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A cooperative deck-building game for 1-4 players with push your luck elements and a different approach to deck-building.
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100% funded and one stretch goal unlocked!

Posted by Broken Mill (Creator)

We did it! Heroes of Tenefyr is 100% funded, in exactly 12 hours, down to the minute!

We've also unlocked our first stretch goal! No more boring pawn, say hello to the cool custom meeple which represents the boss as it moves ever closer to Tenefyr.

And with every unlocked stretch goal, a new one is revealed:

Next up is an Achievement Sheet, adding even more replayability to the game. If this stretch goal is reached, every copy of the game will include an Achievement Sheet with many different achievements to aim for. Some will be easy, others will force you to play in different ways and try new strategies.

Thank you all for your tremendous support!

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