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Inspired by classic video games, Boss Monster challenges you to become a villain, build a dungeon, lure adventurers, and destroy them!
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Boss Monster 2 Live on Kickstarter!

Posted by Brotherwise Games (Creator)

Greetings, Boss Monsters of old!

You chosen few. You progenitors of Arcadia's darkness. You who brought Boss Monster clawing up from the dank earth to spread across the land. It is time to sow your villainy once again as a new crop of Heroes tries to tame Arcadia's villains in...

Boss Monster 2 is an all-new set with more Bosses (twelve of them!!!), more card variety, and more ways to crush puny Heroes! Here are just a few of the things that make it our favorite Boss Monster experience yet:

  • Dark Heroes -- the Hitman, Barbarian, Witch, and Vampire -- can be "paid" to deal more damage to an opponent. 
  • Hybrid Heroes -- the Swordmage, Druid, Archer and Necromancer -- are drawn to two treasure types and feature powerful abilities. 
  • Epic Spells -- like Lightning Bolt! and It's On! -- give you the option to unlock more powerful effects if you meet a prerequisite. 
  • More cross-table effects, like "cycling" Rooms let you discard cards to affect an opponent's dungeon. 
  • More access to Spells, through Cleric Rooms as well as Mage Rooms. ...and more! 
  • Boss Monster 2 features more overall variety and fewer duplicate cards, to keep the game fresh after dozens of plays.

Boss Monster 2 raised $75,000 in it's first 24 hours, but we're only running a two week campaign, and we need your help to make it the biggest it can be. So check out the Boss Monster 2 campaign and show these young upstarts how the original Boss Monsters do it.

Your Colleagues in Hero Slaying,

The Brothers Wise

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