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Community storytelling and investigative journalism from the people who are living the every day of central Brooklyn.
Community storytelling and investigative journalism from the people who are living the every day of central Brooklyn.
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Heading Into Our Final Weekend

Posted by Brooklyn Deep (Creator)

7 days to go and $3200 left to raise – can you help us make a push over the weekend?

Your emails, your facebook posts, your texts – THEY ARE WORKING!

Seriously. Every time we see backers sharing our links, we see new pledges come in within four hours -- four hours! Your friends and family listen to you and your influence can make all the difference in this campaign coming to life... or not.

As we head into our final weekend, we want to set our final week up for success. Our goal is to get to $13,000 by THIS Sunday Evening. Will you share our campaign on your Facebook this Sunday afternoon? Share a post from the Brooklyn Deep Facebook Page and don't be shy -- tag friends in your post that you know believe in reporting truth and you feel should be a part of our community. Thank you for motivating your circles to join us.

Make The Revolution Irresistible: Reward Highlight with Lehna Huie

For anyone who has visited Brooklyn Deep's headquarters (where your names will soon grace our walls), you know that we've got some dope artwork in our shared space. This Kickstarter campaign is grateful to have the generous support of local artist Lehna Huie who is allowing us to reproduce one of our favorite pieces at BkDeep's office, Salamander, and print a series of limited-edition posters, exclusively for our Kickstarter Community at the $50 pledge level. At the completion of our campaign, the piece will be professionally photographed for final formatting.

Bright colors, bold message. Yours today at the $50 pledge level!
Bright colors, bold message. Yours today at the $50 pledge level!

We sat down with Lehna to learn more about her work, her connection the Brooklyn, and how she reports her own truth every day:

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind your piece, Salamander? The piece was created at a time that I felt locked inside. I wanted to free my spirit and my mind. It is about liberation of the mind body and spirit. It expresses an energy of discovery and overcoming obstacles. The title is called Salamander as the figure resembles the creature moving in what could be air, water or land. It is reflective of some of the characteristics of the amphibian creatures; salamanders are versatile and adaptable. They are capable of regenerating lost limbs or other damaged parts of their bodies. I wanted to remind myself of my own power and resilience.

What is your connection to Central Brooklyn? I was born and raised in Manhattan and grew up with my large Jamaican family that lived in various neighborhoods of New York City and Brooklyn. I had an Auntie who was one of the matriarchs of our family who had a house on Putnam avenue. I spent a lot of time over several years there sharing memories with my entire family. More recently, I spent a lot of time at the Stuyvesant Mansion after meeting the founder of Ancient Song Doula Services, when I became pregnant with my daughter. That was the start of my reproductive justice advocacy work including being trained as a doula myself. (Editor's note: Brooklyn Deep shares a workspace called the Stuyvesant Mansion with an incredible organization focused on birthing and reproductive care called Ancient Song Doula)

What does "Report Your Truth" mean to you? Report your Truth means to live from the spirit and from your own voice and story. It means to be yourself. As an artist, it is important to define the purpose of my work. As Tony Cade Bambara said "The role of the artist is to make the revolution irresistible." The purpose is to share human emotion through expression by way of celebrating identity, and illuminates stories of self and the community, and is a place where moods and emotions can be expressed. It means being able to tell stories in the ways I like to. I have a wide range in style. Sometimes I paint portraits with a variety in style and other times, my work is an abstract interpretation of the Black body in the world. My work is inspired a lot by women of Color. I use texture to reflect the energies of where I come from as a Jamaican American New Yorker who identifies as a womanist, mother and cultural worker. It is influenced by freedom in Black expression through music, food and cultural identity. It is my expression of life.

You can find Lehna on instagram at @untiltheriverdries or at her website

Let's go get that weekend.

Yours in Truth,

The Brooklyn Deep Team

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