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Inspired by classic video games, Boss Monster challenges you to become a villain, build a dungeon, lure adventurers, and destroy them!
4,689 backers pledged $215,056 to help bring this project to life.

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$40,000 Stretch Goal Reached!

Posted by Brotherwise Games (Creator)

Tonight we reached our third stretch goal for Boss Monster, and in a lot of ways it's the most important one yet. When we launched this campaign, we envisioned that we would launch the game and one 25-card mini-expansion in 2013. When we first started seeing pledges move much faster than we expected, we decided that if we hit $40,000, we would re-invest the proceeds toward accelerating the future of the game.

This is good news for all our backers, because it means that you have more Boss Monster to look forward to. We love games that don't require extra cards to play, but have the option to add cards to give players more variety. We had originally planned to begin development of a full expansion in 2014, but now we can afford to condense that timetable to 2013.

This doesn't mean we can make the new expansion available for free -- it will require a Kickstarter of its own to pay the high costs of going to print -- but this stretch goal does include a reward for all supporters at the EXTRA LIFE level and above: early access to a print-and-play version of the expansion.

So now, if you are an EXTRA LIFE backer, you get all the benefits of the preceding levels: the game, the bonus digital goodies, the Kickstarter-exclusive Golden Dragon and Power-Up Pack cards, and the four new Boss cards we unlocked at $20,000. You also become a Brotherwise Games playtester, with access to playtester-only forums. And most importantly, you get playtester access to two expansions in 2013.

We call the first expansion Tools of Hero-Kind, and we can't wait to tell you more about it. Think of ToHK as a "hard mode" for the game, a 25-card mini-expansion that equips Heroes with Items that make them more threatening and more unpredictable. Here's a look at the logo:

EXTRA LIFE backers will be mailed a physical playtest copy of Tools of Hero-Kind. It won't be quite as fancy as our premium bluecore production cards, but the card art and mechanics will be near-final. (The quality will be equivalent to the copies we've been using for reviewers and demo days.)

The new expansion is a lot bigger. In fact, it's a full 150-card set that will be playable as a standalone game, as an addition to the current game, or as a library of cards that players can use to customize their own experience. The theme of the game keeps the Heroes we know and love, but it introduces a stronger dose of sci-fi influenced by classic games like Metroid, Crystalis, and the classic D&D adventure Expedition to the Barrier Peaks. We call it... Crash Landing. And as you can tell by the kobolds, the logo is still under construction:

If you are an EXTRA LIFE backer, you can play Crash Landing before we even launch our next Kickstarter campaign. We will e-mail you a print-and-play PDF version of the expansion months ahead of the final release, and we'll be looking to you for feedback on everything about its development. If you want to help us design new cards and new game mechanics -- or if you just want to play with some new cards before anybody else -- you definitely want to pledge at the EXTRA LIFE level or above.

In the coming days and weeks, we will share more information on both of these expansions. But for now, we still have plenty to reveal about the core set. And about our next stretch goal!

If we hit $60,000 -- and if you guys keep this up, we feel that's very achievable -- we will add more cards to the base game. Every copy of Boss Monster will come with an expanded set of 5 Spell cards that will give your Boss even more ways to break the rules! Leading the pack is Grogg the Motivational Orc. His slogan: "Where there's a whip, there's a way!"

Beyond that? A Kickstarter-exclusive packaging upgrade that will give your game a truly legendary look...

Here at Brotherwise Games HQ, our evil hearts are as happy as they've ever been. Boss Monster isn't just happening, it's going to keep happening. Thanks for all your support, and please share this exciting news with all your gaming friends!

Card of the Day: Brainsucker Hive

Posted by Brotherwise Games (Creator)

“Well, this room doesn’t look so bad,” said the intrepid mage to his pal. 

“Aww, look at this little jelly fish guy, he’s adora….AAAAAHHHHH, AAAAAHHHHH!!!! GET IT OFF ME!!!! GET IT OFF….grbllglggg…”


Yep, looks like another hapless adventurer got brainsucked. That is a bummer for him. But it’s a win-win for you, the Boss Monster. Brainsucker Hive is a nifty card and a complex one, so it gives us the chance to talk about some more card characteristics. 

First off, Brainsucker Hive is a “mage treasure” room (lower right corner) that is going to contribute to your luring in mages when they show up in town. 

Most mage rooms do pretty pitiful damage, but Brainsucker Hive isn’t so bad, with a damage of two (most heroes have 4-6 hit points, so the Brainsuckers will take a big bite out of them). 

The Hive is a normal monster room, meaning you can build it in any open room slot of your dungeon, or build it on top of any room in your dungeon. 

Lastly, Brainsucker Hive has a powerful “kill effect.” The card text says that “if a hero dies in this room, you may draw a spell card.” This means you’ve got to be strategic about where you place the Hive, so that you can take maximal advantage of this powerful effect. 

That's all for now. Look for another card preview tomorrow! 

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Card of the Day: The Golden Dragon

Posted by Brotherwise Games (Creator)

We’re kicking off the Card of the Day series with the biggest baddie in all of Boss Monster: The Golden Dragon. He (she? how do you tell with a dragon?) doesn’t have a name yet because we’re waiting for the word from the $500 backer who claimed this item. So in the meantime, we call him "TBD."

TBD starts the game as a “Thief treasure” Boss (see that bag of money in the lower right corner of the card?), meaning that from the very beginning of the game, you’ll have an edge in luring in Thieves.

All the Boss cards in Boss Monster have a treasure type associated with them. Where TBD differs is in his unusually powerful Level Up ability. The first time you build out your dungeon to five cards, TBD gains one each of all the other treasure types in the game: the Cleric’s Ankh, The Fighter’s Sword, and the Mage’s Tome. That means that suddenly you’ve got a boss who’s contributing to your dungeon’s attractiveness to each and every Hero type. This is huge, and this edge in bidding for Heroes makes other Boss Monsters green with envy. Just be careful... when the Epic Heroes show up in town, you'd better have a powerful dungeon to defeat all the Heroes you'll be luring!

In game lore, TBD’s dungeon is the most dangerous in the land of Arcadia, and heroes just can’t resist the fame and glory that could come out of adventuring there. He’s the ultimate Boss Monster, and that’s why we’re offering him here as a Kickstarter exclusive. TBD won’t be offered in the general retail release of Boss Monster; he’s just for you guys as a thank-you for everything you’ve done to make this game happen.

For more on Boss cards, check out this article at!

Second Stretch Goal Reached!!

Posted by Brotherwise Games (Creator)

It seems like just yesterday that we hit our first stretch goal, but overnight we achieved another milestone! Now that we have crossed the $25,000 mark, we are able to afford a larger print run that slightly reduces our costs per unit. We're putting that money right back into the game, increasing the card quality from graycore to bluecore (the card stock used by top trading card games). We're also going to make the box more durable and more attractive.

These are improvements that will apply to our entire first print run, so everyone on Kickstarter (from "THE GAME" supporters on up), will be able to enjoy these benefits! These improvements will also be carried into the retail version of the game, and you can count on future expansions matching this quality.

In other news, we had a fantastic demo day at Game Empire Pasadena. We were thrilled by the folks who had come out just to see Boss Monster, including one player who came all the way from San Diego! Everyone who played seemed to have a fun time, and attendee Neil Kimball had this to say in our comments section after the event:

Just played a demo version at Game Empire Pasadena with Johnny, one of the creators. After half a demo game and two full games I came back and immediately pledged. The game is so much fun: really well thought out with a ton of detail (in artwork and name references especially). The amount of variety included in just the base set is pretty nice, and with more promo cards and lots of ideas for expansions, I think this game is going to be hitting the table for a long time (once it releases). My suggestion: pledge and enjoy!

Thanks, Neil! And thanks again to everyone who is pledging. For anyone who lives in the vicinity of LA but who could not make the Saturday event, Chris is holding a Sunday demo event at Majestix CCG in Costa Mesa, CA (2075 Newport Blvd, Suite 104).

Photos from the Game Empire event:

Now we have a big goal in our sights: at $40,000 we will have raised enough funds to commit to ongoing support for Boss Monster as a game! It's a big target, but if we continue at anything like the rate we've sustained so far, it's definitely achievable. And as we move toward $40K, stay tuned to your backer updates for more information on gameplay, more details on pledge levels, and card previews! Thanks for being an amazing community, and keep spreading the word!

First Stretch Goal Reached!!!

Posted by Brotherwise Games (Creator)

Wow!  Look at you guys!  You did it.  Our first stretch goal reached in just over two days.  We are blown away by the response to this game and in awe of the ownership you guys have taken of it. This is Kickstarter at its best.  We are tracking to hit our $25,000 stretch goal soon, and that's a reward that's going to benefit everyone - better cards, better box, better printing all around.  We've had some good conversations out partners at Panda Game Manufacturing and they're as excited as we are about delivering the best possible product for all of you.

But wait, there's more...

The four new Boss Monsters have been unleashed, but they haven't yet been discovered.  In recognition of how much ownership the community has taken for this game, we're letting four brave supporters take the reins on designing these bad boys.  That's right, it's another opportunity to customize a card. This time, you can become a Boss Monster that will ship with every Kickstarter version of the game.  The Fighter's Doom? the Mage Hunter? the Cleric Killer? The Thief Slayer?  Which will you become?  Those title's are just temporary; sponsor one of these cards and you'll get to pick the name (pending our approval) and work hand-in-hand with our artists to guide the card art for your Boss.

Look in the rewards section for these four new rewards and unleash your inner Monster!

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