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Inspired by classic video games, Boss Monster challenges you to become a villain, build a dungeon, lure adventurers, and destroy them!
4,689 backers pledged $215,056 to help bring this project to life.

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Stretch Goals Announced! Add-Ons Explained!

Posted by Brotherwise Games (Creator)

Good evening, Kickstarters! It's time for two announcements that a lot of our backers have been asking for: stretch goals and add-ons.

Stretch Goals

We have promised great stretch rewards, and we hope you'll like what you see here. It starts to kick in at $20,000 -- a goal that is crazily within our reach. Check out the chart!

For more details, here's what we're offering:

$20,000: New Bosses
We will add four new Kickstarter-exclusive Boss cards for everyone who pledges at the $25 and above. So not only will you get the Golden Dragon and some great digital goodies, you'll get four new Boss Cards to add variety to your game. If we hit this level, we will also unlock a new pledge level: The New Boss! It's something a lot of people have asked for -- another way to put themselves in the game -- and it will be available at $300.

$25,000: Premium Printing
No matter what, we're planning a very high-quality print run with Panda Games Manufacturing. But if we can hit $25,000 we will invest even more into the game. The cards will be upgraded from graycore to bluecore, which means they'll be more durable and feel better in your hands. This is a reward that will improve the play experience of every single backer! We'll also be improving the quality of the box with slick spot UV printing, to make your first-edition Boss Monster package even more of a collector's item.

$40,000: A Full Expansion
If we hit $40,000 and beyond we will be able to re-invest our proceeds into accelerating the development of a full expansion in 2013! This expansion is already in the early stages of development, but we will commit to Kickstarting it in 2013, and providing an early print-and-play copy for every Boss Monster supporter with Playtester status (anyone who has pledged $40 and above). We can't say much about the theme of this expansion yet, but if our funding hits the sort of peak we're hoping for, there will be no barrier to creating it!

$??,???: More Rewards!
We're holding off on setting all the levels, since we're still getting a sense of how big this could be! We have some already in the planning stages, but your suggestions can still help guide us. Everyone has different rewards that would motivate and excite them, so please post your thoughts below! Our goals are to find ways to reward players who pledge at higher levels, to maximize the gameplay experience for our first release, and to invest in continuing to grow the Boss Monster game system.


Kickstarter doesn't currently allow one account to select multiple pledge rewards, but if you want to double-up on a pledge, we can make that happen!

For any non-limited pledge level, just add the cost of that level (including shipping) to your existing order and send us a message. We will add it to your order! Example: If you want two Power-Up Packs, select that option, then pay $60 ($80 if you live outside of the U.S.) and you will get two sets mailed to you!

If you want a Mini 10-Doh, we are adding a new version only available during Kickstarter. This is a limited run that will never be produced again after this campaign ends. Just add $20 to your order ($30 outside of the U.S.) and this awesome figure will be shipped to you! For more on So Analog! figures and to get a look at the limited edition packaging, visit Squid Kids Ink!

So that's the news for now! We are on track to make all of these stretch goals happen if we keep up our momentum, so keep spreading the word, Liking these updates, and maybe even increasing your pledge amounts to tap into these bonuses! Thanks for all your input so far, and we'll keep the updates coming.

Boss Monster gameplay video now live!

Posted by Brotherwise Games (Creator)

Hey there, Boss Monsters! Since we announced our campaign, one of the most frequent requests has been for a video of gameplay. On the main project page, we have shared links to the full rules and a Boss Monster 101 article that covers the game's core mechanic of dungeon-building. We recommend that you skim at least one of those to get a sense of the game's rules. But for a more in-depth look, here is a video that shows you how the game is played. Check it out!

In the comments section, let us know your thoughts and questions! We'll be back online tonight to answer them. And stay tuned to our Kickstarter page over the course of our campaign for more card previews and gameplay articles.

Boss Monster hits its goal in one day!

Posted by Brotherwise Games (Creator)

Yesterday morning, we launched Boss Monster into the world with a lot of trepidation and our fingers firmly crossed. We knew we had a great game, but we'd also seen enough Kickstarter projects to know that $12,000 was not an easy goal to hit.

Today, a little over 24 hours after we launched the product, we have achieved our goal. This is crazy, guys! The support of the Kickstarter community has been astounding. Some of the pledges here are from friends and family members, but the vast majority are from total strangers and Kickstarter browsers. To anyone who just happened upon Boss Monster and decided to give it a try, thank you! To those of you at Nintendorks, Rantgaming, Comicbuzz, and everyone who posted on Facebook to tell their friends, thank you!

Of course, we have 30 days left to go, which means this is just the beginning. Over the next few days, you can expect to see:

  • Another way for supporters to get limited edition So Analog! Mini 10-Doh Figures. A lot of people love these, but they were tied into our very limited Hero and Epic Hero levels. Squid Kids Ink will make more of the gray cartridge versions available, but they will only be available as part of this Kickstarter. After this campaign, the limited edition Boss Monster figures will never be sold again.
  • More pledge levels. We can't promise that anything will be as awesome a value as the Hero and Epic Hero levels -- we priced those low to be an "early bird special" -- but we'll provide more ways for people to get great rewards for pledging. at higher levels.
  • Stretch goals and stretch rewards. The higher our numbers go, the more goodness we can unlock. From additional exclusive cards to improvements and extras, we will focus on making the game the best it can be.

Stay tuned over the weekend for all the details, and for even more updates. A lot of people have requested a gameplay video, and we'll be posting one on our YouTube channel as soon as editing is complete. For those of you who are in the Los Angeles/Pasadena area, we will be doing live game demos this Saturday from 2-5 pm at the amazing Game Empire Pasadena. If you can make it, visit their Facebook page and sign up!

Also, please sign up for the official Boss Monster Facebook page! We are trying to avoid spamming the backer updates here at Kickstarter, so the Facebook page is your best source for the latest news and discussion.

Thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts. Now let's see how big we can make this!

Johnny and Chris O'Neal