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Become a boss, build a dungeon, and destroy puny heroes! The best-selling indie card game is coming to PC, iPad and Android tablets.
Become a boss, build a dungeon, and destroy puny heroes! The best-selling indie card game is coming to PC, iPad and Android tablets.
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    1. Richard Evans on

      I've reinstalled it on a new iPad, how do you restore purchases?

      Hopful just being blind but I can't see a restore button

    2. sanchezja on

      I have sent messages to support and brotherwise for a code resend and have not heard anything in weeks. Anyone have any suggestions?

    3. Eric Grant on

      Just got my new S7 and I cant play anymore due to it not being available for my device. TOHK finally comes out and i cant play it.

    4. Ingrid Babel on

      @Andy The Sane. Unfortunately, it will take more time to release TOHK in iOS. We are having some trouble with stability in iOS and we first want to fix this problem before releasing the expansion.

    5. Andy The Sane on

      TOHK doesn't appear to be on the iOS version, but there is usually a delay while Apple verify the code

    6. Zane

      They just dropped TOHK. I don't see any update notes but it is available to play now.

    7. Marc J. Kolb

      Any update on the Tools of Herokind expansion as well as the other additional things that should've hit the app already? We're totally in the dark here!

    8. Missing avatar

      Paul Richards on

      At some point, I was certain I saw some post about TOHK coming out by the end of March.
      Obviously, that didn't happen. Is there any revised estimate of when that will be released?


    9. Zane

      @Eli Butcher Those were sent a long time ago (around April '15). They had some printing issues but talked about them being sent out in this update.

      I would suggest messaging BWG to figure out the issue.

    10. Eli Butcher on

      Has there been any updates on the PAPER AND PIXELS packs? I have still never gotten this, and had actually completely forgotten it until just now.

    11. Ingrid Babel on

      @Donald, we are currently working on fixing the main problems and hope to have a new release shortly. we'll keep you posted on that. @Zane, thanks a lot for your support and your help by reporting crashes, we really do appreciate it.

    12. Zane

      @Raymond Gonhue They sent the android codes out around March and the steam keys around May. So you will probably have to message them to maybe resend. Also it comes from email so may wanna add that to your contact list so doesn't go to your junk mail

      @Donald Riley III I agree since the last update/expansion the game has become much more unstable. It seems a bit worse on Android than Steam from my experience, but still both are not good. I actually messaged BWG to make sure they knew the state of the game with Plain Concepts and suggested a possible roll back on it since it's caused so many problems.

    13. Raymond Gonhue on

      I think I missed the launch of the game? I filled out the survey that I was emailed months ago, but never got a steam key or anything.

    14. Donald Riley III on

      I have kept quiet for a while because I know things take time. But this game crashes every time I've tried to play it for about a month now. It is happening to me and my two friends who I got to buy it. I haven't been able to play at all. How hard is this problem to fix. (And I have Android, one friend has kindle and the third ios).

    15. Missing avatar

      Lukas Previn on

      I just got a new iPad and have no idea how to unlock my pledge upgrades without paying! Please help!

    16. Ingrid Babel on

      @ Andy: Hello and Happy Holidays! Here are some updates about what's coming soon:
      There will be a January update that will include several improvements including: better multiplayer stability, bug fixes, UI issues fixes.
      Then on the week of January 11th the Power Up Pack will be released. That date may slip a little depending on the January update about the improvements. It also depends on the Apple Store which sometimes requests more time for the approval.
      Besides, we have planned a release of early March for the tools of Hero-kind. We may give some updates on this release in the coming months.
      I hope that this helps and please let us know if you have further questions!
      @Pete: Could you please send an e-mail to so that they can help you reactivating the content again? Thank you very much!

    17. Pete "stynspld" Walsh on

      I've just got a new iPad and cant find my email...
      How do we activate the content again?

    18. Andy The Sane on

      Hi Ingrid, it's been a while since your meeting. Anything new to report?

    19. Ingrid Babel on

      @Jason Elliott: We are still collecting all information in order to make the best decision for all of our users. We will get back to you as soon as we have a solution, thank you very much for your patience!

    20. Ingrid Babel on

      @Jason Elliott: Hello! We are having a meeting this week in which we will gather information on this. I will get back to you as soon as I have collected the details!

    21. Jason Elliott

      When are we going to see the rest of the game expansions?

    22. Ingrid Babel on

      @Robb Carper: Hello! Thank you very much for reporting the bug. Developers are working on reported issues and the new extensions and they have been notified. Could you please send an e-mail to so that they can answer you directly? Thank you very much!

    23. Robb Carper on

      @Ingrid, was just playing (with the new expansion, not the 40 win unlock). I have an iPad 2 with IOS9 on it, and was playing King Croak vs Xyzax. We got to a point where the comp (Xyzax) used a room to get a card from the discard and Feared the hero back to town. I had two fighters waiting at the door of my dungeon, and after the first left, the second stayed there and the game was frozen. Is this a known glitch?

    24. Ingrid Babel on

      @Mike: Hello! The progress on number of wins has only been implemented for the Steam/PC version of the game so when the game is reinstalled or installed on a new device, you will need to enter the codes and start over getting 40 wins.
      @Donald Riley III: Thank you very much for letting us know! Developers have been notified and will correct it.

    25. Missing avatar

      Mike on

      What happens when installing this game on a new iPad like the new one coming out soon? Will we have to start over getting 40 wins (or whatever it was) that unlocked Hidden Heroes?

    26. Donald Riley III on

      Heroes is spelled incorrectly on the players choice select screen FYI.

    27. Ingrid Babel on

      @Dennis Fosburgh Jr.: Hello Dennis! We have just sent you new codes through the DBM support e-mail. Sorry for the inconvenience and let us know if you need anything else!

    28. Dennis Fosburgh Jr. on

      latest update killed my legendary edition on my android tablet version then when i reinstalled as per previous email instructions, my codes dont work it says code already used for both the extra life and legendary editions. wtf. please help.

    29. Ingrid Babel on

      @Garkham: Hello! Please send an e-mail at with the details you used when backing the game (e-mail, the reward you pledged for, etc), they will be able to help you with this and send you the codes. Thanks!

    30. garkham

      Hi everyone... did I miss the PC release of the game ?

    31. Ingrid Babel on

      @Reinhard: we are very happy to read this, do not hesitate in contacting us should you need further support. Enjoy the game!

    32. Reinhard Mitschang on

      the last update did it for me. I can finally play! :-D

    33. Ingrid Babel on

      @ Dennis: If everything goes smooth and as expected, the first expansion should be released by the end of August-beginning of September :) Thank you for your message!

    34. Dennis Fosburgh Jr. on

      Is there a more recent ETA on the expansions?

    35. Ingrid Babel on

      @Ryan McClung: please send an e-mail at . They will be able to help you with this. Thanks!

    36. Ryan McClung on

      I dont think I have received mine yet... Any way I can get the key/download re-sent?

    37. Christopher McKeon

      Finally got a new iPad and can play!

    38. Missing avatar

      Ryland Owens on

      With boss monster 2 will the card creator be available to non-backers?

    39. Brotherwise Games 4-time creator on

      Hi all, Brother One here. Ingrid and the other developers at Plain Concepts have been checking these forums regularly. But remember, if you want quick action on something, you should email us at (for physical game issues like not receiving your cards) or Both we and Plain Concepts are eager to help you out and make the game the best it can be.


    40. Ingrid Babel on

      @Nicholas Eskridge: Sounds good! Thank you very much for your patience Nicholas. We will keep an eye in case we receive an e-mail from you :)

    41. Missing avatar

      Nicholas E on

      @Ingrid: Sure thing, I'll wait for the patch to go live on iOS and then give it a try. If I still can't get into a game, I'll submit an email.

    42. Ingrid Babel on

      @ Nicholas Eskridge: the main objective of this release was to fix a majority of the bugs that have been reported. Developers are also working on a new UI which will solve other bugs too so the number of crashes and bugs will be reduced. If you continue having issues when playing the game could you please send an e-mail at ? Developers will be able to look at your specific case and find a solution. Thank you very much!

    43. Missing avatar

      Nicholas E on

      Hopefully there will be something fixed in this update that lets me actually be able to play the game instead of it crashing upon starting.

    44. Ingrid Babel on

      @ Griffin Patterson: a new release will be published tomorrow and the new UI is coming soon. The new UI will be followed by the release of expansions so new content is coming. Developers have given priority to the new UI rather than to the expansions in order to improve the experience and fix bugs that you and other users have reported. Sorry for the patience.
      @ Mike: As I said to Griffin Patterson, a new release will be published tomorrow and a new UI as well as the extensions are coming soon. Could you please send an e-mail at with the bug you have reported? In this way developers will be able to include it in the next spring and fix it.
      Thank you very much to both of you!

    45. Missing avatar

      Mike on

      This is still a buggy program, at least for iOS. So while I'd also like to see a content update, I'd actually more prefer a stability update first. (Multiplayer on two devices on the same local network often crashes at some point, among other issues that pop up from time to time.) And some basic stuff like an overall win/loss record wouldn't hurt.

      By the way, does anyone know what happens with your progress when you load this onto a new iPad? It took 40 wins to unlock the extra heroes. So when I get a new iPad later this year and put Boss Monster on it, will I have to restart and get 40 more wins to unlock the extra heroes on the new device?

      If so, that is not good in any way, shape, or form. As it is, requiring 40 "wins" was a bit ridiculous. I could see 40 games (win or loss), but 40 wins is overkill. And to have to do it again when you replace your device is a shortsighted design choice in my mind.

    46. Griffin Patterson on

      The app has been out for three months. Currently it is just eating space on my iPad because I feel that the game needs more content before I should play again.

      I feel like the developers took the check and hit the road.

    47. Ingrid Babel on

      @Ryland Owens: please send an e-mail at . They will be able to help you with this. Thanks!

    48. Missing avatar

      Ryland Owens on

      How long does paper and pixels take to ship to Canada?

    49. Ingrid Babel on

      @Shawn Gierlinger: You should have received an e-mail from DBM support with the instructions you need to follow in order to redeem the game. Let us know if you need anything else!

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