonight folks.  Tomorrow may see us break through $160K and unleash the goodies contained within.  Can we make the rumored Shangri-La of $190K before the campaign closes this weekend? What would the stretch goal even be for that level? Looks like a tough run to us, but we've learned never to underestimate you guys.

Boss Monster media blitz ...and more items!

Posted by Brotherwise Games (Creator)

Wow. Today, Boss Monster saw its biggest funding day ever. While it was a bigger-than-average day in terms of backer numbers, the majority of our growth came from existing fans upping their pledges to the Extra Life level. It's simply amazing to see that kind of dedication from people who have already supported us so much. Here at Brotherwise HQ, we're feeling a lot of love for our backers today.

In case you missed last night's update, we announced that if (when!) we achieve our $160K goal, backers at the Extra Life level and above will now receive a FINAL production copy of our first 25-card mini-expansion, Tools of Hero-Kind. Designed with the advanced gamer in mind, ToHK introduces Item cards that make Heroes more of a threat. Item cards attach themselves to Heroes arriving in town, providing a Power-Up effect that makes them unpredictable and potentially deadly. But if you can defeat an Item-carrying Hero, you get the Item and can use its Reward effect anytime.

Tonight we can show you two more Items from Tools of Hero-Kind. The Bomb features a ninja-esque Thief tossing an item that's sure to have an explosive effect on your dungeon. For the Goblin Suit, we see a delighted Hero sporting a Tanooki-esque outfit that provides camouflage from lesser monsters.

You'll notice that the Goblin Suit is an All-Purpose Item, which means it will attach itself to any Hero, regardless of class. Because frankly, while wearing a dead goblin might be functional, it's not exactly classy. And you thought they smelled bad on the outside!

With these cards revealed, we hope you see how cool the Extra Life pledge level will be, and how crucial it is to hit $160,000. With that in mind, we want to ask you, our amazing community of fans, to end this campaign with a final social media blitz. Here's how you can help:

  • Tell your friends on Facebook, Google Plus, MySpace, Friendster ... whatever site the kids are using these days. All it takes is a quick "I'm strangely excited about this game" kind of status update, and a link to
  • If you're on Twitter, give us a tweet! Follow us at @BossMonsterGame, write a quick tweet about us, and join existing conversations about Boss Monster.
  • If you're on Reddit, upvote posts like this one or create a new post!
  • If you're a member of BoardGameGeek, visit the Boss Monster page, become a Fan, and talk about it on relevant boards.

Finally, if you're a member of a forum that has anything to do with videogames, tabletop games, or pop culture, write a post! We've tried to avoid spamming forums where we're not members, but if any of you are active members of the following communities, we think they'd love to hear about Boss Monster from one of their own.

The funny thing about Boss Monster is how much success we've had given the fact that we've done almost no real marketing. Aside from a few awesome websites like ToplessRobot and Nintendorks sending some backers our way, almost all our supporters have either come from within Kickstarter or via direct referrals from friends. So if we can expand our little universe even a little wider, the effects could be huge.

Hopefully this doesn't sound greedy. We could stop right now and be 1000% better off than we ever hoped of being when we started this project. But think of it this way: after this Sunday, Boss Monster: Master of the Dungeon will never again be this affordable, and will never again come with Kickstarter-exclusive cards like the Power-Up Pack and Creator Pack. So do your friends a favor and make sure they know about Boss Monster before it's too late!

Go forth, and spread the villainous word of Boss Monster!