Boss Monster: the Dungeon-Building Card Game

by Brotherwise Games

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    1. George Campbell

      You guys give me warm and fuzzy feelings with how you do business. Keep it up!

    2. Joseph Bullock-Palser on

      Congrats.. But I have a question that you knew would be asked..

      How does unlimited lives play into this?

    3. DZ Zee on

      Cannot wait! Two things to look froward to-- the app and BM2. Woot!

    4. Skimple on

      That's great news guys!! Congrats! But why in the world is this now called SUPER Boss Monster in the tradition of all great console to console sequels.

    5. Brotherwise Games 4-time creator on

      Ian, we definitely intend for there to be a Super Boss Monster in the future!

      Joseph, we'll provide exact details when the campaign goes live but Unlimited Backers will be definitely be entitled to the Kickstarter edition of Boss Monster 2!

      George, thanks! We admire other geeky entrepreneurs who have found ways to raise money for charity, and working with Patrick Rothfuss as a Worldbuilders sponsor has been especially inspiring. Our hope is to find more ways to support these causes in the future!

    6. Timothy Van Cleve on

      I'll kick off the blue dragon, but I have a feeling I'll be bid out rather quickly. Sad for me, good for charity.

    7. Massimiliano Luisi on

      Will you include the print and play version of the card from the last kickstarter (the videogame one) as a stretch goal/add on?
      I totally would take them

    8. Timothy Van Cleve on

      Huh. I didn't expect to be outbid that fast. I think your charity run is going to do quite well.

    9. Kevin B. on

      Is this going to be a stand-alone? Will we be able to combine the sets?

    10. Karlen on

      I hope it's named something like "Boss Monster 2: Electric Avenue" or "Boss Monster 2: Not Dead Yet!"

    11. Sarah Reed

      Looking forward to this! And definitely want to know whether Boss Monster 2 is compatible with the first.

    12. Rawnkin on

      Boss Monster is easily the best and most playable game I've received through Kickstarter, and you guys run business in a great way. I'm stoked for Boss Monster 2!

    13. Hassan Lopez on

      This was a great announcement. And I really hope this new set is compatible with the first, so that we can just add more variety to our experience.

    14. Dan Rodriguez on

      I really hope that this is compatible with the first game! It would be cool to be able to combine the 2 together. Not that that's going to stop me from buying it obviously!

    15. The Redheaded Pharmacist

      Will the Boss Monster 2 KS campaign have a pledge level that includes the Tools of a Hero-Kind expansion?

    16. Brotherwise Games 4-time creator on

      Kevin, it will work as standalone or in combination with the original!

      Karlen, it will be called "The Next Level," but we almost went with "Boss Monster 2: Electric Boogaloo."

    17. Timothy Van Cleve on

      Blast! I tried, but they slipped through my fingers each final moment. Congrats to the winning bidders, and ultimately the charities. Now, allow me to go slink into a corner.