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A cooperative deck-building game for 1-4 players with push your luck elements and a different approach to deck-building.
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500 backers! Time to Make a Monster

Posted by Broken Mill (Creator)

We've reached our special stretch goal: Make a Monster! We're going to add a new enemy to the game, and we'll do it together. Me, you, and all the other backers and fans.

Let's start with the first step: What type of creature is it? We're making a level 4 enemy, so it should be something that sounds quite strong. Post your idea in the comments here on Kickstarter, or on social media.

I will select 3 comments and we'll have a poll to decide the winner. In the following steps, we'll get artwork, card effects and loot done for the card.

So, what kind of enemy would you like to fight in the dungeons?

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    1. Eric Chénard

      *banshee (missing the ''n'')

    2. Eric Chénard

      I suggest a Bashee ... watch your ears!! ;-)

    3. Murteas on

      How about a Gelatinous Cube, can eat your items/cards....

    4. Missing avatar

      William Young on

      A grand knight that believes this dungeon to be a sacred tomb and he must bring justice to those who would dare try to remove it's treasures. Perhaps there could be an alternate way to defeat this knight, by convincing them that this dungeon is indeed an evil place that needs cleansing.

    5. PBe on

      Dark, black unicorn

    6. Missing avatar

      Jerry on

      Beholder with an ability at the start of combat discard one card from each player’s deck and it’s abilities will be dependent on what each player discarded (basic, dungeon, or ability card) then when you gain it depending on what you played that turn you get a different benefit from it. These of course will have to be short as space is limited. Example:
      Basic: All Basic 1’s have -1 power
      Dungeon: Ignore draw a card effects
      Ability: Next card gets +2
      Just as an example then sort of the same thing for it as loot. If beholders are copy righted Chimeras or the like would work.

    7. Eric Chénard

      *facebook (sorry for the typo)

    8. Eric Chénard

      As I wrote in the facebppk post : A creature similar to a Balrog

    9. Broken Mill Creator on

      Some of these ideas are so elaborate, it's amazing :D

    10. Missing avatar

      Joshua W Burgener

      How about a devil Sphinx or cat who has saddled an undead dog and is ridding on top of it. The dogs howls could cause “fear” so a character could lose an action. Also the devil cat could send visions at the characters making them miss turns. The dogs bite could have a poisonous effect. The cat would also be able cast magic.

    11. Missing avatar

      Martijn Goedhart on

      A Hydra, Greek mythological watersnake / monster..

    12. Missing avatar

      Toni Fargher on

      An ent or another kind of living/sentient plant? Like living ivy that tangles peoples legs or that giant venus flytrap like from little shop of horrors, Audrey 2?

    13. Missing avatar

      Peter on

      An evil wall with brick teeth and torches for eyes!

    14. Hank Przybylowicz

      How about a Basilisk?

    15. Broken Mill Creator on

      I'm loving all these ideas!

    16. Martyn Tino Hedges on

      How about a mind-flayer, pretty classic dungeon monster

    17. Missing avatar

      Bart Thijssen on

      A multiple headed creature. Power could be: Each hero must do 'x' amount of damage.

    18. Joshua on

      Beholder or a Displacer Beast

    19. Justin Boehm


    20. Missing avatar

      Boris Steinhauser

      Shapeshifter / doppelgänger sounds fine for me
      with varying powers even better

    21. Kevin Harasymchuk

      Elemental, Shapeshifter, the phoenix.

    22. Missing avatar

      God-keizer on

      a lich that draws a card from each hero, and uses the upside down monster type as a resurrected buff.

    23. Michael McCollum

      Perhaps a chromatic dragon with multiple heads and colors/effects?

    24. Missing avatar

      Dudicles on

      A Manticore or maybe some type of lizardman warrior.

    25. Missing avatar

      Jessy Nadeau on

      A demon stuck in a beaver.

    26. John C

      I like the idea of a draco-lich, but a shapeshifter has some interesting possibilities too (I assume we do not mean Ditto in Pokemon GO!)

    27. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Baumgartner

      Shapeshifter! Or a chameleon. =)

    28. Missing avatar

      Michael king on

      A phoenix. When killed if still in a level 4 dungeon it rises from its ashes and gets placed in a level 5 dungeon, or into the boss deck. There should be more that get added to the boss deck.

    29. Missing avatar

      Meïdy Chazeau on

      Some ideas:

      - Fire/Earth/Ice/Water/Void Elemental
      - Harpy
      - Centaur
      - Owlbear
      - Bandit Captain

    30. Gacayon on

      How about "Going Crazy" Fighting an illusion of yourself :-p ... I like that idea
      Then when you pull that card, you're abilities double

    31. Scott Stefanik

      A shape shifter. Give it formidable stats, then a +1 buff for every monster above it in the stack(dungeon).

    32. Manuel on

      I would like to see to fight an Undead Hesir. An accient revived old hero who turn mad after he turned back into the world of the living.

    33. Lisa Waller on

      Aren’t those Castle Panic monsters!

    34. Missing avatar

      Joseph Poultney on

      A Lich or undead Sorcerer of some kind?

    35. Missing avatar

      Douglas Pluylaar on

      An extraordinarily huge Platypus! Possibly a chimera (though let’s be real here, the platypus is basically already a chimera).

    36. Grouik

      Chimera ? Flying and 3 different heads! :D Maybe it's power could vary following a die roll?