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A cooperative deck-building game for 1-4 players with push your luck elements and a different approach to deck-building.
1,228 backers pledged €33,217 to help bring this project to life.

Final hours, and a new stretch goal!

Posted by Broken Mill (Creator)

We've passed the 48 hour mark, and going for that last sprint till the end. We also have more than 1000 backers right now, which is absolutely amazing. Thank you all so much!

 Another stretch goal down! An extra sturdy box to protect your precious components. And with that, let's reveal the next stretch goal:

A new monster appears in the dungeons. The Dark Unicorn stands menacingly in your way, but all you can think about is that its horn would make a good skewer for roasting meat. Or it's a potent ingredient for potions.
The Dark Unicorn came in second during our Make a Monster event, and we just couldn't let Manolis' great art go to waste.

Thank you all for the support! And let's see how far we can go in these final hours.


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    1. Eric Chénard

      Wish to reach the Dark Unicorn!