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Inspired by classic video games, Boss Monster challenges you to become a villain, build a dungeon, lure adventurers, and destroy them!
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Boss Monster Print-and-Play Arrives

Posted by Brotherwise Games (Creator)

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Pre-Production, Orccon, and More

Posted by Brotherwise Games (Creator)

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An Important Production Update

Posted by Brotherwise Games (Creator)

Greetings, Boss Monsters.

February is almost upon us, and we know many of you are champing at the bit to open your Boss Monster box and get to work building dungeons and slaying heroes. With that in mind, let's start with what we've accomplished so far

  • Prototypes have been shipped to all pledge levels that included one.
  • T-shirts have been shipped for those who added one to their pledge.
  • The soundtrack and the Boss Monster Strategy Guide have been sent to all pledge levels that included them.
  • Final playtesting has been finalized and some last-minute changes incorporated, including some changes suggested by prototype players on the Boardgamegeek forums.
  • All card art for custom cards has been finalized.
  • Final turnover print files (high-res print ready files of cards, box art, and the rulebook) will all have been sent to our manufacturing partner in the next 24 hours.

We've accomplished a lot, and we've continued to see an active Boss Monster community on the Kickstarter page, the Facebook page, and the Boardgamegeek forums. That's the good news.

And now the bad news. After further discussion with our game printer, Panda Game Manufacturing, we've learned that Boss Monster will not be shipping to customers (including Kickstarter backers) until May. We know this will be a horrible disappointment for many of you, and you're wondering what happened to incur such a delay. The short answer is that we drastically underestimated the time that pre-production (3-4 weeks), production (4-5 weeks) and overseas freight shipping (another 4-5 weeks) would take for Boss Monster after our files were turned over.

To be clear, the fault is ours, not Panda's, and Panda has assured us that they are going to do everything in their power to accelerate production on the game while also keeping the game up to our quality standards. While there is a possibility that Boss Monster will ship earlier, we don't want to make another false delivery estimate, so we're sticking with the more conservative estimate of May.

This is a bitter pill for us to swallow, and we know it is for you, too. So what are we going to do to make it up to you?


  • First and foremost, we're going to be sending a print-and-play version of the core game to ALL backers in February. This will be full-color PDF copy of the game that you can print out, cut out, and play to your heart's content. We know it's not what you were hoping for, but we hope that it will tide you over until the real thing arrives on your doorstep in May.
  • We'll also be posting a full color PDF version of the final rulebook on our webpage for anyone to download and use.
  • By the end of the month, we'll be opening the Brotherwise Games forums for variant play testing and community commenting on the game.
  • In March we'll be sending the digital content creation kit to everyone at the Player's Choice level and above so that you can make your own cards to add to the print-and-play kit.
  • In April we'll begin our game-launch marketing push by sending you a set of Boss Monster desktop wallpapers that will feature all eight original bosses.For backers who included 10-Doh figures in their orders, they will also ship by early April.
  • In May we'll be shipping the game, with a final extra boss card added to every copy as our way of saying sorry for the wait: Anererak, the Hidden Lich.

Finally, you will be hearing more from us now that we have provided our files to Panda. We did not want to share this news earlier because we didn't want to provide a vague "we're delayed" announcement without a very clear timeline in place. We were also spending every free moment proofing and preparing our final print files. But now we can spend more time providing production updates, like this production image of the Kickstarter Exclusive Boss Monster metal tokens.

We send this update with our sincerest apologies for this delay, and a profound thank you to all of you for helping make this game happen, even if it's going to happen later than we had intended.

Brotherwise Games

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Brotherwise Q&A

Posted by Brotherwise Games (Creator)

Happy New Year, Boss Monsters!

It's been a while since we posted an update, but for good reasons. We've been working hard to get our print files finalized and uploaded and we're moving forward on other deliverables as well.  All prototypes have been mailed, T-shirts have gone out, we're working with Squidkids Inc. on the 10-dohs, and we've finalized almost all the custom cards in the game. Needless to say, it's been a busy month since last we talked.

We did find some time to sit down and answer the questions that you submitted after our last update, and you can watch the whole thing on our Youtube channel:

Let's just say that it's a good thing the game-making thing is going pretty well, because the Brothers Wise will not be taking Hollywood by storm any time soon. With that disclaimer, for those of you curious about how Boss Monster was created, and our current plans for the game and its expansions, the interview does have some tidbits.

Our goal is to have all our files to Panda Game Manufacturing this week, so we'll be checking back in this weekend with another update on when we expect the game to ship.


What's going on at Brotherwise?

Posted by Brotherwise Games (Creator)

Greetings Boss Monsters,

It's been a little while since we sent out a full update, and we wanted to bring you up to speed on our progress on the various game deliverables. We've been making great progress behind the scenes, starting with our first update...

Prototypes are Ordered!

On Saturday we placed the last of the orders for the prototypes going to our Super Speed and Unlimited Lives backers (and anyone whose pledge included either of those levels). As previously stated, we're using The Game Crafter for our prototyping. We've been thrilled with their quality for playtesting and preview copies. For you budding game designers, they're a great place to get individual units of your games-in-progress printed. They are not, however, a full-fledged printer of the types of games you see in your local game store. That means that your copy is likely to be somewhat "unique," with some minor printing issues like some cards that are slightly off center. (Here's a look at what to expect.) We think you Super Speedsters are going to be quite happy with what you're getting, but keep the "prototype" nature of this initial product in mind (in terms of gameplay as well, which may change from prototype to final product). Of course, serious printing problems that make game play impossible can be reported to us and we'll arrange for a replacement.

The Game Crafter has assured us that all prototypes will ship before Dec. 25th, and that all of the domestic orders should get delivered to our backers before Christmas (and most of the international orders as well). We placed our international orders first and used USPS priority shipping for both domestic and international orders (thus the high shipping fees). We will NOT be automatically sending you your tracking information for these orders. If you have not received your prototype by January 1, let us know at and we'll figure out what happened.

Strategy Guide is Almost Complete

Sometime in the last month we had the brilliant idea to really ramp up the content of the Strategy Guide. "We'll include every room and spell card!" someone said. "More strategy! More sneak peeks! Aghhhhh!!!!" Needless to say, the Strategy Guide has been delayed, but delayed for what we think are good reasons. We're hoping to send it out as soon as possible, but in all realism, we're going to "promise" the Guide before Dec. 25th and say no more about it until then. The Boss Monster MP3 sound track will "ship" at the same time.

Final Printing and Shipping Conversations Underway

With a February ship date as our goal, we've also had to spend a fair bit of time on discussion with our printers and our shipping services. I'm happy to report that progress is being made and we're near a final quote from all our providers. For those of you waiting on 10-Dohs and T-shirts, don't fret, we're working on those diligently as well.

Boss Monster: The Wiki!

We're working on the Brotherwise website and forums, with the goal of making it the key destination for Boss Monster discussions and feedback. If you haven't yet, check out the BWise store at Playtester and community forums will not be finalized until the new year, so to tide you over, check out the work that Super Boss Doctor Scarecrow has been putting into a Boss Monster wiki at The good Doctor frequents the comments section here, so catch him there if you'd like to help out with the wiki.

"Ask Brotherwise" Video

During the hustle and bustle of the Boss Monster Kickstarter campaign, the Brothers Wise couldn't find much time to talk about questions other than the game itself. We ignored a lot of questions that people had about us, our company, or the history and design process that led to Boss Monster. So we decided that now is the time! This is your chance to ask us anything (keep it clean, people). Over the holidays we'll record a video response to our favorite questions and post it in the new year. You can use the form here to ask your questions.

A New Company Demands a New Logo!

Brotherwise Games is a reality now, and while it's tough to know what the future holds, we know that we're committed to keeping this company going and growing. So, after a fair bit of equivocating, we've finally decided on a logo for the company. Here you'll see the unembellished logo that will go on our correspondence and the "customized" version that will go on our fantasy-themed games. Our goal is to always have a slightly varied logo that echoes the themes of our various games. We hope you like it, and we hope it communicates the fun and whimsy of the games we hope to make.

Thanks for your continued support and your patience as we work toward getting the game in your hands!