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Become a boss, build a dungeon, and destroy puny heroes! The best-selling indie card game is coming to PC, iPad and Android tablets.
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Calling All (Hidden) Heroes!

Posted by Brotherwise Games (Creator)

Sometimes there's just not enough fun to go around the first time you do something. That's what happened with Boss Monster's original campaign when we released our "Create Your Own Hero" pledge levels. Every single one of those pledges sold out on the first day, and over and over again we've heard requests to bring that opportunity back. So, if you've ever wanted to have your own character brave Arcadia's dungeons, now's your chance.

We're bringing back the "Create your own Hero" pledge levels, but with a twist: for years a quiet group of mysterious heroes has labored in the shadows of Arcadia's dungeons. They've taken the quests others wouldn't take, slain the most terrifying monsters, braved the most gruesome traps. These Hidden Heroes have done Arcadia's dirty work, and now their time has finally come. And so has yours.

Back us at the Hidden Heroes Pledge Level and become one of Digital Boss Monster's Hidden Heroes. Craft a hero or epic hero who will be immortalized in pixel art, played against by thousands, and yes, be regularly snacked on by hungry Boss Monsters.

We're looking for you to create a hero with a less-than-savory backstory. Do you have an undead assassin you want to bring to life? A dark elf fighter who's down on his luck? A warlock who dabbled one time too many in the dark arts (she's seen things, man!)? This is your chance. Pledge at the Hidden Heroes Level and you'll get to work with Brotherwise Games to design the look, feel, and flavor text of your mysterious hero. In keeping with their theme, these Hidden Heroes will be an unlockable hero set only accessible after unlocking a key achievement in the game.

Now, this isn't just a promise to be in the digital version of the game. We know you crave gaming immortality as much as the next guy. So, pledge at this level and you can look forward to seeing your hero in print. If you back at this level, you'll receive everything from the Paper and Pixels pledge level, as well as the unique rewards of this level:

  • Your hero or epic hero, and the other Hidden Heroes, will be an unlockable alternative hero set in the digital version of the game.
  • You'll also receive four copies of a physical version of your hero's or epic hero's card (we'll even sign one of them for you).
  • And, in keeping with the theme of this hero set, the Hidden Heroes will show up in a surprise printing of Boss Monster sometime in the coming year.

This pledge level isn't for everyone, but if you see your character haunting the alleyways of Arcadia, or doing the dirty work of those "shinier" heroes, we think you've got what it takes to become a Hidden Hero!

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    1. Bob Anderson on

      I'd love for there to be a way to get physical copies of all Hidden Heroes as an add on pledge

    2. Joe Maubach on

      Any way we can get the Hidden Heroes as physical cards as well? Perhaps as an add-on to our pledge level?

    3. Brett Buerhaus on

      Ahh, I would have loved to increase my pledge and create a boss. Just got home from work and they are all gone already!

    4. Matthew Lam on

      Wow, people really like being thieves.

    5. donnbobhardy

      @Kyle - I was just talking about the heroes. I would imagine (perhaps incorrectly) that the special print run will not have twice as many heroes, but will just have the new ones. Therefore, you would need to buy the game now to get the old heroes and again later to get the new ones.

    6. Kyle Denna on

      Oh! @donnbobhardy - and I meant back for the paper and pixels and a regular hero and either add the print game that already exists or wait til next year. The only extra cards in this thing for the KS are already in paper and pixels as I read it. The add on paper games are just the ones you could get anywhere. I'd love to be proven wrong though ;-) I missed the first one by about 12 hours :-(

    7. Kyle Denna on

      Sigh. Yeah. I guess I can just print the cards on some card stock and sleeve everything :/

    8. donnbobhardy

      @Kyle - If you wait until that print run, I imagine that you won't get the heroes in THIS print run. I'm pretty sure you'll need to buy the game twice to get them all. However, it is important to note that having more than the allotted Ordinary Heroes can break the game. Having too many doesn't add anything to the game. However, I imagine that the art will end up on the wiki.

    9. Kyle Denna on

      So if I want to add the 29 for the game and expansion (I missed the first one) I would only get my hero since the others will be in a print next year? Mm... It might be best to wait then for the game for me. Should I wait til next year to buy the game? Will you notify us we can purchase that print run so I can get the other heroes? Or do I just have to chase them on ebay someday?

    10. Mark Woo on

      Sweet! Can't wait to create an epic thief! How much can we add on from the $300 tier to get a physical copy of the game with the expansion?

    11. Questor Thorn on

      Very cool to bring this back, I'm sure it gives some pretty interesting heroes. Although I must confess that after yesterday's update, I was thinking/wishing that playable heroes/asymetric gameplay were being introduced for BM 2....Still this is pretty cool.

    12. Brotherwise Games 4-time creator on

      Hi folks,

      Some quick answers here and then I'll also respond in the main comments area.

      @Michael: Regarding getting both a hero card and the iOS beta pledge. We looked for ways to do it and ultimately couldn't find a satisfactory one. I'm afraid you're looking at creating two Kickstarter accounts if you want those two pledges at the same time. Android beta folks can, of course, just add the $46 Android pledge amount on to their Hidden Hero pledge and let us know.

      @Lawrence: That does sound bad. Has she leveled up yet?

      @Dekar: No, 'fraid not.

      @Senor: That's half the reason we're doing this! We loved the cards we got the first time around and we're very curious to see what we get this time.

      Brother One

    13. Senor L Roboto on

      I really enjoyed the characters/backstories for the heroes in the base game. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with this time around!

    14. donnbobhardy

      @Dekar - Based on everything we've been told, I would say no. It would be an extra 40 cards after all (41 with the boss). You'll have the digital versions though.

    15. Missing avatar

      Dekar on

      Do we get a copy of the new heros with the $16 version?

    16. Paweł Szwarc on

      Fortunately I receive my payout 10th each month so I should be all right in 17 days, when Amazon starts knocking at the door ;-)

    17. Justin

      Your earlier question reminded me of Quest for Glory. So you want to be a Hero?

      Would be epic to have 4 hero cards made that represent the Thief, Fighter, Wizard and Paladin.

    18. Lawrence Raven on

      Think my Wife Monster would kill me if I backed this.

    19. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    20. Grimoire Studios on

      Man. Wish I could afford it