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A retro-styled choose-your-own-adventure story that holds everyone accountable for their actions.
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Early Development Update

Posted by Brother Abernathy (Creator)

Where we're at so far:

  • Programming is coming along, we have a basic working engine in Unity that is more than capable of doing everything this game needs, will be tweaking and adding features throughout development
  • Overall plot of the game is mostly figured out. Writing is continuous, this is very much a story-driven game so this is where most of the work needs to be done and is sort of the bottleneck for everything else. New characters, events, areas, and dialogue are being thought up and written constantly
  • Intro is written & decision trees are mapped out
  • Early artwork has started, I have a few shirt designs for you guys, once I have enough figured out for characters that will definitely be in the game I will send out a survey to the T-shirt reward backers asking to choose your size, color, design, and a field for you to let me know your address so I can send these out. (likely in a few months) These designs will be exclusive for Kickstarter backers and won't be available anywhere else
  • Music is also coming along nicely, our musician has around 20 demo tracks already made that sound awesome and support the feel of the game really well

What's changed/What to expect

  • The game isn't going to be purely silly. I won't go into too much detail, but there is a solid and more serious plot "scaffolding" in place that supports comedic moments and characters throughout it, but also much more. 
  • There will be some game mechanics that weren't shown in the trailer or mentioned elsewhere - these are necessary to make this a game rather than just CYOA a story that you click through, and will make it a lot more fun to play. Again without going into too much detail, there are important mechanics that give you a sense of progress and improvement that are being added - these also allow you to identify and choose what "type" of playthrough you are doing as you go along. Some combat sequences are also planned as well as some mini-games that are supported by the story and characters. These will break up the gameplay and add challenge in a way that this game really needs without being annoying or just being used as a way to slow your progress. 

What needs to be done

  • A lot. The direction of all the different parts of this project is mostly figured out, what's left is to make the rest of the content, which is being done and will continue to be done throughout development. I'll continue to update you guys as significant milestones are reached.
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    1. Brother Abernathy Creator on

      @T.J. Schley I think that's definitely doable. Once the shirts are ready we can do that through paypal. Non-kickstarter-exclusive shirts and other merch will also likely be available once the game is out.

    2. T.J. Schley on

      For those of us backers who foolishly decided not to get a t-shirt, will we have the option to purchase one once you open up ordering?