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Update #1

Meeting our goal and beyond!

1 comment We have met our goal with still days to go. Any additional monies will be used to either increase the 1,000 copies or for the next edition. Please continue to share with others. We have added a reward for donations $125 and above. See link for poster of the graphic on the cover signed by the artist. Thanks for everyone's support!


    1. Garpass2.small

      Creator Gar Lipow on April 22, 2012

      Cause i'm not in Brooklyn and made a really tiny pledge (all I could handle) I'm not eligible and did not ask for a copy. But if you want to email me an electronic copy my email is glipow At

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    screenprints of the graphic on the cover in dark puple ink on very nice high-quality color stock paper-- yellow, blue and beige 19 x 12.5 signed by artist

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