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A cooperative deck-building game for 1-4 players with push your luck elements and a different approach to deck-building.
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With a little help from our backers

Posted by Broken Mill (Creator)

Today's update is all about you! Yes, the wonderful backers of Heroes of Tenefyr. You've all posted some very helpful comments and messages, and I'm implementing some of these ideas into the game through some small changes.

Hero Markings

In a one or three player game, not all the heroes are used, and there's an optional rule that you can remove dungeon cards for the missing heroes before setup. One of our backers thought it would be nice if those dungeon cards that are specific to a certain hero could be easily identified. I like this idea a lot, and here's how it's going to look:

A small marking in the top right corner showing the first and last letter of that hero. It's unobtrusive, but easy to spot when you're searching for them.

The Right Hand

The Right Hand is an enemy that runs away to the Boss deck, but there's a small chance that you can stop him. One backer mentioned that it was weird that it was harder to stop the Right Hand from running away at higher player counts. I think he's absolutely right, so I fixed that with a slight change in the card text: He's still a tough enemy, but this makes him more balanced.

More than one, less than five

A few backers mentioned wanting to buy two copies of Heroes of Tenefyr. So I've added a new pledge level called "Twins of Tenefyr" to get 2 copies of the game. Also a great way to reduce the per unit shipping cost. If you're interested, you can just change your pledge from Hero to Twin, no problem.

Do the basic cards look too basic?

There have been a few comments about the basic cards looking a bit too plain, so I've been trying all kinds of alternate designs. Some of them are shown below. I have a few more ideas to try, and some of these design ideas still need to be refined, but I'd love to hear your thoughts about this! Do you like the basic cards the way they are? Or do you think one of the designs below looks better? Or do you have a different idea? Let me know!

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    1. Chris from French Kissed Games

      That first new design, the one showing the box art in the zero and one... wow. I like it better in its first incarnation than the second ones with the red border.

      But lots of colour is better than shades of yellow and brown—since that’s the problem; the two-tone cards are meh, so the skull/axe and curlicues are kinda meh for the same reason, I think.

      I could live with any of the designs that show the box art.

    2. Missing avatar

      Kym Heninger on

      I think I prefer row 6 over row 3.
      I like row 2 the best!

    3. Missing avatar

      Paul on

      I think I prefer row 6.

      And I would also prefer icons over text for the hero markings. A lot of games use those, sometimes really tiny, and usually it works fine for me - how ever, I don't have any vision problems, so that might vary.

    4. vilvoh

      I like the 4th row, the skull & axe one, but maybe a shield instead a skull, and also the last row, due to the nordic style of the letters.

      If I have to choose, I would say 4th row, You may considerate scenes, in addition to the number (0 could be barehand and 1 could be somebody attacking with a small sword)

    5. Wim on

      @Creator, looking forward to see what you come up with.

    6. Joe

      Of the presented basic card options, row 6 is my favorite followed by row 3. But I would echo others' suggestions of having row 6, but with color showing through the numbers as in row 3.

    7. Mathias Köppen on

      I like the fourth design, half landscape, half number.

    8. Broken Mill Creator on

      @Wim: I'll try some icons to see if it's feasible. I agree that it would look nicer, but it also needs to be clear and functional without being too distracting.

    9. Wim on

      @Creator, what if you would also put the icon on the character cards (the ones you start with?)? But the size is a bit of an issue indeed. Text makes it language dependend but that’s not really an issue since the whole game is.

      I myself find icons quicker to understand compared to text, probably caused by the creative side in me.

      Beside all that I would perfer an icon over text because of the overall theme.

    10. Broken Mill Creator on

      Thanks for the explosion of comments, wow! i'm really blown away by the amount of replies, and all the kind words. It looks like 3 and 6 are the most popular, but I'm going to carefully look through all the comments, and then experiment with the designs a little more, using all your input.

    11. Broken Mill Creator on

      @Wim: Thanks! I've thought about using icons, but they would be pretty small and that might make them hard to distinguish. And if I ever add more heroes through expansions, the icons might get confusing if there are too many different ones.

    12. Wim on

      Regarding the basic cards, my vote goes to row 6. They are still easy to recognized because they don’t use color compared to the other cards and you still add a bit of flair.

      Love the box art btw.

    13. Wim on

      For the sorting out cards for specific classes, have you thought of using an icon instead of text? Like an Axe =Barbarian, Mace = cleric, Thief = little string bag and a lute for the Bard?

    14. Jonas on

      We like option 2 (with the crackled 0) the most. 5&6 are beautiful as well with the landscapes.

    15. Missing avatar


      I like 5, 6, and 7... not sure which I like more.

    16. Eric Chénard

      Row #5 for me!

    17. Missing avatar

      Greg Murphy on

      I think the cards would look neat if the symbols looked like they were burnt on with a branding tool, (or wood-burning tool). Cheers!

    18. Missing avatar

      Pyhriel on

      Row #6 is the one I like most.

    19. Missing avatar

      Camille Simpson on

      I like either row 5 or a combination of 3 and 2 (I like the clearer image of row 3, but without the red boarder, similar to row 2)

    20. Katkat

      I really like row 6

    21. Missing avatar

      Daniel S

      Row 6 - As mentioned previously - Coloring the numbers with Row 6 would do the trick.

    22. Missing avatar

      Joshua W Burgener

      Row 2 is my favorite, but really any with the numbers with cool backgrounds on them make the cards pop.

    23. Missing avatar

      God-keizer on

      The circlish motif of the last does not resonate with any of the other cards, but it doesn't distract too much I guess..
      I like all your ideas!

    24. Missing avatar

      God-keizer on

      Rows 2,3,5 break the consistency in design, in other words, in a mixed hand they look like they belong to another game.

    25. Missing avatar

      Arti on

      Row 6 definitely

    26. Missing avatar

      God-keizer on

      Bb for barbarian, Br for bard?

    27. Missing avatar

      God-keizer on

      2nd from the bottom up.

    28. Missing avatar

      Cor van Loon on

      We like number 6 best, because it's less dull than the Original and yet not too flashing for a basic card.

    29. Hank Przybylowicz

      I like Row 6. It says it all.

    30. Casey Harris on

      @Broken Mill and fellow backers:
      I messed around with a few additional designs and posted as an image on BGG if you want to check it out.

    31. Missing avatar

      Stijn Lamers on

      Maybe you could go for a playing card-like design. Symmetry from top right to bottom left. I like the faded landscape in the background but think it would look better as a ‘playing card’, so to speak.

    32. Missing avatar

      Randall Mark McAleese Jr on

      Row 2 or 3 by far look the best!!

    33. Eldessar

      after thinking about, Line 6 but make the 0 RED and the 1 BLACK

    34. Manolis Frangidis on

      4 is cool too, but the axe design style -though similar to the one the Barbarian wields- seems a bit out of place. Basic 'zeros' and 'ones' work fine as well, although the contrast is way too low...

    35. Mike Vande Ven Jr. on

      Row 3 is definitely the best in my opinion.

    36. Missing avatar

      William Young on

      Row 3 is my favorite of the bunch. If the image for the "1" is too resource intensive from a printing standpoint, it could be filled in similar to the "0"

      Row 6 is my second choice, with row 7 my third (although the "1" in row 7 could use some revamping. The "0" is great!)

      Row 4 is my least favorite. It turns an easy to understand card into something I have to interpret. As much as these card are used, I think the quick and intuitive number is much better. Row 5 is also not appealing overall. It's interesting, but feels too crowded and busy. The image seems to draw you away from the purpose of the card.

      I hope that helps. I really appreciate how you have engaged the community in the design process and kept up the communication and feedback loop going all throughout.

    37. Missing avatar

      Kylie on

      Hmm, rows 4, 6, and 7 are the ones I definitely like better than the current design from a quick glance. Looking more carefully, while I find the background on 6 appealing, I like the foreground designs from 4 and 7 the best. In practical terms, I think having the images from 4 is probably better than just repeating the numbers, which already appear at the top of the card, no matter how lovely the row 7 designs are. The skull and the axe are a nice visual representation of the functions they serve. I wonder if it might be possible to add something subtle behind the axe and skull? I'm not sure whether I'd like that or not, since these are still supposed to be basic cards. It might be distracting to get too fancy.

    38. Jennifer Wilson on

      I like the 6th design and agree with Llewellen that a peek-a-boo image of the background through the numbers would look good

    39. Henry So (not a wizard) on

      I think the 0 is fine with just a 0 like in the first design, but for the 1, a plain sword design or that plain axe from the fourth design might be nice.

    40. Missing avatar

      StefanoZe on

      Thank you!

      In order:
      Row 3 (this is great!)
      Row 4
      Row 6

    41. Missing avatar

      Michal Bociong on

      I really like the 4th design. Having such symbols instead of 0 and 1 would make you feel that each turn is an armed fight rather than just plain counting up the numbers. I think it would benefit this dungeon crawling experience we can get from the game :). In my opinion it might be even better with juicy pictures instead of watermarks. The axe/1 card could be fully colored, depicted as being swung and hitting some kind of a target while the skull/0 card could be a grayed out empty dungeon path with skull of a long dead adventurer. And for people who would like to know at first glance what card they just drew the upper left banners could be colour coded for better distinction. Banners with ones could be red and banners with zeroes gray.

    42. Missing avatar

      Boris Steinhauser

      2nd and 3rd Design with a little bit of variation would be best!

    43. Missing avatar

      brendan chiesa

      I like 7 the best and 2 is good upgrade to basic. 5 would be cool if the quarters created a large image or if they seemed like they took you to different locations.

    44. Missing avatar

      Jakob on

      I prefer #6, maybe #4, #1 or #7. I feel like the coloured ones would put too much emphasis on the cards, the landscape is not really linked to the function of the cards. It‘s also easier to spot the zeros, if you‘re allowed to get rid of cards as a dungeon reward, if the cards are not as colourful as the dungeon cards. In general I prefer a rather basic card design for the basic cards. ;)

    45. Kevin Harasymchuk

      Row 5 or 6, or maybe a mix of 4 & 6 could look pretty good.

    46. Missing avatar


      Really like the 5th design.

    47. Sarah Reed

      I like the idea of showing the 0 and 1 big on the card, but not sold on any of the designs above. I think I like the bottom two the best, except I'd want them in color to pop off the background more.

      I'm not particularly a fan of any of those ones that show the landscapes. Unless maybe you try the full landscapes with solid 0 and 1 over them?

      Just remember, to make these accessible to those with vision issues, contrast is your friend. ^_^

    48. Justin Boehm

      For me it's all about showing some color, and the backgrounds are so well done, it's a shame to cover them up. I'd even be good with mixing #5 with #2 or 3, by using the number style of #2 or 3 at the top of #5 :)