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A group of video game designers shatter each other's lives when a party devolves into a dangerous competition for personal glory.
A group of video game designers shatter each other's lives when a party devolves into a dangerous competition for personal glory.
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6 Days To Go + JANE PART 2: THE MCGONIGALING + Stuff We Love

6 Days Left To Make This Movie Happen! Help Out Here!

After acquiring Yahtzee Croshaw of Zero Punctuation and Lisa Foiles of Save Point and Top 5, we've got a new cast member to add to the list: Jane McGonigal of ... pure liquid awesome.

Now that we're backed by some of the smartest people I know, what's holding you back? (You'll look smart just by sharing our link on your social networking feeds... or emailing everyone you know. Or calling your grandma... There's only six days left. C'monnnnnn.)

As we've already done a post about Jane as a backer and major influence upon the film (which you can check out here), today we'll just express our excitement for her agreeing to flex some thespian muscles in our film. The excitement looks like this: !!!!!!!!!!!!! But with my face.

Speaking of the smartest people we know, friend close Robby Karol (who has no involvement whatsoever with the film, but loved our first draft) is running a special site promotion today... and didn't even tell us. I had to find out on Twitter. Visit Mr. K's Geek Cornucopia, where he's promised that any donation of $30 or more will be treated by him writing an entire blog post on any subject you'd like. Put his giant brain to work for you!

(College Kids: This is an excellent excuse to get a paper for class, at only $30 a pop. What? It's not Plagiarism! We live in the information age. That word no longer has meaning...) This is, by the way, just the coolest, and we owe Mr. Karol a great debt of gratitude. Especially considering he's doing this after only having read the first draft. Robby, we're on draft five now! You should see it now that it's good!

We've also had an incredible reaction to my story on Junior Varsity about how my brother (uncle?) and I bonded over games: from football to GI Joe to Sega Game Gear. And today, as part of our 90's Nostalgia series, Mike Placito takes on Dark Adaptations, I've got a new piece which just started running about my lifetime adventure through music, and by this afternoon you should be able to find an even newer one on the main page about my favorite movie growing up and its modern context: Hackers. Glad you're all enjoying.

And here's some photos of our cast read-through on Monday night:
  • We're borderline concerned that inviting Yahtzee to be part of our cast has made him... happy? Today's Zero Punctuation for Infamous 2 shows a side of the man that we rarely see. He... seemed to enjoy this game. We aren't taking responsibility... WHAT HATH SCIENCE WROUGHT? 
  • A very astute analysis of WHY the music in Portal 2 is so incredible, courtesy of Cruise Elroy. I legitimately had no idea how they made those arpeggios and effects work, and now I'm even more impressed. Includes this: “The puzzles are thanking you for playing with them. They love you.”
  • It's been a fascinating week for a terrible release decision. Nintendo 3DS' entry into the Resident Evil Universe (Mercenaries) is getting "Amazon-Bombed" (Destructoid) for the DRM decision to not allow more than one save file per game. Meanwhile, retailers are refusing to stock the game (Joystiq), making us wonder if 3DS games are patchable, since fixing this truly awful feature might be the only hope of breaking even for Capcom. Just... ouch.
  • An excellent Transformers 3 review by Dustin Rowles on how Michael Bay's film doesn't reveal him to have tiny man-parts (as his Transformers 2 review suggested), but that T3 proves Bay has textbook childhood behavioral disorder. Find the review, in all its glory, here
  • Speaking of people who can't afford to make their art a reality, Swery65 is trying to make a new game (Joystiq) and is hoping to find funding. Welcome to the Kickstarter Future, Swery! His last game was Deadly Premonition, an homage to Silent Hill that borrows even more heavily from Twin Peaks, and is (depending on who you are) one of the worst games of all time, one of the best games of all time, or a game that's so amazingly flawed but genius that assigning any sort of numerical judgement would be impossible. That's kind what we're hoping reviews of Your Friends Close will look like...

  • Amy Pierpoint has an art series called "Keep Your Friend Close" which perfectly represents the themes of our film. I really want to make these into our film posters... or just mail them to critics with our screeners.


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